Alien Tattoo Designs For Men

Top 63 Alien Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

For a triumphantly stellar vibe of interstellar awesomeness, nothing competes with the galactic machismo of an alien tattoo. These inspiring insignias are bound to leave onlookers completely starstruck.

The presence of a nebulous traveler is bound to enhance your existing body art scheme, and there are millions of ways to pull off this kind of alien ink.

Popular culture has dozens of renowned icons to replicate, so make sure that you explore all these options too. To get initiated, look no further than the works of H.R. Giger!

Because extraterrestrial lifeforms have yet to actually be discovered, artists have free reign when it comes to implementing their own ideas. There are zero limits placed on the possibilities for inventiveness. Naturally, neon green varieties are exceedingly commonplace, but their numbers are quickly being challenged by phosphorescent blues and metallic shades of silver.

Mother-ships are frequently featured in alien body art as well, and these awe-inspiring vessels often utilize surreal characteristics that defy the core base of physics. These monstrous units of space travel expand on the mere notion of unearthly life forms by showing off their complex intelligence.

Our comprehensive compilation of alien tattoos is downright cosmopolitan, so get ready for a wild ride across the universe.

1. Forearm Alien Tattoos

Alien Brain Mens Old School Forearm Tattoo Ideas

Alien Forest Mens Inner Forearm Tattoo

Alien With Spacecraft And House Mens Forearm Tattoo

Cool Small Shaded Alien Mens Inner Forearm Tattoo

Creative Alien Abuduction Mens Forearm Sleeve Tattoo With Negative Space Design

Dotwork Planets Alien Mens Forearm Tattoo

Forearm Sleeve Alien Black And Grey Male Tattoo Ideas

Forearm Sleeve Alien Colorful Mens Tattoos

I Dont Believe In Humans Alienmensdotwork Mens Tribal Arm Tattoo


2. Arm Alien Tattoos

Alien Abuduction Themed Male Upper Arm Tattoos

Calvin And Hobbes Alien Mens Upper Arm Colorful Tattoo

Dotwork Male Alien Arm Tattoos

Male Alien Black And Grey Shaded Arm Tattoos

Masculine Trash Polka Alien Upper Arm Tattoos For Guys

Modern Alien Mens Arm Tattoo Ideas With Watercolor Design

Reflective 3d Alien Male Arm Tattoos

Woodcut Male Alien Head Arm Tattoos

Black And Grey Shaded Mens Sleeve Alien Tattoos

Skeleton Alien Mens Sleeve Tattoos


3. Bicep Alien Tattoos

Awesome Mens Watecolor Background Alien Inner Arm Tattoos

The Truth Is Out There Small Dotwork Alien Tattoos For Men On Inner Arm


4. Sleeve Alien Tattoos

3d Realistic Male Alien Shoulder And Half Sleeve Tattoo

Alien Bones Mens Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Amazing Alien Watercolor Mens Outer Space Tattoo Sleeve

Barn Owl With Alien Head Male Leg Tattoo Sleeve

Detailed Alien Mens Sleeve Tattoos

Green Alienmens Half Sleeve Tattoos

Half Sleeve Guys Shaded Black And Grey Alien Tattoo Designs

Realistic Male Alien Quarter Sleeve Tattoos


5. Chest Alien Tattoos

Alien Skull With Rose Flower Mens Shaded Upper Chest Tattoos

Alien Themed Mens Upper Chest Tattoos

Black Ink Alien Tattoo On Guys Chest

Circle Clouds Alien Mens Chest Tattoo

Old School Male Alien Full Chest Tattoo With Black Ink Design


6. Back Alien Tattoos

Back Of Shoulder Alien Ships Mens Tattoo Designs

Full Back Guys Alien Themed Tattoo Designs

Glowing Green Alien With Outer Space Background Tattoo On Man


7. Side Alien Tattoos

Mens Green Alien Inside Spacesuit Arm Tattoo


8. Rib Alien Tattoos

Mens Stomach And Rib Cage Side Alien Tattoo


9. Leg Alien Tattoos

Alien Movie Themed Male Leg Tattoos

Awesome Guys Alien Leg Tattoos

Leg Calf Male Alien Shaded Tattoos

New School Mens Alien Leg Tattoo Ideas


10. Calf Alien Tattoos

Alien Spacecraft With Stone Monument Mens Leg Calf Tattoo

Abstract Alien Male Tattoos On Back Of Leg

Dotwork Geometric Alien Male Leg Calf Tattoo Ideas


11. Thigh Alien Tattoos

Astronaut Helmet Alien Mens Thigh Tattoo

Blue Ink Watercolor Male Alien Thigh Tattoos

Gentleman With Thigh Tattoos Of Aliens

Outer Space Alien Mens Thigh Tattoos

Square Alien Head Mens Thigh Tattoos


12. Shin Alien Tattoos

Guys Alien Blue Ink Shin Tattoos


13. Hand Alien Tattoos

Alien Abduction Mens Cool Hand Tattoos


14. Elbow Alien Tattoos

Alien Eye Mens Elbow Tattoos


15. 3D Alien Tattoos

Black And Yellow Mens 3d Alien Tattoo Designs


16. Watercolor Alien Tattoos

Watercolor Blue And Teal Male Alien Tattoo


17. More Alien Tattoo Ideas

Black Ink Outline Small Simple Mens Alien Tattoo

Creative Abstract Male Alien Thigh Tattoos With Moon Phase Design

Forearm Guys Alien Triangle Tattoos

Man With White Ink Realistic Alien Arm Tattoo

Outer Space Stars In The Sky Alienmens Tattoos

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