50 Qualities Of A Leader Traits

50 Qualities Of A Leader – The Traits That Will Change The Way You Think

Everyone is a leader.

It doesn’t mean that you must lead a big group of people and have a following stand by your side.

It simply means you must lead your own life from within.

As a rule of thumb, discover what most people are doing, and do the exact opposite.

The 50 qualities of a leader are as follows:

1. Helps others before helping himself.

2. Becomes a better man every day.

3. Takes responsibility for his own actions and personal growth. As a leader, he acknowledges when he has made a mistake and recognizes when he has made an achievement.

4. A planner, thinker, and doer. He does not dwell on what could have been or what he wishes to attain.

5. Puts in more work than for which he is paid for. His purpose stems far beyond his own financial gain. He has a sense of purpose to serve towards others. As of a result of his motivation, hard work, and ability, he puts his mind at peace.

6. Keeps a fixed eye on his goal. He thinks for himself and does not steer off course simply because it the popular road everyone else has taken. Like a sailor with a map out on the ocean, he knows where he wants to go and goes.

7. Sets out to reach goals with courage. He is not easily intimidated by any constraint regardless if it is financial, time, or competition based. In his mind, he has always completed 51% of his goal just be having the courage to attempt it in the first place.

8. Visualizes a self-image that says he will be successful despite, setbacks, failure and fear all around him. Success is his personal standard, all other factors that hinder it are put aside.

9. Is specialized and passionate. He is outstanding in one-particular line of work and a true expert in his field. In other words, as a leader he is among the top 5% within his industry. He seeks to grow both his knowledge and experience so that he may become a master of any given trade.

10. Makes himself valuable. He is a vital part of a business organization. He understands there is no such thing as job security in this world, but he knows that his value is not replaceable. As a rule, he makes an earnest attempt to showcase this value so that others may recognize it.

11. Understands the important of being a bigger and better person. He does not argue, get easily upset or raise his voice over opinions he views as negative. He does not belittle others for thinking different, but rather encourages a positive discussion. In public he handles himself like a gentleman.

12. Takes action and experiences a learning curve. He doesn’t talk about what he’s going to do, he just does it. He understands the time it will take to be the best, but he doesn’t let the fear of time stop him from progressing forward.

13. Over-delivers. He is a man of kept promises, and puts forth an honest effort in his work. He is organized, plans well, and knows exactly what is needed to accomplish his goals or projects. He is smart, intelligent and doesn’t fool himself into agreeing to deliver the impossible when requested.

14. Doesn’t talk himself out of the way he wants to go. He’s confident in his ability and trusts himself enough to make the right decisions moving forward.

15. Considers the source, and thinks for himself. He doesn’t follow the leader, he is his own leader.

16. Knows if he wants results he must put in the effort. He does allow himself to succumb to laziness.

17. Believes pursing a goal makes himself successful. By simply pushing for the success he seeks, it is already his.

18. Practices thinking about what he wants.

19. Cultivates a positive mental attitude every morning , day and night. He doesn’t let the negative attitude of others affect his own. To him, there is no such thing as a bad day. To think in such a manner would mean only one possibility: his own death has occurred.

20. Lives in truth. He does the right thing, even when no one is watching. He doesn’t demand glory for all his good deeds.

21. Has a committed willingness to do whatever is necessary.

22. Has a character that is consistent. He is persistent and always follows through till the end.

23. Is generous. He is a grateful for what he has and believes in the habit of giving. He has a sense of greed like all men, but never lets it get the best of him.

24. Responsible for his actions. He doesn’t place blame on others.

25. Secure for everything he believes in and stands for. He holds his head high with pride and positive principles.

26. Serves the best interest of people, even when it’s not the most popular choice. He puts loving concern first over a desire for personal glory. He works for reason, rather than applause.

27. Understands that knowledge, care and time are the stepping stones towards success. He has a sense of compassion, gives others the time to speak, and seeks advice for growth in every conversation he has.

28. Rules his life from without. And doesn’t let circumstance rule him. His past is simply his past. He is the sculptor of his own future.

29. Never dreams about success, instead works for it. He knows the principles of hard work and sacrifice.

30. Enriches others, before getting rich himself. He offers the world something of value before demanding that people value him first.

31. Doesn’t allow self-pity to eat away at his happiness.

32. Is assured about his ideas and goals and feels intensely about them.

33. Is enthusiastic about his own natural creativity. He encourages himself to think freely and explore ideas that are out of the ordinary.

34. Has a positive attitude towards others. He radiates a positive energy that can be felt across the room. His speeches lift up the spirits of those around him. He motivates the happiness of others.

35. His confidence is contagious. His customers, team, and peers recognize it. He inspires others to take risks.

36. Knows where his he is going because he has goals. He doesn’t dream, he simply has a plan to follow.

37. Makes peace with his past.

38. He understands that no one is in charge of his happiness, only himself.

39. Doesn’t compare his life to others. He has no idea what the journey of others entails, and therefore doesn’t judge them. He talks the time to get to know people and is genuine about being interested in hearing their past.

40. Knows that what other people think of him, is none of his business. Rumors, gab and gossip are the least of his concern.

41. Is inspired by great purpose and extraordinary projects. He constantly challenges himself, even when no outside factor requires that he be challenged in the first place.

42. Invests in himself so that others may invest in him. He takes pride in his grooming and appearance so that he is approachable. He reads books, travels often, and asks questions so that he may hold a conversation.

43. Believe the only competition is himself. His is the creator of his own future, with the only obstacle being his mind.

44. Has patience and understanding.

45. He is open to another person’s point of view, and makes and earnest attempt to see things from their side of the story.

46. Doesn’t find faults, he finds a remedy.

47. Is reliable and efficient. He is organized and focused.

48. His communication goes beyond everyday conversations. When no one will speak up, he willingly does so. He empowers others to express their honest concerns just as he does so himself.

49. Builds trusts with others and takes time to praise and reward them. When he encounters others who have failed he encourages them with acceptable and offers guidance towards improvement. He inspires them to reach their next goal.

50. Keeps his word. To him, it means everything.

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