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75 Beard Growing Tips – Essential Advice Every Man Should Know

A beard is a long term part of you, treat it like one. Don’t worry about growing a beard in a set amount of time, it doesn’t work like that. While, it’s true most beards grow in two to three months, for some men and especially teens, the process can often be much longer.

Start focusing on the experience, it’s quite a rewarding one.

Today, I’m going to share with you over seventy-five plus beard growing tips.

From the highlights of trimming and grooming to products and methods you can use to grow a beard faster.

If you want a more detailed look into the world of beards, I’ve included great guides for you below.



Beard Growing Tips For Trimming

Trim every couple of weeks to cut back unruly hairs and split ends.

Instead of using an electric trimmer which can lead to split ends, use barber scissors like these Equinox scissors.

Never trim your beard right out of the shower. When wet, your beard will appear longer with all that water weighing it down. Give it plenty of time to dry first.

If you make a mistake when trimming don’t freak out. Walk away, cool off. Every man has on accident, cut too far over or too much at one point in their life. Most of the time the only person who will actually notice your mistake is you.

When you first start growing, don’t be tempted to trim right away. Regardless if your co-workers, your wife, girlfriend, or friends tell you it looks awful. Allow your beard to grow out and fill in as much as possible before you mess with it.

Remember, for most men the beard doesn’t grow evenly in every single spot on the face. You’ll need to figure out the areas in which you have trouble filling in first.

It’s a lot like mapping your face so you can avoid shaving against the grain. Only with beards, you’re mapping out your low growth areas so you can avoid trimming in the wrong places.

When trimming under your neck and chin be extra careful. It’s too easy to cut too much.

Remember, cutting and trimming is different for every man. Not to mention, every man has his own idea of the perfect beard.

If you want sharp lines on your beard like the barbershop does, use an Andis T-Outliner Trimmer and white eyeliner. Use the eyeliner to outline your beard shape; it’s your guide to the perfect cut.


Brushing: Invest in a quality boar’s bristle hair brush like this one from Urtheone to stimulate your hair follicles and speed up growth.

If you’re struggling with beard dandruff brushing will help remove the flakes.

When brushing don’t be surprised if you see a bunch of hair falling out. The average man sheds 50-100 hairs per day, this is normal. Just make sure to clean your brush regularly.


Genetics: Growing a beard is not magic; it doesn’t happen overnight. You can’t just replicate someone else’s thickness, shape, color, length, etc. Treat your beard like your fingerprints, it’s unique part of your genes.


Oiling: Your beard doesn’t have to feel like sandpaper to the touch. Use beard oil to acquire a silky-smooth finish.

The best time to apply beard oil is right after a shower. If you don’t have time to take a shower, wet your face with a warm washcloth. Let your beard soften and dry, then apply.

It’s normal for your beard to feel rough at first, give it time to soften.


Mustaches: It’s natural for the mustache to end up growing into your mouth. So you brush it to the side and somehow it works its way back. What do you? Well, mustache wax is your answer. However, you’re not going to enjoy the awkward stage where the hair takes time to be trained. Twisted tip ends are just something you have to deal with for the time being.

Instead of trimming it, which will make your mustache game weak, continue to dry train it.


Itching: It happens to most men when they first start growing a beard. Relax, it’s completely normal and will go away often within two to three weeks. Learn how to remedy an itchy beard here.


Drying: Dry your beard every single time you get it wet. Regardless if you shampooed it or not.

Be gentle with the towel, don’t tug with aggression or force.


On growing a beard faster: Stress contributes to hair loss in men. So there’s step number one, stop stressing out about not being able to grow your beard fast enough!

Relax, get plenty of sleep, eat foods rich in proteins/fats and be patient. If you have a healthy lifestyle, you’re doing everything right. Don’t worry, there’s no magic pill out there. No need to search for it!

Some high protein foods you can consider include: Eggs, steak, chicken, jerky, pork, milk, yogurt, etc.



How To Grow Beard Faster With Supplements

Biotin can potentially help, but again it is not an instant cure. You can get Nature Made biotin at Walgreens here. Other supplements to consider taking include Vitamin E, C and B6; all of which are excellent for the hair and skin. These won’t just make your beard grow faster, they can also boost growth on all your body hair plus fingernails too.

Most men take 2.5 mg per day.


Testosterone: It’s beard fuel. Saturated fats help, yet eating is not everything. Make it a point to go to the gym and get your blood flowing through exercise.


Spottiness: For some men, their beards will have spotty areas around the chin and cheeks. It’s another genetic factor but don’t worry about it too much. While there’s nothing physically you can do, you can however, use makeup to blend it in evenly.


Rogaine (minoxidil):

Beard Growing Tips Rogaine

From blood pressure medicine to hair growth cure. Will it work on your beard? Well, let’s look at how it works first. If you apply it to your face that means you can’t wash it off for at least four hours. Which of course, can lead to dryness, pain and some scarring. Not to mention some other side effects, that you’d normally see when used in other places on the body. Use a moisturizer to help combat this.

However, even though it’s not FDA approved for facial use specifically, for some men it still works. Though, there is one more hurdle: Men who apply it tend to see their progress halting after they stop with the treatment. Most of the reports you’ll read are around three months.

On the other hand, I’ve good things from men who have used it consistently, twice per day over six months. Sure, the results still decrease when the frequency is reduced to once per day, once per week, however it did work.

Just remember, there’s no scientific studies on it minoxidil. Not to mention, risk and side effects involved. Overall, it still requires you to be patient!

My thoughts on the matter are simple: It may help your beard grow if your genetically predestined for it and have the necessary hormones. For some men who can’t seem to grow a beard naturally, it may act as a kick starter.


Curly beard hair: Tame it on the go by carrying a bottle of water/rosewater with you. Spray, then brush/comb the hairs downwards.


An untrimmed beard: There’s nothing wrong with trimming or letting your beard grow all it wants. Ultimately that is entirely up to you!

Grow how you want, without comparing yourself to other men, and you’ll end up feeling great about it.

Do whatever makes YOU happy.


More beard tips to consider:

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