Kiehls Men's Travel Ready Grooming Starter Kit

Kiehl’s Men’s Grooming Starter Kit

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Whether you’re looking for the perfect combination of grooming supplies for your home, office, or while traveling, the Kiehl’s Men’s Starter Kit is perfect for all three! If perhaps you’re just new to men’s manscaping and grooming, and really want to start taking care of yourself, this is one of the easiest ways to get started. You’ll have everything you need for a complete grooming regimen with hair care products to the traditional bar of soap.Kiehls Men's Starter Kit

Yet speaking of what’s included, what all comes with the Kiehl’s starter kit collection? Your going to find the following: 3.2 oz. Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap, 2.5 oz. Facial Fuel Energizing Moisture Treatment, 2.5 oz. White Eagle Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream, 2.5 oz. Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash, and 2.5 oz. Ultimate Strength Hand Salve.

All of which will help to keep you clean, moisturized, and energized! This grooming set also comes with a handsome travel carrying case, so your grooming essentials are always ready and available!

Guys, this grooming set is the cream of the crop and in such high demand that Saks has placed a limit (no more than 6 kits every 30 days) on how many you can order! And if we had to take a guess why, it would be because it’s the perfect all-in-one men’s package. Plus this must-have grooming kit means you’ll always be impeccably clean and freshly shaven for that all-important business meeting or that hot date! Add a bit of luxury to your grooming routine with the Kiehl’s Travel Ready Grooming Starter Kit, you’ll be glad you did!

Kiehls Men's Travel ready Starter Kit

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