Ankle Band Tattoos For Men

Top 57 Ankle Band Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Be it a small and concealable anklet or a piece that travels all the way up the leg, ankle tattoos can be painful, since there’s really nothing there but bone. Delicate as they may seem, ankles pull their weight as one of the hurtful spots to ink regardless of their size.

A modern twist on the arm band, an ankle band is a straightforward, unfussy way to step up the game of an ankle tattoo. The innovative placement of a band on the ankle makes it an uncomplicated way to show off your aesthetic and values.

Just as arm bands, the variation in styles for an ankle band is almost unlimited.

At the more basic end of the design spectrum, you might choose a clean, bold line to encircle your ankle. Such a line goes well with any candid, sophisticated personality and style.

At the more complex end of the design spectrum, you might choose an intricate band tattoo filled with symbolism, such as a tribal tattoo. These kinds of ankle band tattoos will mimic most closely the abundant history of what arm bands have been and still are. The only difference with placing the band on your ankle rather than your arm is that it demonstrates your contemporary viewpoint.

Whatever you decide to do with it, the ankle band is a undoubtedly a fresh way to give yourself an updated exterior.

Ankle Band Tattoo Ideas

Ankle band tattoo with abstract lines and dots geometric design on man’s ankle

A minimalist ankle band tattoo design on the ankle in black ink, coarsely dotted upon shading. Two lines to represent him and her. The male energy is represented by the upward triangular slope, while the female is represented by the opposite slope facing downwards. The three shaded small circles of decreasing sizes are associated to the trinity of father, son and holy spirit.

Ankle Band Dotwork Geometric Tattoo Design Ideas For Males

This gray and black ankle band is filled with sacred geometrical patterns. The design is simple and the shading is solid. Cross on top may symbolize Christianity the wooden cross where Jesus died or the four physical elements of earth, water, air and fire and, the four-cardinal direction of north, south, east and west.

Ankle Band Guys Tattoos

The geometrical patterns on this ankle tattoo is executed really well, identical shapes all throughout except for its accent piece. It is highly saturated that even from a far the tattoo can be seen and identified for what it is. The pentagon pattern is often associated with the pentagram, the five-pointed geometrical pattern which is known to be symbol of protection and warning.

Ankle Band Hawaiian Tribal Tattoo Ideas For Gentlemen

This deeply shaded black ink of tribal patterns look simple in execution but this tattoo was done really well. The shading of the patterns is consistent and saturated even the small lines. The sharp zigzag patterns are the shark teeth and the straight lines are known to represent great talent and achievement in athleticism.

Ankle Band Old School Traditional Flower Tattoo Design On Man

This is truly a great tattoo in magnificent color palette. The dotted border is impressive with the outline of fine lines. The illusion of patterns cut in half and reveal a new set of patterns in the middle is amazing.

Artistic Male Ankle Band Hawaiian Tribal Tattoo Ideas

A warrior’s ankle band showcasing bravery, courage and protection. The patterns also pay tribute to the element of the earth such as water and the mountains which could be the environment of the owner. Then the edge of the spear patterns, shark’s teeth and tiki’s brilliant eye to watch over him and his people. These patterns tell a story of the wearer’s journey, his history and his heart’s desires. Black ink is deeply saturated, setting off the contrast against the negative space making it appear very striking.

Awesome Blackwork Ankle Band Tattoos For Men

The double lines in two different widths. It is simple, solidly shaded and must have been extremely painful during the shading process. It takes a strong man to rein it in and not to tap out. Bands are mostly tribute pieces, loss of a love one or constant reminder for strength and inspiration during difficult times.

Black Ink Lines Pattern Ankle Band Male Tattoo Designs

Blackwork Ankle Band Tattoos Male

This minimalist pattern is done using a single needle and in black. The lines are precise and accurately drawn. Looks good with the hem of the pants is high. It’s very stylish and will definitely fit the lifestyle ultra-modern man.

Broken Chain Ankle Band Tattoo Ideas On Guys

This one of those solid cuff bands around the ankle which is boldly shaded in black ink and deeply saturated. This will definitely look great with the summer shorts and low-cut sneakers or loafers.

Celtic Knot Ankle Band Tattoos Guys

The broken chain link design in black ink around the ankle. It is simple and very finely drawn. The three dots indicate that the sentence is not yet complete, just as the chain is not yet complete in this design. These three dots also symbolize an unfinished journey, a continuance and, a darker concept of prison life. The triangular three dots tattoo generally stands for the concept of “mi vida loca”, Spanish for “my crazy life” and is typically associated with the gang community.

Cool Geometric Cubes 3d Ankle Band Tattoo Design Ideas For Male

This double line ankle band in black ink with the triangular geometrical shape at the center of band, may represent the union of the man and woman which ultimately reveals that this creation is a tribute to his relationship and at the same time a message all across that this gentleman is definitely taken.

Cool Male Ankle Polynesian Tribal Band Tattoo Designs

The Polynesian themed ankle band, bullet proof tribal and fiercely detailed by the sacred geometrical shapes and patterns that represent their rich culture, vibrant people and deeply rooted tradition. Even if these are only random patterns placed on a tattoo, the aesthetic and execution are already exemplary. Then there is an added meaningful story behand those patterns make the wearer prouder to showcase this amazing inkwork. There’s the spearhead pattern, the shark’s teeth, and the reference to the waves indicating that this warrior prefers the sea. There are turtle shell patterns for good health and longevity in life. The unfurled fern for wisdom and tiki eyes for protection, guidance and fertility.

Creative Ankle Band Shaded Black And Grey Ink Pine Tree Forest Tattoos For Men

The forest scene brings the energy down into an ultimate calm especially when it’s the pine trees where it thrives where the environment is cold. For the man who is seeking serenity and peace for his concept and loves nature, this is for you.

Distinctive Male Ankle Band Forest Tattoo Designs

The tree of life drawings without the leaves is an opportunity for rebirth. Waiting for spring to finally show up and breathe life and new energy into the trees for the leaves to grow back. This black and gray illustration looks hauntingly cold and barren. 

Egyptian Eye Ankle Band Guys Tattoo Designs

This black and gray creation of the Eye of Ra, taking on the Egyptian god of the sky as the main concept to an ankle band tattoo is utterly brave. This is a man who seeks protection from evil spirits. He is also referred to as the sun god who represents all good things and will bring in the light. This tattoo is well executed in details, shading and drawing. The eye looks haunting and can be instantly recognized even from an off angle.

Faded Black Band Dotwork Ankle Band Mens Tattoo Ideas

A simple ankle band which fades out out at the edges. The design starts out in solid blank ink, daring and aggressive. Then it slowly fades out. It is unique in design and customized for the wearer. If this is a memorial tattoo for a love one, it is a good representation of the line: gone but never forgetten.

Gentleman With Blackwork Ankle Band Tattoo

A double uneven lines of ankle bands in rich, solid black ink which are deeply and highly saturated. The shading is the painful part wherein the ink is dump into the skin at a certain layer through the use of the needles. The design is very masculine and will definitely capture attention. And yes, even unwanted ones because this tattoo is bold and very striking.

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Ankle Band Tattoo FAQs

What do ankle band tattoos mean?

An ankle band tattoo may purely be ornamental for style and fashion. There are several stunning and manly designs which will fit the taste of the ultimate consumer of a modern man.

For the Polynesian tribe, tattoos along the joint signify union, contact and commitment because these parts of the body are the points where the bones meet and unify.

A solid black armband tattoo is used to denote experiences associated with mourning and suffering. These emblems are also placed on the ankles to mimic what is on the arms. There are others whose lifestyle present restrictions and can’t do an armband for a tattoo and would eventually choose to place the tattoo on the ankle wherein it can be hidden, away from the prying eyes.

The symbolic meaning of each tattoo and its placement is often personal, and preference of the owner. Whether he wants to get a tat because he simply got drunk, and got himself into an ink party, or would like to cover some scars, or memorialize or pay tribute to somebody is a personal choice and preference. That’s the greatest gift – freedom to choose.

Are ankle tattoos painful?

According to the tattoo pain charts, ankle placements are considered one of the most painful, since there’s really nothing there but bone. Delicate as they may seem, ankles pull their weight as one of the hurtful spots to ink regardless of their size. Pain is still subjective, so there are others whose pain tolerance is way over the roof and can tolerate getting tattooed on the ankles without tapping out.

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