Polo Ralph Lauren Big Polo Player No Show Socks

Ralph Lauren Big Polo Player No Show Socks

The Ralph Lauren Polo collection has been a classic since it arrived on the scene 40 years ago. Polo products bring sophisticated yet relaxed style to the golf green, tennis court and beyond. In recent years, you’ve probably seen some top athletes wearing the latest Polo Ralph Lauren Big Polo designs. Now the Big Polo No Show Sock for men will complete your sporting ensemble in top style.

The Big Polo No Show Socks provide casual comfort in a bold design. They are a great value available in packs of three in a variety of coordinated colors. Consistent with other Polo Ralph Lauren products, these are durable, high quality socks. They are ultra-soft, and the ample 9-inch length, breathable cotton blend material and 1/2-inch cuff allow them to fit snug on your feet without binding. To maintain these superior qualities, be sure to follow the washing instructions. Always wash in cold water and do not use bleach on these socks.

An often overlooked piece of a man’s clothing, quality socks can make a big difference in your overall comfort throughout the day. The Big Polo No Show Sock is up to the task and will complement every summer wardrobe.

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