Quill Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Quill Tattoo Designs For Men – Feather Pen Ink Ideas

What better way to show the writer within than to emphasize that point with a beautiful quill tattoo?

The quill pen is a writing instrument that’s made from the flight feather of a large bird.

From there it’s elegance and history as you commit this image to your skin. This is an especially good tattoo for writers to get, although it can look good and fit on just about anyone. There are all manner of quill tattoos that one could get, which only increases the options that you have as someone who’s looking to get a quill tattoo.

Quills as a device were in use between the 6th and 19th century, enjoying a particularly long reign, until metal pens were developed and put into use. Goose feathers were primarily used, and it was the flight feather of the left wing that was favored by right-handed writers, as the top of the quill would tip away and slip behind the hand.

However, quills were never sold by right-handed or left-handedness, only by the size and species of the quill. The elegance of the quill lends itself perfectly to a tattoo, perhaps even with the quill writing out a portion of a word or phrase.


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