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Grooming With The Molton Brown Black Pepper Men’s Skin Care Collection

Get on top of your grooming with these essential Molton Brown grooming products for men’s skin, hair, body and shaving. We’ve compiled a list of featured products that work as great replacements or new additional to any daily grooming plan. We chose Molton Brown because in short they make phenomenal men’s skin care products, many of which have won numerous awards. Their spicy Molton Brown Recharge Black Pepper Collection includes things such as body lotion, eau de toilette, body wash, and even manly scented candles.


The Recharge Black Pepper Body Scrub Bar: The Molton Brown body scrub bar is packed with Madagascan black pepper oil and cracked peppercorns, which gives it a kick of spice to your bath. As a perfect combination of a body cleanser and exfoliator combined, it deeply cleans and smoothes your skin. With the black peppercorn oil, you’ll find the ingredients are full of antioxidants, and perfect for removing dead skin cells.


Recharge Black Pepper Eau De Toilette: There’s a masculine scent to this fragrance, it consists of mostly spicy notes with no flower or soap scents. It’s also a sophisticated choice that lasts for awhile, and rejuvenates your body throughout the day. The black pepper fragrance features many oils, some including: Slovenian Oak Moss, Indonesia Patchouli, French Violet Leaf, Italian Bergamot and Coriander, Egypt Cumin and Nigerian Ginger.


Recharge Black Pepper Body Hydrator: This product is perfect for the moment you get out of the shower or after being exposed to the harsh elements outside. The Black Pepper Body Hydrator leaves the skin feeling re-hydrated and energized thanks to the spicy combination of the black pepper oil. It features antioxidant rich properties and goes in deep to leave the skin feeling both comfortable and soothed.


Recharge Black Pepper Body Wash: Next up is the black pepper men’s body wash, and it starts with a lush foaming lather that deeply cleans your skin. With notes of black pepper, it’s the perfect essential to spicing your bath and shower. In certain cultures it’s also said to be an aphrodisiac, and regardless of opinions the black pepper oil will defiantly detoxify your body. The aromatic oils create a unique experience, making it a must have for the ultimate in luxury.


Recharge Black Pepper Shave Oil: This men’s shave oil is packed with lubricating and conditioning oils which make shaving a smooth process. It’s perfect for guys who have sensitive or dry skin as it decreases razor burn and increases razor glide for less nicks. You’ll find Gymestra Sylvestre, a leaf extract that better smoothes the skin and a handful of natural oils that will improve your skin’s appearance, condition and feel. Not to mention this shave oil is also a winner of the 2010 Men’s Health Grooming Award.





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