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Top 60 Best Master Bathroom Ideas – Home Interior Designs

The master bathroom is the ultimate escape and sanctuary for the man who rules his abode with tireless proficiency.

Here is where he can retreat and revive himself, safe from disturbances or outside interference.

Since its inception, the master bathroom has held a poignant place of honor in the home’s design scheme, a tradition that persists to this day. You don’t need to live like Jay Gatsby to savor your own bit of private luxury, and the modern master bathroom is the perfect example.

There is truly no limit to the inspirational plethora of bathroom designs: glass paneling and classic parquet tiling make for a breathtaking Art Deco experience, while warm Tuscan hues and cool Pacific blues show off your own ideal transatlantic getaway. Rustic repurposed cabinets and antique fixtures make for cozy farmhouse decor, while obsidian and slate offer a decidedly metropolitan perspective.

Your master bathroom is yours alone, and knowing that few others can impede on your personal space means no holds barred where your creative impulses are concerned-now is your chance. Whether you’ve dreamed of reclining like royalty in your own personal shower sauna or relaxing to the mellow earth tones of a cabin in the woods, your master bathroom is the domestic canvas you’ve been waiting for.

Life rarely awards day-to-day luxuries, and for many of us, the decadent bathroom is a thing of 5-star hotels. Now is the time to seize a bit of that much-deserved splendor, whether it’s sinking into a deep claw-footed tub or shaving at your leisure over a state of the art washbasin. Cleanliness may be next to godliness, but these top 60 best master bathroom ideas prove that you can achieve both in your own curated refuge.

1. Master Bathroom Ideas for Glass Shower Doors 

If you’ve spent a lot of money on your master bathroom remodel, you’ve probably tried to enhance or at least maintain its flow. Choosing the right shower door can make or break your bathroom’s style. A glass shower door is a great way to keep your high-end bathroom feeling open and airy.

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Master Bathroom Inspiration

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There are a number of ways that glass shower doors improve upon bathroom designs. The highly reflective nature of a glass panel can make the room feel much brighter. If your master bathroom suffers from being too dark, glass shower doors a great choice to fill the room with a little extra reflected light. Also, they make the shower feel like part of the room without being cordoned off by a shower curtain.

There are a few options for glass shower doors. There are frameless doors, semi-frameless framed doors, swinging doors, and sliding doors. If you’re thinking that sounds like a lot of choices, that’s because it is. The sky is the limit with these doors, so do your research and choose the best design for your master bathroom remodel.

If you’d like a better idea of what each of these types of doors looks like, check out the following video. It’s a quick overview of the styles, and even some estimated pricing depending on where you are in the country.

2. Master Bathroom Ideas for a Large Shower

Along with glass shower doors, large master bathroom showers are a stylish trend that has been around for a few years. Lots of glass and tile, multiple showerheads, and built-in benches are popular features for these large showers.

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Why would someone want a large shower with multiple shower heads? Well, the answer is obvious, but let’s take a mature approach to the topic. If you share your bathroom with someone else, getting ready in the morning is less of a hassle when you have the room to get prepared at the same time.
Also, a less popular but still practical reason for a large shower is that it keeps petcare easier. If you have a muddy pup, giving them a bath can be a lot less stressful in a large, closed shower.
It’s important that your master bathroom shower looks like a stylish space, not like a football locker room shower. Avoiding plain white tile and nickel fixtures is probably best. Consider using floor inlays, premium light fixtures, and a high-end glass shower surround.

3. Master Bathroom Marble Tile Ideas

There’s no material that can go as far or be used in more ways in a master bathroom than light marble. It can be used on the floor to create a beautiful, clean walking area. It can also find itself sitting atop a dark sink vanity to create a smooth surface that reflects light and is easy to maintain. If money allows, marble tile on the walls makes an incredible impression, making your master bathroom feel like a five-star spa.

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Master Bathroom Interior Ideas

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Unlike some other stones or ceramic tile, marble has a softer touch, so it’s great for the shower, sink, and surfaces that you’ll touch often. They’ll feel comfortable and inviting instead of cold and rough.
If you looked through the images in this category, you’ve seen some of the gorgeous ways you can use marble to enhance the look and feel of your bathroom. There were inlays, mosaics, and large format tiles, all of which can bring light, class, and texture to a master bathroom. Take a few styling cues from some of the master bathroom designs that appeal to you and try to incorporate them into yours.

4. Contemporary Master Bathroom Ideas

If you prefer clean, straight lines, flat surfaces, and a minimalist color palette for your master bathroom remodel, contemporary is your style. These bathrooms are highly functional but simple in design. Cabinet doors are typically flat-paneled, surfaces are usually solid in color, and any moldings and trim work are kept to a minimum.

Home Interior Designs Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom Design Ideas

Master Bathroom Ideas

Since this is your preferred design, you need to figure out how to incorporate the look into your own master bathroom. For cabinetry, you can try stores like IKEA, as many of their designs are distinctly modern and contemporary. This modern double vanity would be right at home in a master bathroom with other contemporary touches.
When it comes to flooring, choices can become a little more varied. Bamboo is a stylish floor material for contemporary master bathrooms as it’s sustainable and water-resistant. Smaller floor tiles arranged in patterns with sharp, right angles are also common choices for these bathrooms as they keep with contemporary style.
Contemporary color palettes can be straightforward and simple as well. One or two colors, usually whites and grays, are the usual choices, but black and other dark hues can work as well. Take another look through those images to get an idea of how these rooms’ designers chose their color palettes.

5. Master Bathroom Ideas for a Free Standing Tub

Since you’ve already seen some of the pictures in this article, you’ve probably noticed at least a few free standing tubs. These beauties are meant to sit by themselves in the middle of the floor, requiring no adjacent walls on any side. They draw your attention, look beautiful, and provide a deep vessel to have a good soak in after a long day.

Bathtub With Chandelier Master Bathroom Ideas

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There are a ton of options for free standing tubs, and you can either choose one to fit your style or one to style your master bathroom renovation around. Classic clawfoot tubs with a traditional faucet look great in traditional or country style bathrooms, while modern designs can make a contemporary bathroom look like a million bucks.

There are a few things about freestanding tubs you have to be prepared to commit to. For one, they’re incredibly heavy. They’re much heavier than a built-in tub, so keep that in mind during installation and when you fill it up with water. You might need to reinforce the floor. Also, there are no shelves for storage in a freestanding tub, so you’ll either have to find a caddy or bring your soap with you every time.

6. Master Bathroom Ideas for a Contrasting Color Scheme and Finish

While light bathrooms have been long been the classic choice for bathrooms, you may want your master bath to have a little more personality, color, or contrast. There are many ways to make this look work, and based on your taste, you could put together a truly amazing combination.

Black Vanity Cabinets With Gold Mirrors Master Bathroom Ideas

Interior Ideas For Master Bathrooms Grey And White

Pattern Mosaic Tile Flooring Navy And White Master Bathroom Ideas

Spacious Master Bathroom Ideas With Dual Sink Vanity


White And Black Excellent Interior Ideas Master Bathroom

While dark floors may not be your thing, you can add contrast by breaking up your light floor with a few dark accents. This could be as small as a few dark tiles installed here and there, or as involved as an inlay design in the middle of the room. This technique can also be used for shower walls, so if you’re looking for some contrast, don’t count out the shower space.
We wouldn’t blame you if you decided to leave your floor as one light color, but you can still achieve a contrasting palette in other ways. Consider using dark or even black cabinetry for your master bathroom sink and vanity. Follow it up with matching mirror frames and you’ve got the start of some really nice contrast.
Finally, if you’re still looking for more contrast, don’t forget to grab some accent towels. They can do a lot to tie in the design, and as inexpensive as they are, you should be using them to class up your master bathroom anyway.

7. Master Bathroom Wood Accent Ideas

If you’re commandeering your master bathroom and want to put some manly touches on it, you need to take a look at the next set of images. These pictures all include hardwood touches that can really set off a master bathroom’s design. From simple and subtle to in-your-face, incorporating wood into your design might be the right move for you.

Awesome Master Bathroom Ideas With Hardwood Flooring

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Master Bathrooms Interior Ideas

Every room looks good with hardwood floors – they’re a staple of interior design – and master bathrooms are no exception. A quality hardwood floor in your bathroom can be a great look, but what about the moisture and humidity? What can be done to protect the floors? Well, you have some options. You can forego actual wood and opt for a wood-look tile, vinyl planks, or you can use bamboo flooring. While not all that traditional, bamboo looks great and resists water-damage better than other materials. Beyond that, you can seal your hardwood floor and do your best to keep water off of it.
There are other areas that you can use to add some wood accents. Exposed ceiling beams might be a possibility, depending on your home’s construction. Also, using stained wood cabinets will automatically add that wood touch you’re looking for without much effort.

8. Master Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Choosing the right lighting fixtures for your master bathroom renovation is actually pretty important. These images in this section range from very fancy and intricate to low-budget yet effective. While we don’t necessarily suggest that you hang a crystal chandelier in your master bathroom, we do think you can take a few cues from some of these designs.

Home Design Ideas Master Bathroom

Impressive Master Bathroom Ideas Double Chandeliers

Master Bathroom

Sleek Master Bathroom Ideas

The old standby light and exhaust fan combination is the standard option for master bathroom lighting, but we think you can go beyond that with something more elegant. While it’s important to have an exhaust fan in your bathroom, a builder-basic unit is not going to offer the luxurious touch that you’re looking for. Upgrade to something like this bathroom exhaust fan with nightlight and Bluetooth speaker for a more custom touch in your master bathroom.
If you’re still looking for a little more light, particularly by your vanity, consider adding some wall sconces to either side of the mirror. They look far more custom than the overhead vanity lights that we’re all so familiar with. Also, consider some overhead recessed LED lights. They can be placed in several locations through the bathroom and they’re extremely efficient.
Here’s a helpful video to give you an idea of how involved the process of installing recessed lights is:

9. Master Bathroom Wall Texture Ideas

One of the best ways to bring some interest into your master bath project is by adding some texture to the walls. When you take an empty space and add some visual interest, it adds a bit of class, enriching the luxury feel that your master bath should be going for.

Good Ideas For Modern Master Bathrooms Floor To Ceiling Glass Window

Grey And White Cool Master Bathroom With Walk In Shower

Luxury Master Bathroom Ideas

White Shiplap Walls Master Bathroom Ideas

The most obvious way to add some texture to a bathroom wall is with tile, but we’ve already covered that. Another option to achieve the textured look is to use stacked stone. Stacked stone kits look amazing and will definitely add a rustic texture to a vertical surface in your bathroom. You can surround a mirror, wrap a column, or pick an entire wall to use as an elegant accent.
Another awesome way to break up a plain wall is by using shiplap boards and paneling the entire wall. Shiplap can be used vertically but its main use is for horizontal designs. A shiplap wall looks beautiful, fits well in a variety of different styles of bathrooms, and breaks up a wall in a simple and clean way.
Here’s a great video that we’ve featured before explaining how to install shiplap boards on a budget.

Master Bathroom FAQs

What determines if a bathroom is considered a master bathroom?

The criteria are pretty straightforward for this designation. To be considered a master bathroom, the bathroom should have a toilet, shower/bath, and be attached to the largest bedroom in the house, also known as the master bedroom.

How large should a master bathroom be?

A master bathroom is intended to be used by a couple, rather than just one person. As such, master bathrooms tend to be pretty big. They have to be able to accommodate two people with enough space to move around each other while getting ready.  

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