Outdoor Garage Lighting Ideas

50 Outdoor Garage Lighting Ideas – Exterior Illumination Designs

The average homeowner seldom pauses to consider their garage’s potential, and certainly not in regards to garage lighting.

Often boasting only the bare minimum basics–motion sensors and glaring fluorescent bulbs illuminating the interior–the garage has long been viewed as a strictly utilitarian space, and hardly worthy of a design upgrade–until now, of course.

Considering that the garage is used on a near-daily basis, it makes perfect sense to want to show it off in the best possible light, both literally and figuratively. Expert garage lighting not only provides optimal safety but increased accessibility where all your amenities are concerned.

For example, uplights or accent lights can draw attention to architectural highlights, while sconce lighting prevents any fumbling in the dark, and adds a pleasant old-world nuance to your garage space. Up-to-date wireless controls give you the added benefit of adjusting garage lighting from the comfort of your house, and are surprisingly cost-sensible.

The garage may be the practical unit of your home, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be an infinitely appealing and inviting one. Carefully selecting from one of these outdoor garage lighting ideas enhances the overall effect of your home’s ambiance, and isn’t that what even the most practical addition is intended for?


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