Men's Accutime Leather Strap Watch

Men’s Accutime Leather Strap Watch

If you are like many men, when it comes to time pieces, you need a reliable watch that looks good and can stand up to whatever you throw at it. You need something that will suit everyday wear “for the duration” and not quit on youAccutime Leather Strap Watch For Men or cause discomfort while you’re busy living life. Consider this leather strap watch with a 45 mm watch case made by Accutime.

It features a black background with dull gold dials, as well as neutral hour and minute markings in the same dully finished gold. The case itself is crafted from highly durable stainless steel, and the watch face is tastefully large and easy to read.

This is definitely a masculine watch for the busy guy who does not need to convey a pretense to wealth, but is concerned with quality craftsmanship and functional accessories. Its sleek lines and tastefully crafted dial faces speak largely to those ends.

So whether you are on the job, in the bar, or out completing the necessary mission of weekend errands, this watch communicates confidence and a comfortable manner. It tells you the time of day, and tells others you have good taste without the need for expensive shows of prowess.

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