Gallow Tech Gun Room Reviews

Gallow Tech Gun Rack Review – Dream Gun Room Armory Build

After putting together a collection of the top 100 best gun room designs awhile ago, I decided to embark on a journey of building my own.

To start, I needed a wall rack solution to organize my firearm collection.

After doing some research and making comparisons against the traditional slat and peg board, I came across Gallow Tech. Once I saw their innovative design and learned more about the functionality behind it I knew I had found a winner.

Later in this review, you’ll discover all the reasons why. (There are literally millions)

With that said, I went ahead and place an order for the Package 1042. It features 4 wide wall panels and holds 3 rifles horizontally, 6 rifles vertically and 6 handguns. That’s in addition to magazine storage, an accessory hook, misc storage shelving and so on. In short, it has a little bit of everything for a lot of variety and customization.

Gallow Tech Package Example

For less than the price of my burnt bronze cerakote HK USP 9, I was able to get the entire packaged shipped to my door. Unbelievable value. Of course, you can also order single parts at a time and build your own, or have them create a full custom gun vault on a grand scale.

Regardless of which you choose, here’s how my experience went.



Gallow Tech Review Box

Gallow Technologies Order Modular Gun Rack System

These guys work fast with great customer service to match! I placed an order on Friday and it was here at my door on Tuesday. That’s including the Easter holiday weekend.

Delivered were 3 separate, heavily-constructed cardboard boxes; all totaling to a weight of 120 pounds.



Hunting Dog For Install Of Gallow Tech Package

Gallow Tech Display Hangers

Gallow Tech Gun Rack Accessories

Gallow Tech Magazine Packages

Cool Morale Patches Gallow Technologies

How To Install Gallow Tech Gun Wall

Gallow Tech Thank You Card

Gallow Tech Gun Rack Install Instructions

With a little help from my Polish Hound, I started the unboxing process. Every single item was neatly wrapped in a protective plastic, labeled and surprisingly very well-organized.

Included were two sets of instructions, a thank you card and some really sharp-looking morale patches as a cool bonus.

After going over the installation process, I have to say it’s just downright simple. There is literally no technical knowledge required; virtually anyone can do this.


Tools Required

Tools Needed To Install Gallow Tech Gun Rack On Wall

Only four items were needed: A level, cordless power drill, stud finder (or in my case I simply used magnets) and mounting screws (for you specific application, ie. concrete, wood, etc)

For my install I went with 3″ #10 construction screws, though, 2.5″ #9 would have also been acceptable. Just keep in mind that drywall itself is 5/8 inches thick.


Install Support Beams

Gun Wall End Caps With Gallow Tech Logo

Wall Support Bar Gallow Tech Install

Completed Install Of Gallow Tech Gun Rack Support Beam

First up was using the magnets (stud finder) to locate the studs in the wall, then marking those areas with a pencil. Next, was positioning the support beam and using the level to ensure it was perfectly straight. Once everything was lined up I drilled in two mounting screws.

The process is the exact same for the second support beam.

On all ends of both support beams you’ll find really nice rubber end caps with the Gallow Tech logo. While it’s a small touch, it does speak volumes about the fine level of attention Gallow Tech puts into the small details.


Install Wall Panels

First Panel Install Of Gallow Tech Firearms Wall Panel

Four Wall Panel Gallow Tech Install

Multiple Gallow Tech Gun Panels On Wall

Modular Gun Rack Install

Completed Gallow Tech Wall Panel For Firearms Storage

Up Close Gallow Tech Wall Panel Review

On the back of every top wall panels there’s a square cut out which allows them to simply slide right onto the support beam and lock in place. To secure them even further, four black screws are provided.

Before putting on the bottom panels, I needed to screw in two wall mounting screws first at the bottom of the panels.

For installing the bottom two wall panels, there’s a unique locking system that latches onto the bottom areas of the top wall panels. To finish, I again used two wall mounting screws per panel at the bottom to secure everything in place.


Install Trim

Decorative Trim Pieces For Gallow Tech Gun Rack System

Installed Gallow Tech Trim Peices On Modular Gun Rack Wall

These were much easier to install than I originally thought they would be. There are magnets throughout each piece allowing them to simply snap right in the tops and bottoms. For added security, you’ll find the same unique locking system found on the bottom panels.


Modular Organization

Wrapped Gallow Tech Shelf With Support Screws

Gun Wall Ammo Storage Ideas

Screwed In Supports For Gun Wall Rack

Gallow Tech Included Screws For Mounting Firearms To Wall

Vertical Rifle Stock Hanger

Barrel Horizontal Rifle Hanger For Gun Room Wall

Small Gallow Tech Gun Wall Display Shelf

Gun Room Wall With Pistol Handgun Hangers

Gun Room Display Installation Process

Cool Hangers And Hook Organized Weapon Storage

Modular Gun Rack System By Gallow Tech

My favorite part of the install process. There are literally a million different ways you can customize your gun rack to suit your own personal needs.

How it works is ridiculously easy: On the back of every modular shelf, hook and hanger you’ll find two protruding ends that lock into the open notches on the wall panels.

You can rearrange these modular pieces in seconds by just pulling them up out of the notches, and pushing them back down into the notches.

Once I had determined exactly where I wanted to, I used the provided black screws to secure them in place. However, even without the screws, the locking system is ridiculously rock solid. Gallow Tech’s unique design is leaps above the strength of slat board and peg board. It’s a night and day difference.

In the photos above you’ll find all the cool modular parts of the wall rack I used. The 13″ shelf, 8″ shelf, handgun hanger, hook hanger, horizontal rifle barrel and stock hanger, .223, 308, and pistol magazine shelves, vertical rifle hangers, and many more.


Install Completed

Gun Valut Safe Design By Gallow Tech

Cool Gun Safe Rack System Organized Gallow Tech

I am in love with this Gallow Tech gun rack! After standing back and taking a look at my new gun room I am speechless. Needless to say, it was worth every single penny.

The craftsmanship of the heavy-duty 14 gauge steel paired with the grey power coat finish is truly top notch. Absolutely flawless. However, there’s far more to it than just those two great things. I’ll explain how my expectations were continually exceeded below.



Gallow Tech Hook Range Bag

Range Pistol Bag In Gun Vault

Shooting Ear Protection On Hanger In Gun Safe

Sure, it’s a simple hook hanger, however, the way Gallow Tech does it is brilliant. The design of the hook is long enough to fit my pistol range bag plus my 3M Peltor ear protection too. If I wanted to, I could fit a second bag or chest plate carrier on top of that too.

Additionally, the edges on this hook are smooth as butter. Not to mention, the hook’s angle of degree keeps your gear leaning back into the wall, keeping it neatly organized and out of the way.


Magazine Shelves

Handgun Magazine Storage Ideas

308 Rifle Ammo Box On Gallow Tech Gun Armory

Ammo Box Storage Ideas On Wall

Cool 308 50 Round Drum Storage X Products

My HK USP 9 magazines fit four to a shelf and slip in and out effortlessly. Surprisingly, even my .308 X-Products drum has plenty of room to fit in any of the three .308 magazine shelves.

While my magazine collection is small, I still managed find other uses for those spare selves. To my surprise again, my plastic Cabela’s ammo boxes made for a perfect fit. I was able to fit two, one-hundred round boxes per handgun shelf, and one, fifty round .308 ammo box per .308 shelf. Both of which, still slide in and out with ease.


Horizontal Rifle and Handgun Hangers

Ar10 308 Mounted On Gallow Tech Gun Safe Wall

Burnt Bronze Rifle Wall Display

Gun Safe With Wall Display Of Rifle

Rifle Barrel Wall Mounted Display

Salt Works Rifles Mounted On Gallow Technologies Wall

X Products 308 Ar10 50 Round Drum In Gun Armory

Gallow Tech Handgun Hanger With Burnt Bronze Hk Usp 9 Full Size

Hk Usp 9 Burnt Bronze Handgun Mounted On Pistol Hanger

Hk Usp Gun Rack Wall Hanger Design

The rifle and handgun hangers hug my firearms securely in place with such precision. The soft rubber trim keeps them protected from any damage which leaves me absolutely worry free. Even if I had pristine, fine vintage firearms, this is what I would demand for my collection.

Not to mention, it’s a pleasure taking my .308 Salt Works Rifles M5 on and off the hanger. It extends out far enough to give me plenty of room without having to be overly awkward or careful about it. In the photos you’ll notice even the X-Products 50 round .308 drum fits along the way without pushing the rifle outwards. Believe it or not, but it doesn’t actually touch the wall, there’s still a small gap of room left so it doesn’t get scratched.

In a photo I took above, you’ll also spot the SWR hanging at an angle. Using the horizontal hangers I was still able to pull off a nice, aggressive look without sacrificing any of the support. Of course, there’s also the burnt bronze HK USP 9 handgun hanger with Gallow Tech’s factory angled direction.


Vertical Rifle Hanger

Cool Gun Display Room Design

Grey Powdercoat Vertical Rifle Shotgun Mount

Rifle Hangers Gallow Tech In Gun Safe Room

At the bottom of the stock hanger you’ll find thick rubber insets to protect your stock. Fitment is flawless.

To keep things up right the barrel hangers can be adjusted, meaning if you have a long rifle you can move them upwards. Or if you have a short barrel rifle, they can be moved down. No matter what length your rifle or barrel is, you’ll always be able to acquire a precise, secure fit for every single one.

Additionally, Gallow Tech makes velcro securing straps too. I plan on ordering a few as my collection grows.

It’s worth noting that even with the heavy, 2.5 pound .308 drum plus 50 rounds attached, the rifle remained vertical and exactly in place where I put it.


13″ Shelves

Cool Ammo Storage Shelf Ideas For Organization

The bottom 13″ shelves are handsomely spacious and offered plenty of room to store a full 50 cal ammo can alongside nearly one-thousand rounds of 9mm plus 200 rounds of .308 ammo. I was really quite surprised by how much weight these could hold.


8″ Shelf

Shooting Glasses Shelf Organized Gun Room

A perfect fit for my shooting glasses and protective sleeve cover. I was able to fit a few other small things on the shelf too including a bottle of Break Free CLP, cleaning pads, etc.


Final Review

Gallow Technologies Moral Patch Organized

So there you have it. In my opinion, Gallow Tech makes the best gun rack solution out there. Nothing else even remotely compares, it’s truly flawless. The powdercoated 14 gauge steel screams craftsmanship and long-term quality that lasts for a lifetime.

While installing everything I kept thinking to myself over and over, “Wow, they really put a lot of thought and time into designing this.” From the rock-solid locking system notches to the rubber protective trim, Gallow Tech doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to the larger and smaller details.

Was it worth it? Every single penny. Sure, my collection is smaller than most but it’s growing. (I have my eye on a Wilson Combat CQB Elite and a Zev Technologies Glock next.) However, I must say, it’s rather nice having the all the space to work with.

As soon as I fill up this wall I can order more panels and modular hangers in the future, and expand my gun room even further. Perhaps that’s what I like the best about Gallow Tech, it’s truly customization for your specific needs. Both small and large firearms owners can greatly benefit from such an innovative solution that has long been needed.

If you like staying organized and want a gun display storage setup that looks as cool as it works, go ahead and check out Gallow Tech. I’m sure you’ll be just as pleased I am today.


Gallow Technologies Logo


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