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Top 67 Banner Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

To boldly declare your life’s philosophy, a banner tattoo may just be the perfect fit. These lively literary masterpieces are bound to ratchet up your suave knack for intuitive communication.

Serious depths of profoundness can be unearthed via the innate intelligence of banner tattoos.

These linguistic logos are capable of revealing endless layers of philosophical charisma. They are also potent providers of nostalgic appreciation.

Every phrase in existence can be instantly turned into a brilliant banner tattoo, and the results are always spectacular. Latin phrases are notable contenders in this regard, especially since they add an ingeniously coded sense of insider knowledge.

For an affectionate display of meaning, no gesture is more emphatic than banner ink that specifically contains the moniker of a loved one. Whether the intention is a mournful memorial or a romantic declaration, the ultimate result is undeniably marvelous.

The text can be modified with a variety of fonts to concoct uncanny calligraphy that is truly unparalleled. In addition to applying changes within the text, it is also conceivable to alter the banner itself with textures and tattered designs.

Contextual cleverness is now yours to behold with the upcoming assortment of banner tattoos that we have collected on your behalf!

1. Traditional Banner Tattoos 

Fitting text into a tattoo can be done in endless ways, however the banner motif lends itself beautifully to American or Neo Traditional design. A scroll or parchment strip with steady, elegant script evokes a sense of history and old-school charm at the core of the Traditional aesthetic.

You can see in the opening example that solid, black outlines are key to making the design standout against skin. Those same lines are repeated in the banner text, creating symmetry in the overall design. Line weight is an important factor in making sure this style works with your banner as any blowouts or shaky technical application will stand-out negatively. 

2. Massive Banner Tattoos 

It’s counterintuitive to think of a banner, often small and delicate, as a massive tattoo, but a crafty design can expand to cover an entire chest or back with a banner as the focal point.

These massive tattoos make clever use of a banner as an accent within a larger image. The result is a stylistic mix where illustrative or realism aspects play off a banner that, as in the first example above, is a border frame for the entire artwork.  You need to be aware of scale when getting inked with a banner tattoo. It can’t be too large or too small compared to the rest of the scene. If the scale is off, it becomes visually distracting and lessens the desired shaping effect of the piece. 

3. Black and Gray Banner Tattoos 

At their most basic, banner tattoos are plain, outlined text. Ink simplicity lends itself to black and gray extremely well. Your artist needs to have a skilled and steady hand to make the text legible, and to keep the design clean and boldly outlined.

The first example uses an illustrative style with a traditional theme to create a clean, sharp, and flowing, readable design. But contrast that piece to the next banner tattoo example, which features heavily stylized text, spotty linework and a few blowouts. It makes the whole tattoo problematic in that it’s almost illegible.

Text choice, or font style, is the key technical element for a successful banner tattoo. Overly complicated text often means that your tattoo can be impossible to read simply at first glance. 

4. Eye-Catching Banner Tattoos

A banner on its own is rarely going to make you look twice, but these eye-catching designs employ stylistic elements that make the image explode from the canvas to grab your attention. Solid color and shading are two of the best ways to make any tattoo pop, provide image depth and dimension, and make it stand out from others that may lack its technical skill.

The first tattoo above employs Neo Traditional fundamentals class=”TextRun SCXW162489601 BCX0″ lang=”EN-CA” xml:lang=”EN-CA” data-contrast=”auto”>, including a bold back outline and complementing rich color palette. The result is that the simple banner ink stands out even more through effective rich color contrasts. 

5. Sentimental Banner Tattoos 

For many enthusiasts, tattoos are visual reminders of significant times, events, and people in our lives. The banner tattoo has become a go-to design element for those who wish to immortalize important milestones, like the names of loved ones or dates relating to births, deaths or key life achievements.

Because of the permanent and personal nature of tattoos these wide-ranging design styles, can be extremely simple or vastly complex, and hold more intrinsic meaning than even the most detailed photorealistic image. You can see in the first banner tattoo above, how simple the design can be, yet remain effective. The lines are crisp, the text uncomplicated, which results in an understated, uncomplicated banner.  

6. Simple Banner Tattoos

Some tattoos are by their very nature extremely complex, such as hyper realistic portraiture or animal realism A simple banner tattoo can turn this on its head by portraying the most basic design elements with a clean, clear display.

A simple banner tattoo is often far more challenging than you’d realize at first glance. The lines in tattoos like these need to be consistent in thickness and clear in other technical application. Smooth, bold, and solid is the name of the game with a simple text and banner tattoo. 

The first tattoo example above is small and simple, but the crisp application of ink shows the fundamental technical deployment of a solid banner. The text lines are clean, the outline is solid, and the effective shade promotes a dynamic image. 

7. Hardcore Banner Tattoos 

When you think of a banner tattoo, usually what you’re picturing is just text supported by the banner itself. It should be smooth and flowing, it may be with a possible literary focus, but it’s still a delicate image. Hardcore is not the first word that will come to mind, right?

The first example above shows off a full sleeve topped by a banner-munching skull, possessing deep, punched-in red and heavy black highlights. The banner works here as a thematic element pulling your eyes across quality detail and telling a story when it’s viewed. These hardcore banner tattoos take the flowing, delicate banner imagery and wrap it around serious, intense imagery. 

Looking for more text tattoo inspiration. Click on the galleries below for more cool ink designs:


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