40 Star Tattoos For Men

40 Star Tattoos For Men – Luminous Inspiration And Design Ideas

Theodore Roosevelt once spoke, “Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.” One glance at these star tattoos for men and it might just peak your interest in astronomy a bit more.

From nautical to falling stars, I’m going to show you some exceptionally detailed artwork.

But before I do, know that each design has a deep range of meanings behind of them.

Take for instance the nautical star with five points, which can symbolize direction and protection. Sailors out on the sea would look upon the north star to travel safely onwards home.

Then they’re shooting stars too, which are often viewed as being a way to remember an unforgettable moment or person. It understandable when you consider that a shooting star is often regarded as a once in a lifetime occurrence.

Of course, there are other kinds of designs such as the stars of life (six points, widely seen the medical field), the pentagram (positive and dark thoughts), etc. as well.

However, to help you come up with even more ideas I’ve also included a handful of inspirational solar system and galaxy pieces. Truth be told, some of them are literally out of this world.


3D Star Tattoo Design For Men

Amazing Star Tattoo For Guys

American Flag Star Tattoo Designs For Men

American USA Star Tattoos For Men

Colorful Men's Small Star Tattoo Inspiration

Compass Star Tattoo For Guys

Compass Star Tattoos For Men

Cool Guy's Full Sleeve Star Tattoos


Cool Star Tattoo

Full Color Arm Tattoo With Stars For Men

Full Star Tattoo Sleeves For Men

Geometric Men's Star Tattoo

Grey Star Tattoos On Man Chest

Guy's Back Of Neck Star Tattoos

Little Star Tattoos For Men

Men's American Flag Star Tattoo

Men's Back Star Tattoos

Men's Black Star Tattoo On Leg

Men's Full Sleeve Star Tattoo

Men's Shooting Star Tattoo Designs

Men's Star Tattoos On Wrist

Men Star Tattoos On Chest

Moon And Star Men's Tattoos

Nautical Star Tattoos For Men

Outer Space Flag Star Men's Tattoos

Outer Space Star Tattoos For Guys

Quote Star Tattoo Designs For Men

Rib Star Tattoo Designs For Men

Shooting Star Tattoos For Men

Small Men's Star Tattoos Celtic

Star Arm Tattoos For Guys

Star Pattern Geo And Tribal Tattoo On Back For Men

Star Sleeve Tattoo For Men

Stars Space Tattoo For Men

Stars Tattoo Designs For Men

Star Tattoo On Shoulder Men

Star Tattoos For Men Meaning

Start Of Shooting Star Sleeve Tattoo

Tattoo Tribal Stars For Men

Tribal Star Tattoo For Men


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