Top Things Every Man Should Keep In His Pockets

Top Things Every Man Should Keep In His Pockets

Ever notice how some men always have everything that they could ever need on them, making them the perfect lifesaver at all times? Whether someone needs a bottle opened, something cut, written or combed, there’s always some guy who has the essential pocket tools at hand. With this list of everyday carry gear for men, you’ll find the perfect collection of tools to turn yourself into a regular Macgyver.

Everyday Carry Gear For Men1. Money Clip

In order to free up some room in your pockets and still keep everything organized, you might want to consider replacing your wallet with a money clip like the M Clip Ultralight. In terms of a man’s pocket real estate, you’ll have to ditch the punch cards for your favorite stores, but you’ll gain more room to work with.

This means no more carrying around bulky weight, instead only the essentials: cash, a drivers license, and perhaps a credit card or two. Which of course, makes them ideal for nights out on the town with friends when you need or travel light or are prone to losing your wallet.


2. Hair Comb

After spending a considerable amount of time in the bathroom getting your hairstyle just right, you better make sure that you have a comb with you to keep up the appearance throughout the day. A travel-sized comb is slim and slender, meaning it wont take up a lot of space in your pockets, yet it can certainly have a big impact on your style.

In terms of value and importance, nothing beats having convenience at hand. Whenever you head to the bathroom, you can easily pull out that comb and make sure that your hair is perfectly in place. Thus ensure that you are fashionably on point.


3. Nail Clipper And Tweezers

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Ultra-Slim Nail Clipper


It always seems that when you have a date or a work function, no matter how much time you spend getting ready, there is something that you always forget to do. Often grooming facial hair and our nails can be missed before heading out the door, and noticed the very moment it’s too late.

However, having a set of tweezers available and some nail clippers will allow you to make fine-tuning adjustments to your appearance on the go. Obviously you won’t want to pluck your eyebrows or clip your nails at the dinner table, but if you see something that needs to be groomed, you can quickly run to the bathroom and take care of it. And if you think that nail clippers and tweezers take up to much space in your pockets, look for a combo set that combines all three tools into an easy-to-carry package.


4. Handkerchief

Just like a money-clip, there is a great sense of maturity and respect that is given to someone who carries a handkerchief. This is probably because not everyone has the sensibility to carry a handkerchief with them. When you need to maintain a runny nose, or even just blow it to clear your breathing passages, Kleenex isn’t always available. Other materials, like paper towels, can leave your nose irritated, bright red or simply be unable to get the job done. But a handkerchief on the other hand, it’s made of fine materials that feel great against your nose. Not to mention, there light and barely noticeable while in your pockets.

You can find a set of handkerchiefs, like this Nautica set, which means you’ll have enough for every day of the week. But don’t forget to wash them if you use them often. After all, a handkerchief with boogers in it is about as unsightly as using a napkin from dinner to blow your nose.


5. Lighter

Even if you don’t smoke, a lighter can come in more handy than you realize. Lets say for example that you are tailgating with friends, but someone forgot to leave their bottle opener at home. A skilled man will easily be able to take out his lighter, and pop off the caps of the bottles so everyone can still get their drink on before the big game. Another example of a perfect time to use a lighter is if you have the opportunity to spend time with a lady, imagine how romantic it can be to light candles for her.

And even if neither of these situations occur, a very likely situation is that you would find yourself around a group of people who smoke, and you never know what attractive lady is going to need a lighter because she left hers at home. If you can swoop in with yours, than you’ll be golden in her eyes.

Sure, it makes sense that you wouldn’t carry around a lighter on you at all times, just waiting for the moment that you can help a woman out every so often. But luckily, lighters like this one by True Utility, make it easy to have a small and convenient lighter on your keychain at all times. It’ll barely take up any space, but it’ll still allow you to have this convenient tool on whenever you need it. Oh, and if you are a smoker anyways, than you can carry around something like this traditional Zippo, which is more aesthetically pleasing thanks to the iconic design that comes form a solid brand like Zippo.

True Utility FireStash Miniature Key Ring Lighter

True Utility FireStash Lighter Multi-Tool



Zippo Black Matte Pocket Lighter

Zippo Logo Black Matte Pocket Lighter



6. Utility Keychain

Since we are on the topic of key chains, it’s important to consider other ways to maximize the real estate that you have on your key ring. Sure, you don’t want to be that guy who has 10 different keys, 15 FOB’s (the scanner things that go on key chains), or any other tacky items on your key ring. Yet, you can still use the space that you have to be ergonomically and sensibly convenient.

This Every Day Carry key ring from Kaufmann Mercantile is the perfect example of a practical keychain. This key ring has both a flathead and Phillips head screwdrivers, a pry bar, a lighter, and a set of tweezers. Heck, this one product will accommodate you with most of the other items that were posted on this list. Another benefit of this every day carry kit is that you still have room on it for a few keys for your car and your home.

Another item that you can throw on your key ring is a small sized USB drive. With technology as it is today, you can find a mini USB that fits all the GB’s you’ll ever need. And the best part is that it’ll be small and fit perfectly on your key ring without screaming “geek”. You never know when your USB could come in handy, whether you store music, movies, important work documents or anything else on it.

Remember, a key ring shouldn’t make a noticeable bulge in your pockets. If it does, take a few items off of it and you will be more comfortable, and look more presentable. See our review of the Gerber Shard Keychain Tool.

Gerber 7-in-1 Shard Keychain Solid State Tool



7. Utility Tool And Pocket Knife

A pocketknife or multi-tool may seem a bit overkill, especially if you are someone who rarely gets into a situation where you need one. But for those who regularly carry a pocketknife, they quickly realize that they use it more often than not.

For example, the Swiss Compact Multitool Knife below may look more quite ordinary, yet it has nearly every tool you could ever imagine.

Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool, Tinker Pocket Knife


If you’re looking for the same functionally, another option to consider is the Zero Tolerance Combat Knife. As you can tell, its much more heavy duty than the Swiss pocketknife, meaning it’ll probably be useful for different types of men. If you are going camping or get into any survival situation where a stronger blade is needed, without all the accessories that the Swiss knife provides, than this Zero Tolerance blade is perfect. It’s priced on the higher, but with an atheistic design, plus strong and sturdy qualities, it’s certainly worth the investment.


8. Flashlight

When you think of flashlights, the first thing that might come to mind is their massive size. If you still remember the traditional ones from years ago you’ll know exactly why. But the times have changes, no longer are you forced to shove inside a handful of D batteries to get a flashlight to work. With LED bulbs that produce ultra bright light at astonishing lumens, and super slim batteries the size of a nickel, flashlights are now considerably easier to carry.

And while they might seem like they serve a single purpose, to product light in the darkness, think about how many daily uses flashlights come in handy for. We’ve all struggled after dropping our car keys in the parking lot at night, followed by rummaging our hands on the ground in desperation to find them. Not to mention, imagine letting go of your wallet, and only realizing you’ve done so after walking for a good distance down the street. Chances are if it’s dark out and there’s no street lights around, you’re going to have a tough time finding it.

Unless of course, you have enough room on your keyring for the Streamlight flashlight. It’s compact, convenient and lightweight for an everyday carry item. Another option is this iTP A3, which you can attach to your key ring, clip to your pocket or coat jacket, or simply put in your glove box in your car. You never know when having a flashlight will come in hand, so its important to have one on you in case the situation presents itself.


Fenix Flashlights 170 Lumens Flashlight Upgraded

Fenix Flashlights 170 Lumens Flashlight (Upgraded), BlackBUY IT HERE


iTP A3 EOS 96 Lumen Flashlight Upgrade Version

ITP A3 EOS 150 Lumen 3 Outputs and Strobe CREE XP-G2 LED Keychain Flashlight 2016 Edition 1X AAA Battery (Not Included)



Streamlight 73001 Nano Light Miniature Keychain LED Flashlight

Streamlight 73001 Nano Light Miniature Keychain LED Flashlight, (2 Pack)



9. Pen And Notebook

With the advancement of cell phones having a pen and notebook in your pocket might seem outdated. Surely you can jot down notes on the go with a few taps of your fingertips, but something about handwritten notes seems more personal, not to mention, more memorable.

Now, being able to swiftly scribble down all your thoughts on a moments notice is the goal here, but so is being able to scribble over, and make corrections on the fly. When need to make revisions or solve complicated math problems, you’ll come to realize the advantage pen and paper still have over the cell phone.

If you still don’t see the value of a notebook, look at this beautiful Markings model. Imagine asking a girl for her number, and jotting it down in this leather book. You will leave an impression in a classic way that most men can’t. Oh, and after she asks why you have a notebook instead of a cellphone, tell her it makes it easier for you to write poetry or draw art in your book; she’ll be hooked right away.

CR Gibson Markings Bonded Leather Journal With Brown Ruled Paper

C.R. Gibson Genuine Bonded Leather Journal, By Markings, Smyth Sewn Binding, 192 Ivory Colored Ruled Pages, Pocket On Inside Back Cover, Measures 3.5" x 5.5BUY IT HERE


Leuchtturm Medium Notebook With Dots Paper

Leuchtturm1917 Medium A5 Dotted Hardcover Notebook (Black) - 249 Numbered PagesBUY IT HERE


10. Flask

A flask is the perfect pocket companion, depending on the situation. If you are going on a business meeting or on a first date, a flask probably something you want to pass on. But if you are headed out to a wedding or another event where a few swigs would make the time more enjoyable, than a flask should ride along in your coat pocket.

The important thing to remember about the flask is to keep it classy. Only take swigs when you are not being watched by other people, and make sure you handle your booze. You certainly don’t want to start getting up on tables and dancing around like a fool.

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