How Clothes Represent The Real Man Behind Them

How Clothes Represent The Real Man Behind Them

We have all heard the expression to dress for success, and it holds true as the real man behind the clothes is shown by how his appearance is. Having style that’s presented in a sharp way keeps us from being too distracting from our environment. If your environment was the office, you’d want people to respect you seriously and acknowledge you with trust. Yet in order to do so you must dress according to the same way you are mentally, sharp and focused.

When it’s time to ditch the jeans, t-shirt and running shoes, you’ll realize there’s no longer a one size fits all approach to getting dressed. For a sophisticated and luxury look you’ll need proper fitting clothes tailored to your own unique figure. Yet outside of the store, realize it doesn’t matter how much you have spent on a single suit. While $6000 suits are far more superior to $600 ones, they can easily ruin your appearance if they’re not taken care of properly. And unless you can afford brand new luxury suits every single day of the week, you’ll need to make do with what you’ve got.

As men we aren’t interested in doing laundry, but keeping your wardrobe well taken care of is something men must become accustomed to. When we’re off to a meeting we can’t wear a suit that’s been laying on the floor, or pulled from the backseat of our car. A man must be able to invest time in his appearance and take pride and value in the neatness of his clothes.

Clothes Make The Man

Starting with your shoes, find a solid shoe polish, scrubbing brush and drying rack and keep them polished regularly. Instead of wearing a wrinkled suit or shirt, wear a well-ironed and crisp one that gives you the right attention. To do so, don’t throw things like your pants, shirts or jackets directly into the wash machine, get them dry cleaned instead. All it takes is a few dollars and a plastic bag in exchange for the perfect dry cleaning in the world. However, things can be just as bad as washing them yourself if you don’t request no starch, and ask for a hand-pressed iron instead of the machine. Your goal is to not only to look sharp, but to maintain the life of your clothes so go the extra mile and request these things, even though it might cost a bit extra. For when you’re at home and you run across a stain, make sure to add some detergent to the clothes themselves with a light swipe of the hand before washing. And if you’re going to put anything in the dry, make sure it’s something you don’t value. Never put important pieces of your wardrobe in there, instead take the time to iron and hang up them.

When you wake up tomorrow morning, iron your shirts and pants, and if you don’t know how learn, it’s one of the most important keys to looking sharp when you’re a man.





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