Picking Up Women On The Weekends

Why You’ll Never Pick Up Women On The Weekends

It’s Friday night, there are millions of men around the world with the same exact goal in mind for the night; to meet and attract women. Late weekend nights are competitive, everyone knows that, but have you ever considered that your chances are even lower due to the fact that women can already sense you’re only hitting on them?

Women know exactly what a man’s intent is on the weekend. You approach her after moving around the bar with your hands in your pockets, and intend to come off as being genuinely interested. The problem is she knows what you’re after, and there’s no way to be casual about it. The conversation you’re hoping to have isn’t real, instead it’s forced.

Most men venture out on the weekends thinking it’s the best time to meet women, and get into that mindset that they will. It makes sense considering there are flocks of women that always hit the town late at night. But the truth of the situation is, late weekend nights are the worst time to attract women.

Honestly think about it, how are you going to start a casual conversation late at night on the weekend? She knows your hitting on her way before you even start trying to spark a conversation up. Chances are you’ve seen other men attempting to do it themselves with things like pick up lines, asking her about her sign, if she comes here often, the weather, or any other general remark. She genuinely doesn’t care, just like you aren’t genuinely being real or in the moment.

So if the weekend is the worst time to meet when then what’s the best time?

6 to 8 o’clock at night on weekdays at the grocery store, and in the afternoon say 2 to 4. Consider that shopping for a late night meal after work at the grocery store is normal. Any woman you approach is going to get the perception that the conversation is casual. You make an observation about her, perhaps something she’s wearing like earrings. Or you make a comment about an item like yogurt in her shopping basket and ask her about it. The big takeaway here is to be in the moment and use observation to your advantage.

In return, she becomes intrigued and you start to engage her. From there it’s simply a matter of listening and eventually she’ll close herself.

Unlike the pickup situation during the weekend, this approach is casual, the conversation is real, and she’s doesn’t perceive you as hitting on her. You start to develop an emotional bond with her, and you talk about real things that interest her.

So take some time and go shopping a bit later in the day, or perhaps grab a coffee in the afternoon. You’ll notice a big comparison of how receptive and interested women are in meeting you verses during the weekend. If you need some more ideas for places, try the dry cleaner, or local shops and fairs (see some great unexpected places to meet women here).

Your chances at attracting women during those moments will always work in your favor as long as you’re not forcing yourself to meet women in the first place.

Be casual, make observations in the present, and talk about real things. If you do this you’ll never have a problem meeting women ever again, nor will you have any excuse for being single.

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