What Do Women Look For In A Man

What Do Women Look For In A Man

You already know what you want in your ideal woman, but do you know what women look for in a man? Often men assume women are looking for a wealthy man with fame, status and power. Perhaps the phrase alpha male comes to mind, but for the common man who genuinely wants a relationship with a foundation, the rules to finding a girlfriend are a bit different.

Attracting women without being a millionaire, celebrity or smooth talking conversationalist means you’ll need to discover the answer to the question of, what do women look for in a man? At first you might have a handful of ideas in your mind, as of course some women do want the entire world. But for the most part you can be with any woman you prefer if you just understand what’s really at the core of their desire. Now keep in mind, every woman is different so you’ll need to tailor to her own unique interests. However if you’re able to listen to her and get an understanding of who she is, the next following dating tips we share will make attracting women an effortless process.

So what do women look for in a man anyways?

1 A Man That’s Confident In His Actions And Words

To answer the question they are looking for real. Women want a man that’s genuine, honest and sure of both his actions and words. In essence it’s the definition of being a powerful, confident man. You don’t have to play the role of someone you are not out of insecurity. Instead you should be proud of yourself and in love with exactly who you are. Of course it sounds a bit too much on the personal boasting side of things, but the reality is you need to trust yourself.

Every action you make should be on that you are confident about. Every word you speak should be something you’re proud of having said. In return women are looking for a guy who’s sure of what he does. They don’t want a man who’s too afraid to be real.

Be a gentleman and have a firm understanding of your character and what your true happiness in life is. Take charge as a leader, both in attracting women and while in a committed relationship. Women are looking for a man that can lead them along the way, not the other way around. It’s one of the biggest reasons why relationships fail the moment you give up your power.

To give you an example, when you’re out on a date and walking into a restaurant ask yourself, what do you do? If you’re a confident man that’s leading the date you’ll gently give her a push from the back guiding her inside to restaurant. Yet that is just one small part of it, these little things can really add up to make a big impression to her of how much you value yourself.

2 A Charmer That Fulfills Her Vision Of The Perfect Story

We’ve all seen the Disney movies where the princess gets swept off her feet by the charming man at some point in our lives. That story line doesn’t just stop with children’s movies; instead it’s at the core of every romantic comedy movie for adults. See it isn’t the well groomed or handsome man that makes these women fall in love; it’s something far greater than that. It’s the experience he takes the woman on that she falls in love with.

Women want a man who can build those moments in a relationship and paint them the perfect picture of everything they’ve dreamed of. In order to do that you have to be able to charm women along the way, and create moments you and her will both remember. And it’s not just beneficial for solely her, because six months later in a relationship you’ll also enjoy reflecting back to the moments you shared together with her.

Now don’t get us wrong, you don’t have to overcome some major tragedy or perform an act of courageous incredibly bold in order to attract a woman. Women are looking for a man that can simply take them on an adventure. It can either be big or small, things such as a memorable night out on the town, or an exotic vacation exploring the world. All you are doing is building upon the story, piece by piece.

Final words on the answer to what do women look for in a man

So there you have it, two core parts to answer the question, “what do women look for in a man”. There is not anything else to add, as you don’t need pick up lines, nor do you even have to know what to say. Attracting women and taking the first step is a simple as starting a conversation and following our two explanations above.

Be a powerful man in your own life and with women, and you’ll be the exact type of man women are looking for.

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