Best Garage Bar Ideas Designs

Top 50 Best Garage Bar Ideas – Cool Cantina Workshop Designs

If reaching into a battered cooler for a beer while you tune up your car isn’t your style, the garage bar may just be more your speed.

Here is your one-stop cantina + workshop, where you can pull up a seat any time in between projects and auto perfection. And if you don’t actually use your garage for car storage and DIY repairs– well, even better.

A garage bar is equal parts retro throwback and modern counterpart; bound to no definitive style or décor, it runs the full gamut, from rustic to contemporary and rockabilly to uptown lounge. Perfectly suited to the auto enthusiast and cocktail aficionado alike, these garage bar ideas are your personal speakeasy, a top notch watering hole in the last place you’d expect to find one.

For those who can’t bear to part with their garage’s assemblage of trophies, auto gear, tools, and beloved bric-a-brac, what better way to personalize your bar than with your own personal paraphernalia?

It’s said that every room of one’s home is potential in waiting, and the garage is no exception. Purposely designed for your household’s grittier tasks, who’s to say it can’t also be a designated point of refinery and refreshment?


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