Badass Back Tattoos For Men

40 Badass Back Tattoos For Men – Masculine Design Ideas

Providing the largest, consistent surface of skin on the body, the back has long been a favorite location for tattoos. This is the area most like a true art canvas and large, bright, detailed pieces can be more easily obtained on the back.

For the most part, tattoos here are easily covered up in daily life, but when exposed they can make a strong impact.

Because of the large area, placement is a key element on the back. There is a certain attention to the shape of the body and the shape of the design that can determine the effectiveness of the tattoo.

For men looking for more of a project, the back is perfect for large pieces and large murals. The pieces on the back can also extend to other parts of the body, creating a fluidity to tattoos on the torso and the limbs.

The back may not be considered sensitive skin, depending on the amount of muscle and fat the wearer might have. Of course, directly over the spine can be sensitive. Tattoos may lie on one side or the other of the backbone to avoid this.

The back is also the place most people sport their more regrettable, snap decision, tattoos. At least they won’t have to look at them again. It is probably better to pick a desirable design though.


3d Skull Badass Guys Shaded Realistic Back Tattoo

Alligator With Hand In Jaw Badass Back Tattoos For Men

Amazing 3d Dragon Badass Back Tattoos For Males

Amazing Mesn Dragon Mask Badass Tattoo On Back

Badass Dragon Half Back Tattoos For Guys

Badass Mens Polynesian Tribal 3d Back Tattoos

Badass Mens Tradtional Old School Grim Reaper Tattoo On Back

Badass Viking Warrior With Wolf Mens Tattoo On Back

Badass Watercolor Mens Upper Back Wolf Tattoos

Brooklyn New York Themed Mens Badass Back Tattoos

Cool Elephant 3d Badass Back Tattoo Designs For Men

Demon Portrait Guys Badass Back Tattoo

Female Portrait With Rose Flower Badass 3d Male Back Tattoos

Gorilla With Snake Guys Badass Traditional Back Tattoos

Guys Mountain With Night Sky Badass Landscape Back Tattoos

Japanese Demon Mask Badass Guys Back Tattoos

Lion With Portrait Guys Badass Back Tattoo

Mens Badass Modern 3d Full Back Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Badass Native American Indian Themed Full Back Tattoos

Mens Female Portrait With Animal Skull Head Badass Back Tattoo

Mens Native American Indian Badass Realistic Back Tattoo

Mens Snake With Alligator Badass Shaded Back Tattoos

Ornate Detailed Badass Guys Tattoo Design Ideas On Back

Outer Space Sky Badass Mens Upper Back Tattoos

Pulp Fiction Mens Badass Full Back Tattoos

Religious Mens Angel Badass Back Tattoo

Roaring Decorative Bear Male Badass Back Tattoo Ideas

Roaring Tiger Badass Black And Grey Ink Back Tattoos For Guys

Roman Guys Badass Full Back Tattoo Ideas

Skull Ornate Guys Badass Back Tattoo Designs

Upper Back Badass Mens Pulp Fiction Tattoo Designs

Viking Warrior With Nature Forest Mens Badass Back Tattoo

Warrior Riding Horse Badass Male Back Tattoo

Western Fighter Mens Badass Cowboy Back Tattoo Designs

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