Top 20 Best Tool Bags For Men

Top 20 Best Tool Bags For Men – Rock-Solid On The Go Storage

Whether you’re a professional tradesman or a DIY dad who has progressed from a drawer full of miscellaneous tools to a complete tool-kit, a tool bag is a necessary item.

Like a toolbox or a tool chest, buying a tool bag is an investment.

Not only does it put the items you need most often within arm’s reach, but it keeps them all centrally located. Your tool bag is a triage kit, holding everything you might need for the most common jobs, protecting them from the elements and preventing you from losing them.

After all, you didn’t spend all the time and money buying the proper tools for the job to have them disappear under a bush or behind an air conditioning unit.

Unsurprisingly, the market is full of tool storage solutions of every stripe. From pink faux leather tool belts for the handy-moms to imposing mini-chests that unfold and roll like carry-on luggage, it can be difficult to decide which tool bag will work best for you. In this list, we have compiled twenty of the best tool bags available for all skill levels and uses. These are the best picks from the brands you know with the craftsmanship you can trust.

If you are an electrican, HVAC specialist, auto mechanic or simply a general contracter, these are for you!

Best Tool Bags

1. Black And Decker Matrix Wide Mouth Storage Tool Bag

BLACK+DECKER BDCMTSB Matrix Wide-Mouth Storage Bag


Black & Decker serves up another great addition to our list with this zipper closure, wide mouth tool bag. The bag has two rigid dividers inside and a durable plastic base to protect all of your tools. It’s ideal for storing your Matrix System and accessories.


2. Carhartt Legacy 14 Inch Tool Bag

Carhartt Legacy Tool Bag 14-Inch, Carhartt Brown


This tool bag is large, durable, with all the necessary compartments to keep you organized. Whether you are on a work site or handling a large project, this bag lives up to the Carhartt legacy. Waterproof and available in three sizes, it’s a great buy.


3. Dewalt 18 Inch Pro Contractors Closed Top Tool Bag

DEWALT DG5553 Tool Bag, 18 in. 28 Pocket


DeWalt obviously had professionals in mind when they designed this tool bag. It is a closed top bag with a pop up central compartment for easy access. The additional compartments feature flaps and drawstrings to help keep all of your accessories organized, even if you bag takes a tumble.


4. Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Organizer Backpack Tool Bag

Klein Tools 55421BP-14 Backpack, Multi Tool Bag and Tool Carrier, Heavy Duty Tradesman Pro Organizer with 39 Pockets and Molded Base


This is another backpack for our list. The convenience of a backpack for toting tools over distances or into unconventional worksites is combined with the functionality of a 39 pocket rugged tool bag. A hard bottom, easy access pockets, and molded outer pocket make this ideal for jobs that require you to move frequently and keep your gear with you.


5. Rothco Mechanics Tool Bag

Coyote Mechanics Tool Bag


Rothco designed this bag with mechanics in mind. The interior is spacious for all of your necessary items, with eight outer compartments for all of the smaller bits of gear you will need to keep organized. This bag is not only functional and durable but also sports a sleek design.


6. Craftsman 13 Inch Soft Tool Bag

Craftsman 9-37535 Soft Tool Bag, 13"


While their tool quality has arguably gone downhill over the years, their thirteen-inch “soft tool box” returns a big surprise. It is reinforced at all of the stress points and has six external pockets for not only durability, but also your convenience.


7. Milwaukee Heavy Duty Contractors Tool Bag

Milwaukee Heavy Duty Contractors Bag 11x11x10


This tough little bag in classic Milwaukee red is a no-frills option for the man looking for a sturdy bag. It is water resistant and built with the same quality you’d expect from anything with the Milwaukee brand.


8. Custom Leathercraft 1165 22 Pocket Large Bigmouth Tool Bag

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1165 Large BigMouth Bag, 22 Pocket


This “big mouth” bag from Custom Leathercraft (CLC) has heavy duty stitching and bar tacking at all stress points. With an amazing twenty-two additional compartments and pockets for tools and accessories, this is a marriage of functionality and form. The sixteen-inch bag makes toting sharp and pointed tools a snap.


9. Custom Leathercraft 1579 20 Inch Open Top Soft Sided Tool Bag

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1579 20 Inch, Open Top, Soft Sided Tool Box, 27 Pockets


This tool bag is a handyman’s dream. The metal frame is removable, allowing you to customize your compartments. There is a reinforced plastic compartment for sharps and several pockets both internally and externally for all of your accessories. The soft sided, open top design is ideal for hobbyists and DIY projects.


10. Stanley STST70574 12 Inch Soft Sided Tool Bag

Stanley STST70574 12-Inch Soft Sided Tool Bag


This twelve inch, soft sided tool bag from Stanley features adjustable straps and cotton padded handles. It is ideal for carrying light to medium weight tools. The rubber foam bottom helps this bag maintain its shape and protects against damage from dropping. The mesh pockets on the outside of the bag are ideal for storing personal items.


11. Custom Leathercraft 15 Pocket 16 Inch Center Tray Tool Bag

Custom Leathercraft Custom LeatherCraft 1529 16-Pocket, 16-Inch Center Tray Tool Bag


This sixteen-inch tool bag from Custom Leathercraft (CLC) has an open design for easy access. This fifteen compartment tool caddy is ideal for jobs that require quick and easy access to multiple tools.


12. Bosch CW01 13 Inch Contractor Tool Bag

Bosch CW01 13" Contractor Tool Bag,


Bosch offers us another bag in the “no-frills” department. The thirteen-inch wide mouth tool bag is simple, sleek and effective. It is the perfect buy for those who have a few pieces of necessary equipment to carry and store.


13. Bucket Boss Bucket Boss Gatemouth Tool Bag

Bucket Boss Gatemouth 16 Tool Bag in Brown, 60016


This tool bag is reminiscent of the classic doctor’s kit, complete with the padded bottom and wide mouth opening. There are sixteen compartments in the design to keep your tools and accessories organized as you work. This bag also features side handles, allowing it to be pulled across surfaces if necessary.


14. Custom Leathercraft 1134 44 Pocket Tool Backpack Bag

CLC Custom Leathertcraft 1134 Carpenter's Tool Backpack, 44 Pockets, Padded Back Support


This Custom Leathercraft (CLC) backpack takes toting your tools to a whole new level. This tool bag has a startling forty-four compartments and a dedicated pocket for your drill and battery. Ideal for projects that take you off road, the backpack has padded back support and straps, an exterior pocket and dual handles at the top.


15. Husky 12 Inch Tool Bag

Husky 12 Inch Contractor’s Multi-Purpose Water-Resistant Tool Bag


Husky’s twelve-inch tool bag is exactly what you might expect from a company known for its sturdy design and no frills approach. It features a single open compartment and three external pockets. As with most Husky products, it’s designed to take a beating and hold on strong.


16. Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Organizer Rolling Tool Bag

Klein Tools 55452RTB Rollling Tool Bag, Tradesman Pro


If back and shoulder problems threaten to slow you down, this twenty-four pocket rolling tool bag from Klein is a great solution. With a telescoping handle and an orange interior to maximize visibility, this is a tool bag designed with safety and comfort in mind.


17. Mcguire Nicholas 2universal Tote 16 Inch Tool Bag

McGuire Nicholas 22217-1 Universal Tote 16-Inch Tool Bag


If you are looking for a tool bag that gives you the stability of a rigid frame and the access of an open top, then this universal tote is for you. The sixteen-inch tool bag has adjustable straps that accommodate a two-foot level or blueprints. Light weight and designed for durability, this is the perfect tool bag for job sites.


18. Rothco Tanker Style Tool Bag

ROTHCO Canvas Tanker Style Tool Bag, Green


Whether you need a place to store your barbecue tools or a seven-inch angle grinder, this tool bag by Rothco is the perfect solution. The sleek, no-frills design in built tough. This cotton tool bag has a zipper closure and two internal compartments to help keep you organized.


19. Veto Pro Pac Mc Tool Bag

Veto Pro Pac MC Bag for Handling Tools


If you are looking for the perfect back for diagnostic jobs then this is the bag for you. The lightweight verticle pocket tool bag is waterproof with a molded polypropylene base and dedicated compartments for drills and meters. Its sleek, verticle design allows you to set up in tight spaces with easy access to all of your tools.


20. Workpro 15 Inch Center Tray Collapsable Storage Tool Bag

WORKPRO 15-inch Tool Storage Bag Collapsible with Center Tray for Hardware Parts, Adjustable Shoulder Strap Included


WorkPro has designed this fifteen-inch collapsible tool bag to be rugged enough for any hardworking man. This bag comes with a plastic tray that fits comfortably inside to store accessories, sharps, or smaller hand tools.

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