First Date Fashion Tips For Men

First Date Fashion Tips: Making An Impression

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Having previously worked within the fashion retail industry for over 7 years, Justine now users her expertise and experience to write helpful fashion guides for both men and women. She currently writes for Yorkshire heritage brand Joseph Turner.

The nerves, the anticipation, the heart palpitations, the cold sweats, the ever pervasive fear that you might very well be about to sit down to dinner with a colossal bore!

First dates are undeniably stressful and can, unfortunately, quite often turn out to be minor disasters. In essence, there are very few factors about a first date that can be actively controlled though besides the location; and the partner of course.

You can scour every inch of Facebook, learning every little facsimile of her personal life, you can keep a good few hours worth of killer anecdotes on stand-by, and you can even go so far as to impress her with first date flowers.

But no matter what lengths you go to, it’s quite terrifyingly simple really, if you don’t get on then you don’t get on and that’s something you can’t control.

One thing you can control though is your outfit so here we’ll be taking the male contingent through a few helpful hints that should help them steer clear of any fashion faux pas. And perhaps even bag that elusive second date you’re seeking!

1. Getting the Balance Right

Gentlemen, you want to look like you’ve made an reasonable amount of effort. She’s going to feel a little put out, otherwise no doubt, the worst thing you can do is look like you’ve made too much of an effort. You could come across as ‘too keen’ or like you’re trying to hide something.

If it looks as though you’ve spent more time getting ready, preening over yourself in the mirror than she has, she might very well be put off (and with good reason).

2. Ditch The Logos

We’re talking here not just about corporate branding and certain sports affiliates (which give off their own, resolutely negative vibes) but anything with even an ounce of ‘novelty’ or ‘kitsch’ about it should be avoided at all costs. That ‘Family Guy’ t-shirt you wear to bed for example might be ‘hilarious’ in some circles but it’s doubtful your date will be amused.

3. Choose your Scent Wisely

Selecting a ‘signature’ scent that people come to recognize you by might not seem like a big deal but once you’ve settled on an aftershave that you’re comfortable with, you’ll probably be wearing it for years. Select one that’s masculine without being ‘musky’. Any aftershave by ‘Diesel’ will always be a good bet. If you need some ideas for cologne what to cologne take a look at the top men’s cologne picks by Next Luxury.

4. To Suit up or NOT to Suit up?

Simple answer to a simple question here, just don’t. Unless you’re taking your date on an impromptu weekend away to Paris (again not recommended, ever heard of ‘coming on too strong’?) wearing a suit will earmark you as a colossal idiot unless you really know how to pull one off

It not only makes it look as though you’ve come straight from work but it will seem smug, tactless and a little creepy. ‘How I Met Your Mother’ might have taught us that ‘suiting up’ always results in a deal well sealed, but that’s pure fiction gentlemen. Same goes with a tie (unless the venue specifically requests you wear one).

5. From tips to toes

We’re talking shoes here, an item of clothing that quite often gets overlooked. You might not give a monkey’s uncle about what your feet look like but she probably will so always (unless you’re completely at a loss) go for quality leather lace-ups (Velcro = no-no).

Make sure the shoes are recently polished but don’t go overboard, you want them to look clean but you don’t want to be able to see yourself in them (or blind your date).

6. Grooming

The penultimate (and arguably most important) item on the agenda involves your personal hygiene. You might shower twice a day and smell like a sun-kissed meadow but there are more specific elements of male grooming that many women will pick up on immediately that we might miss.

Fingernails for example should be clipped and cleaned and hair should be not only washed and rinsed through with shampoo, but conditioned. There are few turn-offs more evasive than dandruff! Also if you are a heavy sweater, try not to wear lighter, heavier fabrics as there only turn-off perhaps worse than dandruff is sweat stains!

7. Remember what Mom told you

Finally just remember to be yourself (it’s an old one but still a good one) so don’t wear anything you’d never wear in a million years in any other circumstance. Wear clothes you’re comfortable in and (and this is crucial) clothes that fit you and you’ll have one less thing to worry about on your big date.

Good luck gentlemen!

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