Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Top 70 Best Bathroom Vanity Ideas – Unique Vanities And Countertops

Your bathroom vanity says a lot about your style and personality.

Before you embark on a bathroom remodel, you should choose a theme or style. Whether your taste leans to a modern bathroom or a traditional-style powder room, knowing what you want ahead of time will help create a cohesive bathroom.

Your bathroom’s vanity design will lend a lot to the feel of the room so you really need to get it right. From DIY bathroom vanity ideas with trough sinks to luxurious marble countertops on high-end cabinetry, you can create a custom vanity to fit any budget.

1. Modern Bathroom Vanity Ideas

To create a modern vanity in your bathroom, you need to create sleek lines with clean design. There shouldn’t be lots of detailing or clutter. To achieve this look, consider installing a floating bathroom vanity that leaves the space under it open. 

Beautiful Master Bathroom Vanity Interior Ideas Painted Grey

Black Stone Modern Bathroom Vanity With Floor To Ceiling Led Mirror

Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Contemporary Grey Bathroom Vanity Ideas With Silver Hardware And Marble Countertops

Modern Master Bathroom Vanity Cool Interior Ideas

Modern Wd Home Interior Designs Bathroom Vanity

Natrual Wood Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Stained Wood Ideas For Bathroom Vanity Interior

Wood Bathroom Vanity Ideas

White Minimalistic Modern Home Interior Bathroom Vanity

A modern bathroom should follow certain design cues. The counter and cabinets should have smooth slab or shaker drawer fronts. Try to create long continuous lines that encourage the eye to flow through the entire bathroom. Embrace minimalism with low profile lighting and plumbing fixtures. 

Consider using lighting that’s hidden, such as LED lighting in the mirror, or LED strips that illuminate the underside of the floating vanity, or recessed lighting in the ceiling. 

2. Traditional Bathroom Vanity Ideas

To create a traditional feel for your vanity, aim to create a “furniture-style” with ornate details and design. Look for cabinets with legs, trim, and molding. Even old dressers are an option. The mirror should also have a matching ornate frame. You could add some old-world opulence and opt for a gilded frame. 

Excellent Interior Ideas Bathroom Vanity Painted White

Exceptional Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Good White Clean Ideas For Master Bathroom Vanity

Grey Traditional Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Master Home Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Traditional Grey Bathroom Vanity Idea Inspiration

Ornate Detailed Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Use sconces and chandeliers for the lighting and vintage-inspired ornate plumbing fixtures. Cabinet hardware is a must, and it should be sculpted with fine details. The cabinet doors and drawers should have plenty of raised panels and trim work. The great benefit of these cabinets is they can provide lots of storage space for a small bathroom.

3. Marble and Stone Bathroom Vanity Ideas

When most people think of a marble or stone vanity, they assume you’re using a wood vanity, and then the stone will top them as the countertop. You can take this a step further, though. Skip the wood cabinets and use stone for the entire vanity. 

Master Marble Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Solid Marble Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Solid Marble Ideas For Bathroom Vanity

Use tiles and stone veneers to create a vanity that looks like a single large block of stone mounted to the wall. This construction gives it a floating vanity look. You could then use the same stone as the backsplash and wall behind the vanity for a cohesive look. You have a few options when choosing a stone for your vanity. 

  • Slate
  • Soapstone 
  • Limestone 
  • Travertine 
  • Marble 
  • Granite 

Keep in mind that a stone vanity will be very heavy. You should have a professional do the installation to ensure the right support system is put in place. Here are some other ways to use marble in your bathroom.

4. Country-Style Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Create a country-inspired rustic vanity in your bathroom by embracing the use of wood and other rustic materials. The cabinet should have some trim detail, but not be as ornate as a traditional vanity design. Cabinets can use a combination of drawers, doors, and open spaces. 

Large White Rustic Look Bathroom Vanity Interior Design

Magnificent Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas With Bench Seat In Middle

Traditional Home Painted White Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Nice Bathroom Vanity Interior Ideas

Unique Bathroom Vanity Designs

You can then use the open spaces for baskets or tubs as storage space. The goal is to create a warm, welcoming, and comfortable space. Create an easy-going casual style by using natural materials, matte finishes, and fixtures that inspire a sense of nostalgia. 

To really embrace the country style with your rustic vanity, consider adding a farmhouse sink. A white trough sink will add a unique element to your bathroom while also clearly defining the aesthetic. 

You should also look for fixtures, faucets, and hardware that aren’t considered sleek but aren’t overly ornate either. If you can describe it as simple or unpretentious, then you’re on the right track. Don’t feel limited to a black finish either; you can achieve a country look with silver or gold-colored fixtures. 

5. Double Bathroom Vanity Ideas

A double sink vanity means that you have two areas for use in the same space. This creates two vanity areas for people to use at the same time. These days, double vanities are in high demand, especially in master bathrooms. 

Grey Ideas For Home Bathroom Vanity

Modern Black Bathroom Ideas Vanity

Stunning Interior Bathroom Vanity Designs

White With Black Hardware Luxury Bathroom Vanity

Painted Blue Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

Unique Bathroom Vanity

Rustic Black Design Ideas Bathroom Vanity

Rustic Wood Look With Marble Countertops Bathroom Vanity Design Inspiration

To create a double sink vanity in your bathroom, you need to have enough space to add two sinks and still comply with local building codes. Consider how close you want the sinks to be and the amount of usable counter space surrounding them. 

You also need to have enough space to create lighting for each area. This could be sconces on the wall or lighting around each mirror. Keep in mind, this can be difficult in a small bathroom.

As for the mirror, you could further define each vanity area by hanging two mirrors. Or you could tie the entire vanity area together by using one large mirror that matches the length of the entire counter. 

Try to maintain visual balance by having the same features on each side. This means lighting, cabinet design, hardware, and plumbing fixtures.

6. Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Mirrors

Your bathroom vanity needs to have a mirror. Guests will use it to get ready or check their reflection after using the restroom. You could choose a basic round mirror that functionally does the job, but this can look boring and generic. 

Interior Ideas Bathroom Vanity

Contemporary Wood Ideas Bathroom Vanity

Designs For Bathroom Vanity Wooden

Impressive Bathroom Vanity Ideas Marble Finish

Wooden Bathroom Vanity Spectacular Ideas

Wood Bathroom Vanity Home Ideas With Marble Countertops

White Modern Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

Instead, dress your bathroom up by choosing a mirror that complements the rest of the bathroom. A popular choice is to place one large mirror that takes up a majority of the wall. This will help your bathroom look and feel larger. 

One large mirror also looks beautiful if the vanity counter has double sinks. You can extend the mirror across to both sinks and give people room to utilize the entire counter space between the sinks. 

Another option is to create two defined areas by placing separate mirrors above each sink. This works well if you need the wall space to hang vanity lighting. The separate mirrors allow you to place lighting on either side of the mirrors. 

If your vanity has a single sink, then you only need one mirror. You could have the mirror take up the entire length of the wall. You can also have a mirror that’s shaped and hung. Get creative and consider using a round mirror.

For an ultra-modern look, consider a mirror that has lighting built-into it. This eliminates the need for additional lighting fixtures and creates the best shadow-free lighting for women applying makeup. 

7. Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Lighting

The vanity is considered a task area in the bathroom. You should have lighting that makes using the sink, counter, and mirror easier. This means having bright light that illuminates the person and sink area. 

Dark Wood Luxury Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Master Bathrooms White Vanity Ideas

Painted Blue Home Ideas Bathroom Vanity

Small Wood Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Unique Bathroom Vanity Home Ideas

Common places for vanity lighting are at face level on either side of the mirror or above it. You could have lights placed on the counter, but this isn’t as common. Having lights placed low puts them at risk of getting splashed by the sink and creates weird upward shadows. 

Another popular lighting option is to mount the fixture above the mirror to cast the light downward. You could mount your lights on the wall but you can also hang them from the ceiling as pendant lights. 

Sconces on either side of the vanity mirror can create a traditional and elegant look. Consider choosing a traditional fixture that has a light shade. A retro or vintage style is on-trend right now, but only works if the rest of the bathroom embraces the vintage look. 

For modern bathroom lighting options, look for LED fixtures that are sleek, minimalist, and embrace clean lines. Modern fixtures tend to blend in with the decor as light bars. 

When hanging your lights, look at where the light gets shown. You don’t want the light to cast ugly shadows on the person. It should create a bright light that makes using the sink and mirror easier.

For some other creative ways to use lighting in your bathroom, check out these other Bathroom Lighting Ideas and these Shower Lighting Ideas.

8. Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Countertops

The bathroom countertop you choose for the vanity needs to be impervious to water. Bathrooms are full of moisture, and the vanity needs to survive this moist environment. A smart choice is using a stone, such as marble or granite. 

Interior Bathroom Vanity Design

Interior Ideas For Bathroom Vanity

Remarkable Ideas For Bathroom Vanity

Natrual Wood With Concrete Countertop Home Design Ideas Bathroom Vanity

White Bathroom Vanity Home Designs With Black Marble Countertops

Stained Wood Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Ideas

White With Marble Countertop Bathroom Vanity Ideas

A common choice is to use a thin layer or marble granite on top of your wood cabinets. Then your sinks will be dropped into the counter. If you want to create a unique and bold statement, consider using a thicker piece of stone. 

You could use a thick slab of stone and then have a matching sink constructed out of the same material. This creates one continuous-looking material from the counter to the sink. 

If you’re looking for something more affordable than natural stone, consider using a concrete countertop. This common building material can give your bathroom a modern feel. A concrete countertop gives you complete freedom because you can form it into almost any shape you want. 

The right type of wood can also be used to create your countertop. Teak is the best; there’s a reason it’s the wood of choice for use on boats. However, you can also use hardwoods such as cedar for a wood vanity.

Whatever wood you use, make sure it’s properly treated to extend its life. You should also choose a vessel sink that sits on top of the counter to prevent excess water from splashing onto it and ruining the finish.

9. Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Hardware and Fixtures

Choosing the right fixtures is about picking the right finish, style, and connection. The popular finishes are black, brushed gold, and copper, but don’t feel obligated to use a trendy finish. You should use a finish that you like and look beautiful. 

Designs Bathroom Vanity Black Finish With Luxury Marble Top

Idea Inspiration Bathroom Vanity Designs

Interior Designs Bathroom Vanity

Natural Wood Luxury Maseter Bathroom Vanity

Sleek Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Traditional White Bathroom Vanity Ideas With Marble Countertop

Once you choose a finish, you need to pick a style that matches the rest of the bathroom and your home. You shouldn’t put an ultra-sleek and modern faucet in a traditional or rustic bathroom. Just like you wouldn’t put vintage-inspired fixtures in a contemporary or modern bathroom. 

Before you settle on a favorite fixture, you need to make sure it’s compatible with the connection on your vanity. 

A sink faucet could attach as a single unit, as three pieces to the sink or countertop, or onto the wall above the counter. Look for holes and plumbing lines in the sink, counter, or wall to know what style of fixture you should buy. 

If you want to change the location of your fixtures, this is possible but requires more work and a plumber. You’ll need to have the plumbing lines moved and replace vanity components that have holes for the old fixture. 

Don’t forget about the cabinet hardware. If you have flat slab cabinet fronts, then you could skip the hardware. But most cabinets look better with knobs or pulls. For a cohesive look, try to match the finish of the plumbing and lighting fixtures with the cabinet hardware.

10. Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Backsplash and Tiled Walls

Tile and bathrooms go hand in hand, so it’s natural to use tile in the vanity area. You could use it on the countertop and the backsplash area on the wall. Tile can make it easier to keep your bathroom clean and protect the area from excess moisture.

Black Marble Modern Bathroom Vanity Design Idea Inspiration

Dark Grey With Brass Hardware Bathroom Vanity Ideas Inspiration

White Glossy Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Wood With White Countertop Design Ideas For Bathroom Vanity

Large tiles with thin grout lines create a continuous look, which can make your small bathroom look bigger. Tiles that are smaller than 4 inches square will create a mosaic look. Be careful with these tiles, there’s a lot of grout to keep clean, and the numerous tiles can look overwhelming in smaller spaces. 

Keep the color of the tile and grout light and neutral to help brighten the bathroom and keep the mosaic from enclosing it and making it feel small.

Bathroom Vanity FAQs

What’s the importance of having a double bathroom sink?

The majority of couples prefer to have two sinks in the bathroom. This makes sharing the vanity area easier and allows for both people to access and utilize the bathroom at the same time. While you don’t have to have a double sink, it’ll make your home more functional and desirable. 

How do I choose a design style for my bathroom vanity?

Look at the rest of the bathroom. Follow the architecture and design elements when completing the vanity area. The vanity should blend in with the rest of the bathroom. It should also make sense with the rest of the home.

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