Does Money Matter In A Relationship

Does Money Matter In A Relationship?

An attractive woman is ideal, but an ambitious one who can match your work ethic is even more alluring. Most men consider this type of woman to be rarity because there isn’t an ample amount of women focused on entrepreneurship. It’s a lifestyle mostly reserved for men, but that’s not to say you won’t be able to meet women who are just as dedicated towards being successful.

These types of motivated women hold some truth when they blurt out the phrase, “I’m not like most girls.” Their uncommon in comparison to the vast majority of women today, yet for us men it presents a challenge. How are we going to find a woman like this in the first place? Stop for a second and think about your male friends, and consider how many of them are actually successful, running their own business, or getting serious about obtaining financial freedom. Chances are you’re going to realize that even your guy friends struggle to meet the grade. Sure a handful or a few of your older male friends will be following the right path, but in reality most are broke and just enjoying life.

With that said, can you really expected to find a woman who can support herself financially and keep up, when thinking of guy friends who can is a challenge in itself? Once you answer that you’ll know and understand where the core of the problem is in finding women like this. Even with more business related interests and opportunity among men, even the majority can’t find it within their minds to overachieve.

Now unless you happen to come across this type of women by chance, for the most part, average women are going to represent the bulk of your dating life. And we’ll all know exactly how most of these women operate when it comes to money. If they’re not making money on their own accord, most of the time it’s going to be coming directly out of your pocket. But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, men have been the breadwinners throughout the history of time.

You might consider a woman running off with your credit card and buying the entire mall a bit troubling, but the fact is it comes with being in a relationship. These things will happen regardless, however it up to you as a man to decide how much is being spent and what it’s being spent on. And that’s not to say you should always have full control over every single financial decision ever made in the family. Instead, be willing to consider your woman needs to reach a resolution that you both can agree on. Remember this is what a relationship is all about in the first place. It’s about being there to support your partner in times of emotional or financial distress.

So does this mean you need to be financially comfortable before entering a relationship? Absolutely not; as long as both people are willing to compromise and make sacrifices, they can focus on the most important aspect, the relationship itself. Wealth might make the lifestyle you share together easier, more manageable and organized, but it’s not required in a healthy relationship. The reality is small financial hardships and setbacks may cause stress and arguments, but when you endure these challenges with your partner it will make the relationship that much stronger.

Today men still commonly perceive money to be a concern, and perhaps something that holds them back from getting into a relationship with the women of their dreams. Yet I know we all want to be that super successful rich man that every beautiful woman wants to sleep with, but the reality is you can be in a relationship without all of the money at hand. Sure attracting women relates to your status, because hypergamy had held truthful throughout the course of human nature. But have you ever considered the real impression that defines your status to women is actually how you perceive yourself in the first place?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a cashier at the local supermarket if that’s what you truly love doing in life. That career might not bring in respectable amounts of cash, but the important thing to consider is if that’s something that you respect on your own accord. The same goes for painters, writers, and an entire mix of passions you follow, because you don’t have to have a title such as a lawyer or doctor to be a powerful man in life.

Women respect men who realize their potential and powerful, and hold themselves in a high status. The money more or less, acts as a magician who amazes them at first, but after awhile the glow wears off. Sooner or later you’re going to be in the spotlight, and if you’re not confident, powerful and always in the driver’s seat of the relationship it will start to crumble.

Remember money helps, it can take you on vacations, out to dinners, and help you create moments you share together, but it’s not the driving force behind a relationship. Every man should have a financial backbone that he can support himself on, as it’s a matter of not being overtly too lazy. However you don’t have to be a millionaire to date the women of your dreams, instead use your charm, display your dominance and showcase your positive likeable character.

The money might seem like it matters in the beginning, because it will when it comes to attracting and luring in women. But for the long term, ask yourself if you want a real genuine relationship, or one that’s instead primary based upon your bank account. The choice is yours. There are a lot of gold diggers out there, but to match there are also a lot of genuine women as well, it’s just a matter of figuring out what you personally want and going after it.

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