Aries Tattoos For Men

Top 73 Aries Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

To maximize your horoscope’s brilliance, all it takes is an austere Aries tattoo. This forceful sign provides immense magnetism and extreme masculinity to any man’s inking landscape.

As the first sign contained by the Zodiac, Aries has a forceful reputation for manliness.

Impetuosity is its trademark, so it makes sense that this realm of astrology is represented by the ram. Even its streamlined V-shaped logo is intended to showcase the creature’s rigorous horns. Animalistic inspiration is shrewdly derived from the mammal’s presence, and the aggressive wildlife makes welcomed appearances in tons of Aries insignias.

Mars is the planet that controls Aries, and the red planet is a regal addition to any astrological tattoo featuring this sign. For a stellar stargazing perspective, you can also flaunt the constellation of the same name. The Roman god of war is also tied to this sign, so this destructive figure of ancient mythology can make a deadly cameo in your illustration.

Aries is proclaimed to be a fire sign, so the incorporation of burning symbols is another wise route to follow. Take the world by storm by donning one of the following Aries tattoos. Supreme machismo is waiting for you in this crafty catalog.

1. Black Ink Aries Tattoos

Modern Male Aries Ram Back Tattoo

Male Upper Back Aries Astrological Sign Black Ink Tattoo

Small Simple Zodiac Aries Mens Arm Tattoo

Ram Negative Space Guys Aries Forearm Tattoos

Astrological Sign Aries Small Simple Tattoos For Men On Triceps

Small Simple Aries Back Male Tattoos

Mens Black Ink Ram Aries Wrist Tattoo Ideas

Black Ink Ram Aries Forearm Tattoos For Males

Cool Zodiac Aries Ram Wrist Tattoos For Guys

Whether thin or thick, the outlines of these superb black in Aries tattoos are often defined by their trademark “V” shape. In this way, they can be as simple or elaborate as desired and still represent the same basic symbol. Being done with black ink in particular, these tattoos have an almost rustic, no-fuss look to them that contributes to the already strong base of the Aries sign. These black ink Aries go to show that one can get a highly-symbolic tattoo without much ink, if so desired. 

2. Aries Arm Tattoos

Abstract Trash Polka Aries Ram Forearm Tattoo

Gentleman With Aries Ram And Shield Tattoo On Inner Forearm

Guy With Old School Aries Ram Forearm Tattoo

Manly Aries Ram Inner Forearm Tattoo

Red And Black Ink Male Aries Small Tattoo

Stone 3d Aries Forearm Male Tattoo

Neo Traditonal Aries Male Upper Arm Tattoo

Fitting well on the arm, it is not uncommon to see an Aries tattoo there. Many Aries tattoos with such placement are designed in a way that showcases the head of the ram in a three dimensional shape with its horns well-pronounced. Sometimes the ram is shown as a live creature and other times it is simply the animal’s skull that holds the horns up. The arm is certainly a desirable place to put an Aries tattoo. 

3. Traditional Ram Skull Aries Tattoos

Old School Guys Aries Ram Skull Forearm Tattoos

Small Detailed Aries Forearm Ram Skull Mens Tattoo

Geometric Ram Skull Male Aries Tattoos

Geometric Aries Male Skull Of Ram Tattoo On Arm

Upper Center Chest Aries Tattoo For Guys With Ram Skull Design

Ram Skull Mens Aries Arm Tattoo

Half Sleeve Guys Ram Skull With Roses Aries Tattoo

The briefly mentioned before skull with horns is a version of the Aries tattoo well worth mentioning in itself. This traditional ram skull image is a sort of bare bones (literally and figuratively) depiction of the famous Aries symbol that shows it in a simpler, yet in many ways grimmer and more complex version of the mysterious and dynamic symbol. The traditional ram skull is perhaps an interesting choice for a tattoo in the sense that it could be more emotionally interesting than its standard version. 

4. Geometric Aries Tattoos

Geometric Aries Ram Skull Thigh Tattoos For Men

Inner Forearm Mens Aries Geometric Tattoo Designs

Rib Cage Side Guys Aries Geometric Ram Tattoo Designs

Lower Leg Aries Mens Tattoo Ideas

Awesome Black Ink Outline Aries Inner Forearm Mens Tattoos

Guys Geometric Shaded Aries Arm Tattoo Of Ram

Full Rib Cage Side Aries Mens Geometric Tattoo Designs

Geometric Leg Aries Tattoos For Men

Some Aries tattoos are done with a geometric element. For example, a geometric Aries tattoo might have the standard Ram’s head (lifelike or skeletal) and then around it, or incorporated into it in some way. Sometimes this geometric element has a heavy effect on the rest of the Aries tattoo, such as if it were to completely surround or encapsulate the ram portion of the piece, and sometimes it is merely one aspect of many.  

5. Dotwork  Aries Tattoos

Aries Constellation Mens Shoulder Tattoo

Honeycomb Mens Aries Abstract Bicep Tattoos

Dotwork Small Guys Arm Aries Tattoos

Amazing Dotwork Guys Aries Ram Skull Geometric Back Tattoo

These Aries tattoos are particularly unique. They are inked using a dotting technique that makes them quite interesting. The dotting can be around the outline of the ram or other Aries symbol or they might be incorporated throughout a portion of it. An Aries tattoo could be potentially done completely with dotwork

Dotwork can be incorporated with other types of Aries tattoos, such as geometric. In the same way, one might find dotwork done amidst a traditional ram tattoo or any other type. Dotwork goes well with many other different tattoo forms and styles. A dotwork Aries tattoo is definitely an appealing choice for many people.  

6. Linework Aries Tattoos

Cool Aries Ram Mens Black Ink Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Charging Ram Aries Chinese Mens Tattoo On Rib Cage Side

Rose Flower With Ram Aries Mens Chest Tattoo Design Inspiration

Outline Of Ram Aries Mens Leg Calf Tattoos

Cool Aries Constellation Mens Neck Tattoos

Tribal Aries Male Back Tattoo Of Ram

Some Aries tattoos are designed around linework as a way to construct the piece and convey the message of its symbolism. These tattoos focus much less on shading and instead showcase the power of solid linework, an element of tattooing that is almost always one of the most important. Sometimes the linework in these particular tattoos is fairly simple and essentially looks like the outline of a piece. Other times, however, the linework on one of these Aries tattoos is much more detailed. 

7. Aries Chest Tattoos

Ram Skull With Aries Zodiac Sign Mens Chest Tattoos

Gentleman With Bucking Aries Ram Skull Chest Tattoo

Colorful Mens Aries Watercolor Tattoo Deisgns

3d Stone Aries Mens Upper Chest Tattoos

An Aries tattoo placed on a man’s chest can be quite fitting. This is largely because the chest allows the opportunity for two-piece versions of the famous astrological symbol, whether that be by splitting the ram symbol into two halves, by having multiples of some other form of the symbol or any other combination or variety of options that one can think up with creativity and imagination.  

8. Aries Calf Tattoos

Watercolor Dripping Paint Aries Ram Mens Leg Calf Tattoo

Ram Skull With Red Watercolor Background Mens Aries Tattoo

Guys Aries Black Ink Leg Tatoos

Decorative Aries Mens Leg Calf Tattoos

Charging Ram Aries Old School Mens Leg Tattoos

Abstract Aries Zodiac Sign Leg Calf Tattoos For Men

One place on which an Aries tattoo can look especially good is on the calf. The space on this body part is a bit more restrained than some other pieces of bodily real estate because of the particular shape of the calf. That being said, many an impressive calf tattoo has been done with the Aries sign in mind. In many ways, the spacial restrictions of the calf work to one’s advantage as both the Aries ram and the Aries skull and horns, fit the space allotted quite well. 

9. Back Aries Tattoos

Upper Back Shaded Aries Mens Abstract Ram Tattoo Design Ideas

Spray Can Ram Skull Mens Aries Themed Back Tattoo

Shaded 3d Aries Ram Skull Back Tattoo On Male

Realistic Aries Clock With Roman Numerals Back Tattoos

Full Back Ram Skull Mens Aries Tattoos

Detailed Aries Mens Upper Back Tattoos

Amazing Aries Ram Skull Mens Back Tattoo

The back is a fantastic spot for an Aries tattoo. Whether it be a ram on the shoulder blade or the ram’s skull and antlers placed as a full back piece, an Aries back tattoo is definitely a good way to make a strong statement. They may be statements of fierceness, strength, or anything else that one might associate with the famous Aries sign.  

10. Neck, Shoulder and Rib Aries Tattoos

Upper Chest Aries Shaded Male Tattoo

Shoulder Aries Tattoo On Gentleman

Mens Aries Abstract Shoulder And Chest Watercolor Tattoo

Man With Geometric Aries Ram Upper Arm Tattoo

Gentleman With Cool Aries Ram Skull Tattoo On Rib Cage Side

These Aries tattoos are found in the interesting placement of the neck, shoulder and ribs. These places are known by some tattoo fans as spots that especially hurt, particularly the neck and ribs. They can be, however, quite fitting places to put an Aries tattoo. 

11. Thigh Aries Tattoos

Creative Guys Aries Thigh Tattoo

Thigh Aries Tattoo On Man With Roman Numerals

Thigh Aries Ram Skull Male Tattoo Designs

Charging Ram Guys 3d Aries Knee And Thigh Tattoo

Detailed Ram Skull Male Aries Tattoo On Leg

The thigh can be an awesome place for an Aries tattoo. There is no doubt that a ram skull and horns can fit well above the knee. The thigh is a solid place to put an Aries tattoo. 

12. Tribal Aries Tattoos

Small Simple Tribal Aries Tattoo For Men

Masculine Aries Ram Skull Mens Back Tattoo

Tribal Mens Aries Chest And Shoulder Tattoos

Shoulder Mens Aries Tribal Tattoo

Dotwork Mens Aries Leg Calf Tattoo

Cool Aries Symbol Black And Red Ink Mens Small Tattoo Ideas

One way to blend a whole new look with one of the Aries designs is to combine it with tribal symbols. For those of whom this combination is fitting, a great deal of intrigue and aesthetic appeal can be inked on any one of the previously mentioned body parts and worn for good. 

Aries Tattoo FAQs

Which animal is often linked to Aries? 

The ram is often linked to Aries. The great ram is a strong and powerful animal and makes  for a fantastic symbol to represent this equally strong sign. 

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