Shower Niche Ideas

Top 70 Best Shower Niche Ideas – Recessed Shelf Designs

It’s often said that a house’s perfection is in the details, those nooks and implements that at first go unnoticed until a second glance warrants a murmur of admiration.

The bathroom is the perfect example of such detail–or potential for such–starting with the shower itself.

From floor tilling to seating, the shower can be a place of peace and purity, as well as surprising beauty; it all depends on the man who steps into its enclave every day. An exquisitely crafted recessed shower niche not only serves a crucial purpose (holding all your necessities), but does so with style and spa-like appeal. Inlaid shower niches provide the perfect opportunity for some personal detail work, with a plentitude of tile and stonework to choose from, as well as multiple tiers and even backlighting.

Edgy granite, decadent marble, and multi-colored tiles are just a few options for adorning your shower niche to fit your bathroom’s theme, with no space too small to benefit from this instant upgrade.

Whether you’re just starting your day or putting a much-anticipated end to it, the shower is where you no doubt revive your spirits or conversely soothe them, as well as savor the surroundings you worked so hard to create and perfect. More than just a nondescript unit to leave your soap and various toiletries, these top 70 best shower niche ideas are a welcoming detail you’ll never fail to take pleasure in, however brief in passing.


Beautiful Luxury Shower Niche Ideas Grey And White Tiles With Black Surround

Black And Grey Hexagon Small Tile Shower Niche Ideas

Black And White Tile Shower Niche Ideas

Black Hexagon Pattern Shower Niche Ideas With Large Format Marble Tiles

Contemporary Brown Tan Tiles Shower Niche Ideas Inspiration

Contemporary White Subway And Hexagon Grey Tile Excellent Interior Ideas Shower Niche

Cool Shower Niche Design Ideas With Blue Tiles

Design Ideas For Shower Niche With Grey Tile

Designs Shower Niche With Three Shelves Built In Above Bathtub

Excellent Bathroom Ideas Shower Niche Grey Marble

Green Geometric Cubes Shower Niche Ideas

Grey And Black Basketweave Tile Shower Niche Nook Ideas

Grey And White Herringbone Bathroom Designs Shower Niches

Grey And White Pebble Rock Shower Niche Ideas

Grey Subway Tile Shower Niche Ideas

Grey Tile Bathroom Ideas For Shower Niches

Grey Tiles Ceramic Shower Niche Ideas

Grey Tile Shower Niche Ideas

Grey Tiles Shower Niche Ideas

Herringbone Marble Tiles Nice Shower Niche Bathroom Ideas

Herringbone Shower Niche White Tile Ideas With Marble Shelf And Grey Grout

Hexagon Shaped Shower Niche Recessed Shelf Ideas

Interior Ideas For Shower Niches White Subway Tiles

Led Lighting Double Home Bathroom Designs Shower Niche

Luxury Shower Niche Modern Minimalist Designs

Magnificent Shower Niche Design Ideas Grey Subway With White Hexagon Small Tiles

Marble Subway Tile Ideas For Shower Niches

Master Bathroom Ideas Walk In Shower Niches With Led Lighting

Mosaic Pattern Tiles Nice Shower Niche Interior Ideas

Mother Of Pearl Tile Shower Niche Ideas

Natrual Rock Shower With Grey Slate Tile Recessed Niche Bathroom Ideas

Polished Stone Shower Niche Ideas

Remarkable Ideas For Shower Niche

Rustic Look Recessed Shower Shelf Niche Ideas

Shower Niche Bathroom Design Polished Stainless Steel Chrome

Shower Niche Design Ideas Built In Wall

Shower Niche Design Inspiration Marble Shelf With Gold Accent Trim

Shower Niche Grey Herringbone Pattern Tiles With Marble

Shower Niche Interior Ideas Hexagon And Wide Format Grey Tiles

Shower Niche Lighting Ideas Herringbone Design

Shower Niches Black And Tan Tiles With White Trim Finish

Shower Niches Interior Ideas

Shower Wall Niche Ideas

Sleek Shower Niche Ideas

Small Hexagon And Herringbone Tiles Shower Niche Interior Design

Small Hexagon Shower Niche Ideas With White Subway Tiles

Small Mosaic Dark Grey Tiles Home Design Ideas Shower Niche

Small Simple Tiles Shower Bathtub Combo Niche Ideas

Small Wall Shower Niche Grey Bathroom Ideas

Small White Hexagon Tiles With Grey Grout Home Interior Designs Shower Niche

Stone Tan Tiles With Glass Accents Interior Designs Shower Niches

Stone Tiles With Stainless Steel Trim Impressive Shower Niche Ideas

Stunning Bathroom Shower Niche Designs

Stunning Interior Shower White And Grey Hexagon Niche Designs

Stunning Star Pattern Tiles Shower Niche Design Idea Inspiration

Traditional Bathroom Master Shower Niche Ideas

Traditional Tile Shower Niche

Ultra Modern Led Shower Niche Lighting Ideas

Unique Shower Glass Tiles Recessed Niches

Unique Shower White Tile Niche Designs

Wavy White Tiles Good Ideas For Shower Niches With Chrome Fixtures

White And Black Modern Exceptional Shower Niche Ideas

White And Blue Arabesque Tile Beach Themed Cool Shower Niche

White And Grey Arabesque Shower Niche Shelf Ideas

White And Grey Arabesque Tile Shower Niche Ideas

White Basketweave Tile Bathroom Shower Niche Ideas

White Solid Marble Built In Shower Niche Shelves Ideas

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