Top 75 Best Forearm Tattoos For Men

Top 71 Forearm Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Your inner forearm might look fleshy, but consider the fact that two nerves run right through it:

The unlnar and median nerves.

And if you’ve ever wondered why men end up going with a 3/4 round upper arm tattoo, well, there’s your answer. It’s a grueling, painful experience for gentlemen with low tolerances. However it could be much worse when getting inked.

Take for example the elbow with meager meat, and the same two nerves running through it. Any man is bound to eventually prod them, sending signals of numbness and pain throughout the entire arm.

But don’t worry, I don’t mean to shock you. In fact, when it comes to the outer forearm you’re in luck.

There’s only one nerve out of the three you could be pinching: The radial nerve.

With that in mind, I’ve put together an excellent guide to the top 75 best forearm tattoos for men. From inner designs to outer ideas; no matter your pain tolerance there’s something for every guy out there. Each features a unique level of creativity too, with everything from traditional arrows to the out of the ordinary and abstract.

Best Forearm Tattoo Ideas

Men Forearm Tattoos

Here we have a geometrical hexagon forearm tattoo for athletic men. This tattoo is ideal for men who want to showcase their perfectionist side.

Men Forearm Tattoo

This enchanting forearm tattoo is perfect for men with aesthetic taste. This tattoo conveys the message of a complex personality.

Man'y Forearm Tattoos

This forearm tattoo could be a perfect way for those men who want to showcase their love for their loved ones.

Male Forearm Tattoos

This compass tattoo symbolizes a passion to travel the world and explore everything.

Inside Forearm Tattoo

This tattoo is all about showing off a love for art and beauty.

Words Inner Forearm Tattoos

This design gives you a reason to get motivated every time you look at it. It’s the perfect way to stay in high spirits.

Leaves Inner Forearm Tattoo

This tattoo allows you to let the world know your love for simplicity and nature.

Good Elephant Forearm Tattoos

This tattoo is ideal for men who have real passion to explore the world and meet people from different origins.

Forearm Tree Tattoos

This tattoo is for men with an abstract yet minimalist personality.

Forearm Tribal Wolf Tattoos For Men

This lethal dog forearm tattoo for men makes a big statement. It is ideal for men who want to display their love for their dogs.

Forearm Wolf Tattoo Designs

This type of tattoo is perfect for guys who want to demonstrate their passionate side.

Both Sides Forearm Tattoos Men

This outer forearm tattoo shows off a unique sense of style. It not only exhibits confidence but also helps men make a statement.

Jesus Forearm Tattoo Sleeve

This tattoo is great way for those who want to declare their strong love and faith in Jesus Christ.

Eye Forearm Tattoos Ideas For Men

This tattoo is perfect for mechanical geeks who also have a knack for delicacy and beauty.

Quote Forearm Tattoos For Men Designs

This wild bird forearm tattoo is a piece of art. It is ideal for guys with an interest in birds and wildlife.

Whale Forearm Tattoos For Men

An ideal tattoo for men having love for the majestic blue whale and other marine life. If the idea of sea expedition excites you, this one is for you.

Skull Forearm Tattoos For Guys

This forearm skull tattoo for guys is all about putting on exhibition the mysterious aspect of their hidden personality.

Navigation Forearm Tattoos Desgisn

This pirate tattoo is a perfect piece of art for guys who love exploring the sea. It shows a ship wheel and a skull, a lethal combination for men of passion.

Abstract Forearm Tattoos

In this abstract forearm tattoo, the face of a bearded man is shown having a tree growing out of his head. It is the symbolic depiction of strong rustic men who keep their heads cool but their looks hot.

Forearm Tattoo Ideas For Men

Forearm Tattoo Ideas

This tribal forearm tattoo shows an animal with the dragon head. This tattoo symbolizes the idea of beauty and the beast all in one place. Perfect for men with the taste for contrasting images.

Light Bulb Forearm Tattoo For Men

This one is a 3D tattoo which shows a ship captured inside a bulb on the backdrop of black haphazard spots.

City Forearm Tattoo Designs For Men

This outer forearm tattoo for guys shows urban buildings. This bold tattoo is for men who have a real passion for their urban lifestyle.

Letters Forearm Tattoo Designs

This forearm tattoo features a message telling you to care less about things and more about enjoying adventures. This tattoo is suitable for men with an adventurous soul.

Skull Forearm Tattoo

This horrifying skull tattoo for inner forearm speaks volumes about the wearer. It is ideal for men who you want to showcase that they don’t fear death.

Forearm Sleeve Tattoos For Men

This dotted fore arm tattoo says “No god. No master”. It is for people who like the idea of being independent at all costs.

Arrow Forearm Sleeve Tattoos

This minimalistic forearm tattoo displays an arrow in action. It symbolizes athletic and adventurous side of the man wearing it.

Sun And Moon Forearm Sleeve Tattoo Designs For Men

This flawless geometrical abstract forearm tattoo is mysteriously beautiful. Men who want to catch the eye of people while confusing them should give this that a try.

Forearm Sleeve Tattoo Designs

This tattoo shows an explorer’s tools. It is an ideal forearm tattoo for guys with a passion for traveling the world to discover natural treasures.

Lines Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

This is a minimalist but complex inner forearm tattoo. It is all about making a statement for men who love uniqueness and sublimity at the same time.

Snake Forearm Name Tattoos For Men

In this classy forearm tattoo, you can see your hand grabbing a venomous snake.  If you are a risk taker with an attitude of no fear, then this tattoo is ideal to let the world know.

Forearm Half Sleeve Tattoos For Men

This wistful tattoo for the inner forearm shows a bear walking through the jungle. This tattoo symbolizes the love for nature and peaceful atmosphere.

Forearm Nature Tattoos For Men

This big forearm tattoo for men featuring a girl sitting on the bank of a river under a blue moon stands for melancholy and peacefulness. Guys who are into artistic exhibition of their sad emotions can ink this tattoo on their forearms to make a statement.

Forearm Cross Tattoos

This is a flawless geometrical inner forearm tattoo which also indicates the bloom of a flower. This tattoo is perfect for you if you love playing with shapes.

Forearm Cross Tattoo

This is an inner forearm abstract tattoo that looks like a face while being nothing else than a design. This type of tattoo is perfect for celebrating one’s abstract personality.

Forearm Band Tattoos For Men

This is a small inner forearm skull tattoo for men. It is never a bad idea to make the world know that you have a dark side as well. If you want to do the same, this tattoo is for you.

Forearm Band Tattoos

This is a simple forearm tattoo for men having an interest in simplicity without compromising on style. If you want to stay inside limits but still have an eye-catching tattoo, then go for this one.

Statue of Liberty Forearm Tattoo

This inner forearm tattoo for men shows the Statue of Liberty hiding its face with her hands. This is a powerful tattoo that symbolizes that all great things come to an end. If you also think your liberty is at stake, let the world know by inking this awesome tattoo.

Feather Forearm Men's Tattoos

This is a minimalistic inner forearm feather tattoo for guys. The feather and ink drops indicate the use of feather as pen. It is ideal for men who believe that writing can do wonders as pen is mightier than sword.

Cross Tattoos On Forearm

This is a simple inner forearm tattoo in which a ship can be seen sailing through the sea during a storm. This tattoo is for men with ambitions to remind them that they need to stay strong no matter how tough it’s.

Tress Tattoos For Men On Forearm

In this simple forearm tattoo the scenery of woods can be seen with birds flying around. This tattoo symbolizes the beauty of nature and is ideal for men who love nature.

Cool Forearm Tattoos For Men

This is a 3D mechanical forearm tattoo for guys. For men who are fans of Terminator (see some Terminator tattoos here) or love mechanical engravings inked, this tattoo would serve the purpose seamlessly.

Cool Forearm Tattoos For Guys

This is a big fascinating forearm tattoo that shows a tall abandoned building with a mysterious tree upfront. Ideal tattoo for men having an interest in exploring scary places.

Cool Watch Forearm Tattoos

This wristwatch forearm tattoo is small but vibrant enough to showcase the fun side of your personality. If you love the way wristwatches look but can’t use one because you feel. Your wrist shackled, then this is a perfect tattoo for you.

Best Forearm Tattoos For Men

This complex design skull inner forearm tattoo is scary and cute at the same time. Any man who has interest in complex tattoos can give this forearm tattoo a go.

Best Forearm Tattoos

This beautiful inner forearm tattoo for guys is all about aesthetics. It attracts men having interest in art and aesthetics. If you also find yourself comfortable among them, this tattoo will do the trick for you.

Awesome Wolf Forearm Tattoos

This cool inner forearm wolf tattoo is symbolic of guardianship. Men with loyalty and spirit as their favorite traits must give this tattoo a try.

Amazing Forearm Tattoos

This classic inner forearm tattoo shows a man wearing a hat inside a frame. This design gives you a reason to feel relaxed whenever you look at your tattoo.

Unique Forearm Tattoos

This tattoo takes two inner forearms to show the complete picture. You can get this tattoo inked if you love art and believe in its unique exhibition.

Tribal Battle Tattoos Forearm

This tattoo shows a swordsman holding a girl in his arms. Men with inclination for medieval age may find this as an ideal tattoo for their inner forearm.

Bear Forearm Tattoos For Men

In this forearm tattoo, you can see a bear figure above a forest.  If you have passion for bears or overall nature and animal kind, this tattoo might just be the perfect for you.

Tribal Forearm Tattoos

These are complex tattoos on both inner forearms. Although they are different yet they complete each other. Perfect tattoos for men who look forward to something unique.

Tattoos On The Forearm

This is a medium-sized outer forearm artistic tattoo for guys. This tattoo is perfect for making a statement when it comes to the styling element.

Tattoos On Forearm For Men

This small outer forearm tattoo seems to be emerging from the wrist. This tattoo is ideal for men who want to not go beyond the limits while getting the tattoo inked.

Anchor Tattoos On Forearm

This is a minimalistic tattoo outer forearm tattoo showing an anchor. This tattoo for guys symbolizes simplicity and control over life.

Tattoos For Men On Forearm

These forearm tattoos are based on dark colored ink and complex designs. Perfect for men who want to make their forearms a thing of artistic beauty.

Tattoos For Men Forearm

This is a horrifying forearm tattoo featuring a woman shackled in chains. This type suits guys with ruthless looks and ambitions.

Tattoos For Forearm

This is a minimalistic designed tattoo featuring a cross at the top. If you have a passion for minimal tattoos then this tattoo would be a great option.

Tattoos Forearm

This side forearm tattoo features an angry bearded man. You can also get your own similar image inked on your forearm by taking inspiration from this tattoo.

Nature Tattoo On Forearm

This forearm tattoo for men shows a scenery featuring tall trees. It is ideal for guys who love spending time in woods close to nature.

Owl Tattoo Ideas For Men Forearm

This owl tattoo is a thing of beauty. The feathers and tail of the owl looks like a blooming flower. Men having interest in both birds and flowers can take advantage of this tattoo.

American Flag Tattoo Forearm

This side forearm tattoo features the flag of the US. You can get a similar tattoo inked on your forearm of your country’s flag or any other flag of your choice to make a patriotic statement.

Arrow Small Forearm Tattoos For Men

This is a minimalistic and neat inner forearm tattoo that shows an arrow. Arrows symbolize young and athletic side and such men can make the best use of such tattoos.

Elephant Small Forearm Tattoos

This one is an inner forearm animal tattoo for men. It features an elephant walking towards our direction. You can get the same or some other animal tattooed on your forearm to show your love.

Trees Forearm Tattoos

This is a simple forearm tattoo featuring the view of a forest. If you have passion for the environment or you’re concerned about climate change, consider getting a tattoo like this.

Simple Forearm Tattoos

This is a small forearm tattoo with minimalistic nature. It is ideal tattoo for those men who do not like exaggerating their forearm yet cannot stay away from tattoos

Clock Forearm Tattoos

This inner forearm tattoo shows a clock and birds emerging from it. It symbolizes that time flies no matter how hard you try to stop. An ideal tattoo for men who value time.

Outer Forearm Tattoo

This is an abstract tattoo spread on both inner forearms to complete. If you love your forearms inked in a unique way, this tattoo will serve the purpose.

Nice Forearm Tattoos

This inner forearm tattoo features the king and queen from cards. It is an ideal tattoo for guys who love playing cards or work in a bar.

Nature Tree Forearm Tattoo

This inner forearm tattoo is different from other tattoos because it doesn’t grow from wrist to elbow. Instead it grows from elbow to wrist which means it is perfect for men who want tattoos to soothe themselves and not others.

Men's Forearm Tattoos

If you look closely, this inner forearm tattoo is all about the beautiful hair of a pretty girl. Perfect for men who loved Rapunzel or just want their forearms look a million dollars.

Best Forearm Tattoo FAQs

Q: How bad do forearm tattoos hurt?

Well, remember that catchphrase in the gym; no pain no gain? The case of forearm tattoo is somewhat similar. It does involve pain; however, the pain isn’t excruciating or unbearable. Moreover, it depends where the tattoo is inked. The inner forearm is likely to hurt less than the outer forearm because there are fewer muscles underneath. 

Q: How much does a forearm tattoo cost?

The cost of a forearm tattoo depends on the detail, size and the tattoo artist. A small and simple forearm tattoo can cost between 50-200 dollars. A bigger and more detailed tattoo can cost anywhere between 250-600 dollars. This is just to give a general idea as the cost can vary. Of course, you should give the artist a tip as well

Q: How long does a forearm tattoo take?

The time taken for a forearm tattoo depends on a number of factors including the tattoo artist, the size, detail and the side of the forearm. For a basic estimate, a full single side forearm tattoo can take 2-5 hours. A complete forearm wrap tattoo usually takes 4-6 hours.

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