Heated Insoles Foot Warmers

ThermaCell Heated Insoles Keep Your Feet Warm Wirelessly

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In the harsh winter months it can be at times impossible to keep your feet warm, but thanks to the ThermaCell Heated Insoles, you’ll have warm feet with a single push of a button. Controlled by a wireless remote, featuring three settings medium heat (100 degrees Fahrenheit), high heat (111 degrees Fahrenheit) or no heat; All you’ll have to worry about is slipping them into your shoes or boots. These insoles also feature absolutely no wires, extension cords, or bulky exterior battery straps, instead they use high-teach wireless thermal technology.

ThermaCell Heated Wireless Foot Warmers
With a five hour charge thanks to the built-in lithium-ion polymer batteries, these insoles will keep the heat on full blast all day long. And once they run out they can be recharged for around four winters, up to five hundred times, or around 2,500 hours of heavy use. And when broken down in price, it equates to five cents an hour, cheaper than the price of grabbing a hot chocolate after hitting the mountain.

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