Concrete Floor Ideas

Top 50 Best Concrete Floor Ideas – Smooth Flooring Interior Designs

Designers and homeowners alike have nominated concrete as their flooring material of choice, and for more than one good reason.

Appearing in trendy retail spaces, upscale offices, and nouveau dining establishments, as well as stylish households, a concrete floor lends an industrial sophistication with the added benefit of convenience.

Best of all, there are multiple concrete styles and substrates to choose from.

Microtoppings, acid staining, painted overlays, and even saw-cut textures and patterns are just a few updated additions to the concrete flooring template, leaving the days of drab gray bleakness in the dust. Inlaid tiles and sculptural motifs are always possible with modern concrete, and the material’s natural ability to blend with and compliment the surrounding elements makes for a superbly seamless pairing.

Additionally, concrete flooring is cost-effective and guarantees years of use, with comparatively little upkeep, proving that style need not come at the expense of convenience. Concrete flooring is also ideal for those who suffer from allergies, and prefer an alternative to standard carpeting and wood flooring.

Easy to maintain and strikingly nuanced, these concrete floor ideas feature the new material for a new era. More manageable than carpeting and not as fussy as hardwood flooring, concrete is raw refinery at its best. No bleak institutional overtones in your home; the up-to-date concrete floor is modern elegance with a repurposed edge.

Concrete Floor Ideas

Amazing Concrete Epoxy Floor Ideas

Burnished concrete elicits a dense, yet more long-wearing surface that is resistant to stains and damage due to the high-gloss finish. The mirrored surface gives the room a spacious ambient coupled with ultra modern undertones creating a lustrous effect. The black and white décor adds a retro feel to the space.

Awesome Concrete Floor Ideas

Much like an untouched canvas, a concrete floor is a blank slate. Centered around natural hues, concrete becomes one with nature so beautifully depicted in this photo. The non-slip epoxy coating adds just the right amount of texture to blend flawlessly with the environment beautifying the natural wood and stunning view.

Basement Concrete Floor Ideas

Do you believe in magic? This concrete floor epoxy finish is enchanting with recess lighting illuminating the floor’s ice like appearance. This type of veneer is long-wearing and frequently used because of its durability. In addition, the concrete surface exudes the glossy finish that has become a popular choice for many interior designers today.

Blue Epoxy Glossy Concrete Floor Ideas

If you’re a bit eccentric, this metallic concrete floor design will perfectly suit your interior design taste. The technique used along with the azure hue and style scheme creates a stunning result. Even though this is a concrete floor, it has the appearance of a seabed troweled onto the surface together with all the wonders of nature and just as captivating.

Chevron Painted Concrete Floor Ideas

A key advantage of concrete floors is the immense design malleability. And because of custom decorative graphic designs like in the photo here, interior concrete flooring has increased in popularity. Fine saw cuts help to create this white and metal grey chevron pattern, a classic look with 21st century flair. The cementitious coating applied in this particular cement flooring design, embodies water resistant properties that allows floors to hold their fresh polished look as the compound prevents water from passing through the paint itself. A great look for a kitchen, bathroom, or hallway.

Concrete Floor Color Ideas

Concrete Floor Covering Ideas

Concrete Floor Design Ideas

Concrete Floor Designs

This genre of concrete flooring is idea for open plan designs. The glossy finish and high beamed ceiling enlivens the space. Fast stain is a type of quick-drying, environmentally friendly concrete stain that results in an intense polychrome finish. Additionally, polished concrete is an ideal choice for high-traffic areas and complements many home décor styles. With a dash of rich color and strategic lighting, this opulent space exemplifies the best in concrete floor excellence.

Concrete Floor Finish Ideas

Concrete Floor Idea Inspiration

If you’d like to witness the refined techniques that go into creating the special effects on concrete flooring, you will be intrigued by the method used on this concrete surface. Tape is used to create faux grout lines and after drying, the tape is removed. The grout lines are then tinted by hand. The result is flawless uniform coloring with a slightly glazed matt finish as depicted in the photo. However, the finish is slightly sensitive and may require regular waxing to avoid stains. Add a comfy rug for texture and contrast.

Concrete Floor Ideas

High-end modernism meets practicality. If you want to bypass the elusive tinted palette of acid stain concrete floors, you might want to consider this gorgeous finish. This particular method of coloring concrete floors produces a mottled pattern that hides defects. The acid stain pierces the concrete surface, neutralized and then rinsed at precisely the opportune moment to create random blotched vortex type color patterns. To create the espresso shade depicted in the photo, use a water-based stain.

Concrete Floor Ideas Modern

Concrete Flooring Cool Ideas

Concrete Flooring Ideas

This concrete floor is undoubtedly terrazzo inspired. What gives space that wow factor are the fixtures that complement the distinctive flooring. Suspended lighting, state-of-the-art appliances, a symmetrically contoured island and ultra chic furnishing, evokes an elegant vibe even though the space is designed for dining and leisure.   Check out the soft contrasting textures that help to temper the design while a touch of greenery homogenizes the overall look.

Concrete Floor Paint Ideas

There’s no need to try and hide the fact that your floor is constructed from industrial concrete, this elegant auspicious looking surface is a testimony to that. Concrete flooring has amazing chameleon characteristics. It can be whatever you want it to be! The metallic epoxy finish is extremely durable and tough. It looks slippery but you won’t have to worry about sliding across the floor. It’s entirely slip proof. The illuminating metallic effect is unique and works brilliantly in the kitchen area, especially when complemented by stainless steel appliances, and even better in a lengthy corridor.

Concrete Kitchen Floor Ideas

Contemporary Concrete Floor Ideas

Cool Concrete Floor Ideas

Cool Floor Ideas Concrete

Though concrete may come across as unwelcoming and cold for a family home, this interior design concept proves the naysayers wrong. Even with the concrete flooring, this rustic, cozy, setting is still comfortable and inviting. Seeing that this probably a high-traffic area, the polished concrete floor is perfect as it’s easy to clean and maintain. The chandelier, high ceiling, and large French pane windows completes the look.

Copper Concrete Floor Ideas

Copper Epoxy Luxury Concrete Floor Ideas

Country Concrete Floor Ideas

Dining Area Concrete Floor Ideas

Epoxy Dining Room Concrete Floor Ideas

Flooring Ides Concrete

Foyer Pattern Concrete Floor Ideas

The acid stains technique is used to the full with this concrete floor design. The pattern is scored onto the concrete by utilizing a disc-like saw equipped with a diamond blade. It’s a work of art created with the best concrete design skills that money can buy. What’s more, this concrete floor design remains algid during the summer. Great for homes in hot regions.

Great Room Concrete Floor Ideas

Country living never looked so cool with this concrete floor finish and interior décor combination. Organic elements like hard maple wood, walnut dining table and chairs, and a cushiony sofa adds a rustic ambiance to the space. Matched with a chestnut brown mottled concrete floor, the richness of this room’s ornamentation is enlivened.

Hallway Stained Concrete Floor Ideas

Ideas For Concrete Floors

For many homeowners and interior designers, the key benefit of the newer concrete floors is their amazing  flexibility. Enhancing concrete flooring with sophisticated materials, exquisite stenciled borders, emblems, and bespoke graphics have resulted in state-of-the-art looks. Instead of presenting a minimalist, industrial feel, various finishes serve to produce extraordinary modernistic designs. The concrete flooring in this photo is stunning and will work splendidly in any part of the home.

Interior Concrete Floor Ideas With Gold Filler In Cracks

Favored by the celestial sphere, it’s as if a golden streak of lightening struck this stunning concrete floor design.  If you want to go beyond the rudimentary appearance of industrial concrete flooring but want nothing too fancy, this concrete design is the perfect choice. 

Though water-based stains emit less vibrancy, there are a host of colors along with metallic tints to choose from. Additionally, water-based stains are deficient of (VOCs) volatile organic compounds and less harmful to apply. Contingent upon your preferences, you can choose from a number of textures including polished, smooth, or troweled.

Interior Design Concrete Floor Ideas

Kitchen Area Smooth Concrete Floor Ideas

Kitchen Concrete Floor Idea Inspiration

Kitchen Concrete Floor Ideas

Living Room Ideas Concrete Flooring With Low Shine

Luxury Concrete Floor Ideas

Luxury Pattern Concrete Floor Ideas

Marble Polished High Gloss Epoxy Concrete Floor Ideas

Modern Concrete Floor Ideas For Bedroom

Modern Living Room Concrete Floor Ideas

Pattern Painted Concrete Floor Ideas

How about this geometric concrete flooring design for an entryway, bathroom, or kitchen? Actually, this design will complement any area of your home. Greyish hued concrete with entrenched white lines formed in hexagon shapes is an interesting focal point. The stenciled design transposes the usual concrete color palette by utilizing a slightly dark pewter toned with a chalk white stencil that mimic ceramic tiles.

Pattern Painted Concrete Floors Ideas

Think concrete is dull and uninspiring? Well, this concrete flooring treatment should change your mind. Due to advanced techniques, concrete flooring can be constructed into just about any floor design you can imagine. Perhaps the above motif suits your taste? This style of concrete flooring works well in a hallways, bathrooms or as an accent piece in an open plan kitchen.

Polished Epoxy Concrete Floor Ideas For Basement

Rustic Kitchen Concrete Floor Ideas

Simple Unfinished Concrete Floor Ideas

Small Living Room Concrete Floor Ideas

Unique Concrete Floor Ideas

Concrete Floor FAQs

Are Concrete Floors Expensive?

When compared price wise to more expensive floor options like marble, slate, and ceramic tile, concrete flooring is a cost-effective alternative. 

In addition, the natural life span of concrete floors will outlast the more commonly used inexpensive floor coverings like vinyl tiles, carpeting, and simulated woods. Which means that at the end of the day, concrete is a more prudent economic choice. 

You save money on additional costs like maintenance and the need to replace shoddy worn-out flooring with shorter lifespans.  

Are Concrete Floors a Good Idea? 

The answer to this question is more subjective than all-inclusive. Concrete flooring is hard-wearing and resistant to much of the distress caused by everyday wear-and-tear than most other floor surfaces. 

This makes concrete ideal for most areas of the home. What’s more, concrete floors require little maintenance, great for on-the-go lifestyles.  

Installing a heated concrete floor in your bathroom or kitchen is another option. The ways and means of staining concrete has resulted in the materialization of a broad spectrum of concrete stains and paints, that offer the same resourcefulness as porcelain and ceramic tiles.      

Numerous surface treatments like acid stains and pigments specifically crafted for concrete floors, can transform mundane concrete into stunning, sui generis finishes. 

Embossed concrete creates the allure of texture and ideal for living rooms and dining areas. In fact, mixed with the right dyes or tinting compounds, finished concrete can take on the appearance of a variety of peripheries from natural stone and ceramic tiles to brick and even fine particles like dirt! 

Expert terrazzo workers, who specialize in unique concrete surfaces and finishes, can replicate the appearance of any premier floor covering material such as terra cotta, slate, marble, and travertine. 

Present-day methods for concrete finishing have metamorphosed this ancient compound fundamentally mixed from cement, water and aggregates, into a luxurious flooring option. 

Concrete is a fantastic design element for any home, it’s simply a matter of preference. Thoroughly weigh the pros and cons of concrete flooring prior to installation to determine if this type of flooring is a good idea for what you have in mind. 

Once installed, floors made of concrete can be expensive to remove. 

Is Concrete Floor Cheaper Than Tile?

Per square foot concrete flooring is cheaper than tile in most cases as the cost to install ceramic tiles is roughly double the price. 

However, if multiple stains or other techniques of your new concrete flooring are applied, the cost can go up considerably. Because cost will vary depending on square footage, material type, finish, labor expenses and more, what will ultimately be cheaper comes down to personal choice. 

Are Concrete Floors Dangerous?

It goes without saying that concrete floors are tough, unforgiving, and uncomfortable when standing for long periods. Concrete flooring is also hard on the knees. 

It is advised to wear shoes with adequate arch support and rubber soles as body fatigue, lower back pain, including foot and leg pain, may be the result of walking and/or standing on concrete flooring for extended lengths of time. 

Place accent rugs in areas where you will do the most standing, walking, or kneeling. Concrete floors are also risky for fragile objects like glass and porcelain. 

Because concrete flooring is intolerant to fragile environments; it is important to keep this in mind when installing concrete in your home if you have children. 

Installing a concrete surface in a child’s room may result in injury as these types of floors are well, as hard as a rock. Any type of playing like jumping and rolling on the floor could cause serious injury. 

Concrete has come a long way since the times of ancient Rome and with the skills and techniques used today, concrete flooring can be fashioned to complement any interior décor.

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