Top 50 Best Bodybuilding Tips For Men

Top 50 Best Bodybuilding Tips For Men – Training Like A Pro

Are you looking for bodybuilding tips that are easy to do and have proven results?

Stop looking, because, in this article, we will already show you the top 50 best easy-to-do and practical bodybuilding tips for men.

Each will make a huge difference in helping you hit your fitness goals.

Let’s start.


Part I: The Basics

Body Building Tips

1. Don’t underestimate the power of compound exercises. Make sure you include them in your workout routine. They’re your best tools for maximum muscle growth.

2. Try eating the biggest meals of your day about thirty or 60 minutes immediately after lifting weights. Also, be careful about reading internet comments about this. In fact, avoid reading websites that have no verifiable identity on their social media or official website. It may harm your entire workout if you listen to the wrong online guide.

3. Improve your strength! Getting strong is necessary to do the advanced bodybuilding exercises you need. There’s no such thing as a weak bodybuilder. Of course, you don’t need to be a powerlifter to be strong, but you have to dramatically increase your strength levels.

4. It’s a myth to say that squats are bad for you. In fact, squats may be the king among all musclebuilding exercises. They’re not also bad for your knees, as commonly purported, unless you do it wrong, your form is incorrect, and you’re only half-squatting.

5. Do deadlifts. If squats are the king in bodybuilding, it’s safe to say that deadlifts are the prince. Don’t worry about breaking your back when doing them, unless you’re doing it wrong and your form is incorrect.

6. Learn about the right forms to do the exercises. Find a reliable exercise guidebook online or in fitness stores and read, follow and stick to its step-by-step guides. You can also watch reliable exercise videos about form online. With all the complete information available for free, you have no reason to not learn about the right deadlift form and squats.

7. Strengthen your upper body as if your life depended on it. Developing your upper body work means that you can make equal effort for your chest, shoulders, and back. Avoid doing, say, seven chest exercises and only do lat pull downs on your back.

Learn also the proper balance in doing all these activities. The right balance will not only keep you strong and healthy but will also help you stave off shoulder problems while doing the workout.

8. If you’re a beginner, why would you go directly to doing advanced exercises? Advanced splits may cause you back troubles if you’re just a beginner. What you need to do as a beginner more than anything is learn all the the basic compound lifts first.

9. If you’re a beginner, don’t add training volume to your workout. When you have, say, three bicep days every week without getting strong first, your muscle mass won’t grow to its highest potential. You have to get strong first before doing volume exercises, not fatigue your body with countless sets.

10. Stop thinking that increasing your muscle mass is complicated rocket science. It’s not. The secret is simple: get stronger every day, eat enough of the right food, rest, and stay persistent in your bodybuilding exercises.

Also, never forget to rest in between the days that you had intense workouts. You don’t build muscles when you’re exercising. You build it when you’re resting. You should also try not to listen to false experts who tell you about the number of rest you need to do. Do your homework. Taking advice from a lifter without professional training experience will compromise your entire body workout.

11. Stop missing the workout routines you planned. Also, don’t complain about how difficult they are to do or how sore your muscles are after each workout. That’s part of the entire deal. Try not to discourage yourself because of such difficulty. Don’t make excuses, because there’s no reason to. Get to your gym NOW.

Also, try not to obsess on building muscles quick. You won’t reach your muscle goals over night. It’s also important for you not to spend so much time on muscle confusion. Concentrate on gradually increasing your weight.

12. Stop conditioning your mind by saying that musclebuilding is painful, straining and causes your body ache. Thinking makes it so. If you mentally condition yourself that way, then you are going to feel occasionally off once in a while.
Again, you’re not allowed to make excuses. Get to work now.

In fact, it may not be bad advice to go crazy with the compound exercises that you get. Building strength can be maximized without wasting calories by going for these compound exercises that build strength.


Part 2: Food and Rest

Best Bodybuilder Tips For Working Out

13. You should not forget putting a lot of red meat in your everyday meals. Eating more eggs will also help, including its yolks. The nutrition you get from such eggs is dense and packed with muscle-building ingredients.

You should also remember to eat a lot of varied fruits, veggies and fiber-rich carbs that won’t compromise your workout. Eat as many green, red and yellow colored veggies to get the highest and balanced amount of nutrition possible. It’s not also wrong to eat sodium-filled snacks once in a while. Never forget to consume the right amount salt. Under-consuming salt could pose a problem.

14. Don’t forget drinking a lot of water. Lots and lots of it. Also, getting enough rest by sleeping at least 8 hours every single day, at the same time taking naps once in a while will help you build muscles faster.

15. Learn cooking tasty musclebuilding recipes. Just because you’re building muscles doesn’t mean you have to eat bland meals. You have a lot of options available to you online. If you want some healthy protein-packed recipes, get a good bodybuilding cookbook like The Bodybuilding Meal Prep Cookbook

The Bodybuilding Meal Prep Cookbook: Macro-Friendly Meals to Prepare, Grab, and Go

There are Youtube videos you can learn that help you build muscles at the same time eat delicious meals. Treating yourself with dark chocolate or a good milkshake won’t ruin your entire bodybuilding progress as long as you’re sticking to your gym routines.

Also, you should know that proper muscle building is not all about eating the same food every single day. Variety is your ally. Eat a variety of healthy food every week.

That said, fat is not your enemy. It’s not bad. It’s not even ideal to say that avoiding fat helps you build muscles. Your body needs the right amount of fat for it to function properly.

Also, most of the bulks that happen to people can come from excessive fat gain. When this happens, little muscle gain happens. This is most likely because there’s so much focus on the person’s diet, instead of the bulk training. The only way to gain bulk muscles is to train intensely and consistently.

16. Having a problem reaching your calorie intake goals? Add olive oil and butter into your veggies. Putting them there will help ensure that you increase your calorie intake without causing you to eat unhealthy foods.

If you’re also having issues with low-calorie intake, you may want to switch to whole milk and drink at least three glasses of it every day. You can also add cream and cheese to your daily meals to reach your calorie goals. Snacking on walnuts and almonds in between meals can also help.


Part 3: Workout Changes

Tips For Bodybuilding

17. It’s also important for you to remember not altering your workouts every two weeks. It’s a waste time because it makes no huge difference in results.

You’re focusing your time on areas that don’t matter that much, as the adaptation of your body to the conditioning requirements. What you need to spend more time on is on how to get the right balance in increasing your weight to build muscles.

18. If you obsess too much on abs and under to make you lean, then the results will be to make you skinny but with abs. Pretty unsightly, isn’t it?

19. You should focus on evolving yourself based on your muscle needs instead of making random workout adjustments that won’t play a huge role in your muscle growth.

20. Avoid obsessing about trendy and new bodybuilding workouts. Most of them have a huge level of nonsense. Notice how almost 98% of these guides tell you nothing about adding weight? Guess what: weight addition is the key ingredient to any progress in bodybuilding. Maybe the books you’re reading won’t tell you about it because doing so will stop you to buy more of their books?

21. Not all the supplements you get on the market are bad for you. But, most of the supplement claims you read are bad. Learn the actual difference. Also, go for things organic if you can. All the chemicals you add to your body may not be healthy for your system.

22. The muscle building topics and guides you read today are not written in black and white. You should learn how to balance what you read by sticking to what the pro lifters are reading and using in their workouts. Also, you should remember that although there’s a lot of science in bodybuilding, most of it is still an art because it’s not always black and white. A good no-nonsense guide is Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe. It’s considered a classic by many bodybuilders, and isn’t just a pitch for workout programs, unlike some other guides.

Starting Strength:  Basic Barbell Training, 3rd edition

While bodybuilding is as much an art as a science, you should still learn the science of all the workout exercises you do, but try to adjust the exercises to your specific needs. Anyone who tells you that a particular training is 100% black and white and not open to changes is immediately suspicious. Not all exercises fit for a particular person.

23. Progression of weight is also another important concept you should study. It is, in fact, the magic muscle-building component in any exercise.

24. Pound for pound, one of the best bicep builders you can do today, include heavy rows and pull-ups. Get a pull-up bar like this one from FEIERDUN and install it in a doorway in your home. Barbell curls are also a good addition to any exercise that will boost your body’s performance during exercise.

FEIERDUN Doorway Pull Up and Chin Up Bar Upper Body Workout Bar for Home Gym Exercise Fitness & 440 LBS (Blue, L28.3~36.2")

One good tip you can learn for this is to use a heavy compound lift with an extension that targets the triceps. For example, a good set of close grip bench presses with two-arm seated dumbbell extensions for triceps will make you reach your goals with higher accuracy.

25. Don’t forget to eat 100% whole foods. Some of your calories should come from these sources, but indulging in a few pleasurable treats will help you stay sane and excited about your workout. Plus, it makes you feel like you’re still part of the weaker human beings who don’t do bodybuilding.

Also, try not to think that those who go to the gym know what they’re doing. Just because these people have a six pack doesn’t mean they’re doing it right. Many of them probably don’t even know the difference between what good musclebuilding advice is and what is a hoax.


Part 4: The False Advice

Mens Bodybuilding Tips To Know

26. People who tell you that you can’t go wrong with squats is a liar. False advice is everywhere, and this is one big example of them. Squats that are done above parallel are extremely dangerous, and they’re instantly bad for your knees. But, if you’re doing it right, doing 20 rep squats does a lot of burn to your body and will be amazing. Try it for yourself.

27. Did you know that sex is good for your body, too? People who tell you otherwise are giving you false advice. Have lots of them, and you’ll be putting your body in even tougher shape.

28. It’s not bad advice to tell you that performing cardio three times a week will improve your overall health. The good thing about cardio is that it will not limit your overall gains, no matter what your target goals are. Only a bad workout routine and poor diet can inhibit your progress.

29. It’s also not false advice if someone tells you that a great back training mix will consist of deadlift, a lat exercise such as a pull-up and a row. Rack chins and lat pulldowns are great for you unless you’re doing it wrong.

30. You should also not underestimate the power of dips. Dips can be a potent but usually underused exercise. Their power to pack up on your chest and tricep mass are often unbeatable.

31. Try finding and doing abs exercises that allow you to improve your resistance, which include cable crunches and weighted situps. Also, if your calves are stubborn, you should try low rep and high volume work for a few months and then change the pace to high-rep sets later.

32. It’s also not a false advice to tell you that dips and close-grip sets of bench presses will be some of the most potent tricep builders for your body.

33. If you want bigger arms, one good way to do that is to remember the balance amount of tricep exercises, which should be around two-thirds of your arm size.

34. Having lagging trap issues? A good way to answer that is a combo of heavy deadlifts, power shrugs, power cleans and heavy lifts that focus on your neck. Heavy rows would also help too.

35. Don’t discount the full body workouts you can do. They can contribute to giving you an amazing physique. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger made use of full body workout to get him his renowned body today. When you do these exercises, remember that the higher the weight, the more challenging it is to keep your body in proper form.

36. The rear dealt builders that are best for you are heavy rows.

37. If you have trouble with your isolation exercises, you can simply switch to a machine isolation exercise that allows higher progression range.

38. It’s also not bad advice to perform first your compound exercise while your body is still fresh.

39. Avoid training for failure because it involves more risk than rewards. Simply stop on a set when you feel like you’re already about to fail on your next rep.

40. Do not ever exercise and train in poor form. If your form already deteriorates during a set, immediately stop the set.

41. It’s false advice to tell you that you should perform bench press with both of your arms flared out to a 90-degree angle. In fact, it’s one of the worst things you can do for your shoulders.

42. Try not to bench press on your bench press reps away from your chest. There are many reasons why this is dangerous.

43. Try not to curl while you’re in a squat rack. That area is sacred and is made only for squatting.

44. It’s false advice when someone tells you that lifting weight will stunt your growth.

45. Creatine is one of the quality choices you can pick today. Many research has been done already on its wonderful effects. Try this one for yourself.

46. Work the big muscle groups in your body first before the smaller muscle groups.

47. Try to separate your chest and shoulder days as often as possible. These “pressing” days will use the same muscle groups in varying degrees.

Also, ignore how a bodybuilder’s exercises now, but ask him how he built his mass when he first trained in the first two years of packing on his mass. Also, when it comes to using a pump, know that you won’t be able to do any good by using the wimpy weights in your gym. In fact, try to stop focusing on the pump entirely.

48. It’s also good advice to train most of your compound exercises between the 5–12 rep range. Heavy weight works best with moderately intense reps.

49. You should do most of your isolation exercises between the 8-15 rep range. The light weight isolation lifting that you can do has the best results if you add a few extra reps to them. It’s always important to keep your reps in check. Going beyond the number may exhaust your body too much, losing much calories and not producing enough results.

50. Muscle soreness is not everything. It’s not an indicator that you’re doing the exercises right, so make sure you address the other factors necessary for a complete and correct workout routine.

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