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Top 103 Video Game Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Have you ever stopped to consider how many awesome video game tattoos are in the world? If you haven’t already realized the glorious potential in this niche, then we’ve got you covered.

Video games and tattoos both have a lot in common, especially since both went from niche to mainstream within the last 30 years.

Therefore, video game tattoos are merely a natural progression for suave millennial men everywhere.

Obviously, it all starts with the arcade classics like Pong and Pacman. From this point, it transitions to the frenzied world of Nintendo characters like Mario, Link and Donkey Kong. Afterwards, the industry exploded to included thousands of franchises like Halo.

Now, we have more titles than ever, and all of them feature crazy original designs that can make exquisitely hip tattoos. Seriously, nothing amps up the nerd cred more than a well-designed video game piece.

Avid gamers know that video games aren’t just a hobby; instead, they are a lifestyle and an obsession. Therefore, video game tattoos are simply a natural progression for today’s wired culture.

Whether you are pursuing the charm of eighties arcade games or today’s hyper-realistic titles, you will certainly find a design to your liking in the guide below!

1. Fun Video Game Tattoos

If a video game tattoo isn’t fun, then something is seriously wrong. Video games are fun, your ink should be too! You can best capture that feeling on your skin with lush, saturated colors that pop, and support from dynamic action in the design itself that brings the game aspect to the forefront when etched in new ink. The line work needs to be subtle and not distract from the overall design, but it needs solid, clean delivery to be really effective. 

2. Gritty Video Game Tattoos 

Not every video game is goofy Mario fun. Some games are dark, serious, and brutal. They deserve a gritty tattoo to bring them to life. The key to this application is to opt for a style that brings the image to life in a stark and intense way. No matter the technique, from realism to something as offbeat as watercolor, you want very vivid imagery that leaps out at you. 

3. Illustrative Video Game Tattoos 

Realism is not necessarily an option for a lot of video game tattoos, but an illustrative approach can give a design an intensely dynamic look that is just as noteworthy. A good illustrative design has those exact lines and vibrant and skilled shading that take them from flat, forgettable images to something that has a life of its own on the skin.  

4. Sleeve Video Game Tattoos 

Video games are often epic in scale so a sleeve tattoos are a great way to make it happen in ink form. You can use this application to tell a story, by packing in characters and scenes that span shoulder to wrist. There are no rules for this application, any style works as well as full color or black and grey. The most important thing to remember is to properly space out the images so nothing is too crowded or hard to read.  

5. Realistic Video Game Tattoos 

Realism may be the hardest style of all to apply to video game tattoos because so few video games make use of realism in their original form. There are a few that do adopt realism, meaning that this style of application can create incredible tattoos. A skilled artist can adapt stylized images with shading accuracy, correct color palettes and light manipulation to create realistic anatomically correct pieces that also obey the laws of physics and nature.

6. Pokemon Video Game Tattoos 

Some video games look visually more impressive than others. Pokemon is at the head of that pack, with a bestiary of hundreds of cleanly designed and richly colored characters that were made for tattooing. Your artist needs to make sure that the outline is a solid, cleanly applied black (usually quite thick in a way reminiscent of American traditional tattooing), and that the single fill color saturation is spot on. Bu utilizing such recognizable characters if one aspect is off, the whole image can be compromised.

7. Vibrant Video Game Tattoos 


Color theory is the name of the game with these vibrant video game tattoos. Deep saturation, complimentary color choices, and exceptional shading can make a mundane color design into what they call a sticker that looks like it’s applied to the flesh rather than inked into it. 

8. Watercolor Video Game Tattoos 

A visually striking way to commemorate a favorite video game in ink is by using a watercolor design. Watercolor evokes artistic, classical and feelings and often contrast the bright, modern look and feel of video games. Bringing them together makes for an enticing and unusual tattoo technical application. Choosing the right colors and knowing how to apply them for the distinctive watercolor look is key to this style.  

9. Star Wars Video Game Tattoos 

Star Wars has been a pop culture phenomenon since the 1970s, so it’s no surprise that you can get a variety of great tattoos based the Star Wars video games. Many styles can be used, from illustrative to New Wave, to watercolor or black and gray. Because Star Wars has created so many  recognizable characters and designs, tattoos in this sphere need to be applied with caution and respect to the extra scrutiny they receive.

10. Small Video Game Tattoos 

Because many video games include small logos, characters, and design elements I’s easy enough to scale one down to fit any space on your body. From finger and hand tattoos to filler ink that can be punched in on small open spots on your skin, a small video game tattoo just needs to feature clean and uncluttered design so there’s no loss of readability or image clarity.

11. Simple Video Game Tattoos 

Not every tattoo needs to be overly complex to be memorable. Simple ink can work for space awareness, design choice, personal preference, and even budget constraints. The best simple tattoos are etched cleanly with tight, precise lines that deftly show how the image is supposed to be.  The application needs to be very specific and accurate for ink of this kind without the safety net of heavy shading and contrast.

Did you enjoy these samples of Video Game tattoos. If you’re looking for more innovative designs check out the links to our other gamer galleries:

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