BSN Hyper Shred Weight Loss

BSN Hyper Shred

BSN Hyper Shred is a thermodynamic metabolic activator, meaning it’s a weight management dietary aid aimed at those who are looking to increase their physical performance. Unlike other men’s supplements in the health and fitness market there’s no geranium oil extracts, making it a unique pre-workout energy booster and fat burner. Not to mention it’s touted as delivering clean focused energy both mentally and physically to help you achieve your gym and fitness goals.

BSN Hyper Shred Review

As far as effectiveness goes in this BSN Hyper Shred review there’s two parts we’d like to cover; those being energy and thermogenic. As far as energy goes you’re perfect taking just one, because when you take two your heart races fast enough for you to really notice it. However even with taking one you’re still not going to feel that spontaneous boost, even though it contains close to 200mg of caffeine. For thermo, you’ll notice you sweat more in the gym when you’re working out, so make sure you’re drinking at least 120 ounces of water while taking it. We also want to mention that it does make you hungry after taking it, so be prepared to handle an appetite for food.


What’s in BSN Hyper Shred?

As far as ingredients go in BSN Hyper Shred, first we’re going to take a glance at three core components that make up the blend. These three include thermodynamic interfusion, insulino composite, and nootripic stimulators.

For BSN Hyper Shreds thermodynamic interfusion let’s examine caffeine, bitter orange extract, and red pepper extract. For the caffeine we have 180 mg, which is most commonly found in any other fat burners for men so there’s no surprise. However thanks to the caffeine you’re going to notice a larger appetite, get hungrier, and of course receive a small boost of energy when you hit the gym. For the bitter orange extract, commonly known as synephrine, it’s actually a family member to ephedrine. However after further studies results came back to show that it’s incredibly different, which might give a fractional boost of energy to those taking it. And lastly, we have the red pepper extract, which would technically require a multi-gram dosage to have strong effects; however you might notice a slight or marginal benefit. For Insulino Composite, you’ll find Banba leaf and Chromium. And finally for Nootropic stimulators, the list includes D-L phenylalanine, B-vitamins, bacopa, and huperzine.

BSN Hyper Shred Benefits Review

– There are no geranium oil extracts in BSN Hyper Shred
– Perfect for those looking to increase performance and weight loss
– Thermogenic for a warm feeling while working out
– Increased sweating due to thermogenic properties
– Better sense of overall energy and focus
– Value priced supplement

For the price, BSN Hyper Shred is overall a fair value. Give it a shot doing your next work out and see how you like it. To whatever it takes to reach your own personal fitness goals, we wish you the best of success in reaching them.




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