Top Best Boxer Briefs For Men

Top 23 Best Boxer Briefs For Men – Comfortable Classy Underwear

Underwear, am I right? You know you have to wear it. Well, you could go commando, but you don’t want to be one of those uncomfortable weirdos.

So the only option you have is to go to your local box store and buy a pack of what will inevitably be an uncomfortable and unappealing addition to your wardrobe.

What can be done to end the madness?

Maybe it’s time to change things up a bit and think outside the whitey tighties. Enter the world of boxer briefs my friend. You will not regret it.

These simple yet, stylish top 23 best boxer briefs for men not only give you enough room for the boys, they combat bunching in all the wrong places. All while making you look good.

Best Boxer Briefs For Men

1. Under Armour Original Series 6 Boxerjock Boxer Briefs

Under Armour Men's Original Series 6” Boxerjock, Black/Black, X-Large, Pack of 2


Sometimes life is a battle. Make sure to wear your armor. The 6″ leg prevents anything from riding up, which is good because when you’re about to enter battle, the last thing you need to worry about is an atomic wedgie. A performance waistband and moisture wicking material means you’ll be slaying in comfort, all day long.


2. Saxx Kinetic Boxer Briefs

Saxx Men's Kinetic Boxer Brief Black Cobalt Medium Black/Cobalt


When you need to get in a serious workout, you need to get into these serious high performance underwear. Featuring the same innovative BallPark pouch as the Ultra, you never have to worry about chafing or binding whether at the gym or going about your normal daily life. A mesh panel across the entire rear means extraordinary breathability.


3. Lacoste Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs

Lacoste Men's Cotton Stretch Boxer Brief Underwear, Multipack, Black - 3 Pack, Medium


Lacoste is synonymous with sports and the alligator logo is instantly recognizable. The simple design, with a cotton rayon blend and minimal seaming or contouring, remind you of a simpler time, when the man himself was still winning tennis championships and inventing technology, and underwear, that would change the game forever.


4. Calvin Klein Intense Power Micro Boxer Briefs

Calvin Klein Men's Underwear Intense Power Micro Boxer Briefs, Black, Medium


Whether you are on your way to flex your muscles in the boardroom, or in the gym, these boxers will have you covered. Soft microfiber fabric with powerful stretch and a wide waistband ensure a comfortable fit that allows you to move, and the double layered pouch gives you support without cramping your style.


5. Obviously Original Anatomax Boxer Briefs

Obviously Original - AnatoMAX - Boxer Brief 3 Inch Leg (3X-Large, White)


Obviously, sometimes you just need the maximum amount of space you can get. The AnatoMAX pouch is one of the largest on the market. Designed as an actual pouch that allows for complete separation, you will be amazed at how free you feel while still being supported. It is comfort and support, to the MAX!


6. Exofficio Give N Go Boxer Briefs

ExOfficio Men's Give-N-Go Boxer Brief, 2-Pack, Black, Medium


It’s time to get out there and see the world. Take these underwear along so you can see it with less hassle. The ultra quick drying material makes these the fastest drying pants in the west so you can wash and keep going. Don’t have time to stop? The fabric is treated with an antimicrobial shield that prevents odor. Adventure on my friend.


7. Terra Classic Cotton Strech Boxer Briefs

Terra Men's Cotton Classic Stretch Boxer Brief, Assorted Underwear, 3-Pack, Black/Grey Light Blue/Grey Dark Blue/Grey, Medium


We got’cher every day briefs right here! The perfect blend of cotton and lycra make these the best go-to pair for every day wear. The colors stay vibrant even after washing and the material won’t stretch into an unrecognizable mess after just a few uses. Terra is the perfect name for these, because they are solid as a rock.


8. David Archy Micro Modal Air Low Rise Trunk Boxer Briefs

David Archy Men's 4 Pack Underwear Micro Modal Ultra Soft Trunks (L, Black/Dark Gray/Navy Blue/Wine)


A low rise trunk is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. The lower profile means a sleeker fit under your clothes for comfort and support without the bulk. The antimicrobial modal fabric is smooth on your skin but helps prevent swampiness in your down under. These briefs expertly combine innovation, style and comfort so you get the best of everything.


9. Calvin Klein Steel Micro Boxer Briefs

Calvin Klein Men's Steel Micro Boxer Briefs, Black/Black/Black, Medium


Finally, someone has designed a pair of boxers to match your abs! Feel free to use that joke whenever you get a chance to show them off. The quality microfiber fabric and construction is something you would expect from Calvin Klein and the attention to detail in the seaming and length means you get quality and comfort all in one.


10. 2UNDR Power Shift Long Leg Boxer Briefs

2UNDR Mens Power Shift 9" Boxer Long Leg Underwear (Dark Green, Large)


You know what they say; longer is better, especially when it comes to your briefs. Sporting a 9″ inseam, these briefs are ideal for an active lifestyle. The longer leg and COLDSKIN fabric prevent chafing while the Joey pouch in front keeps the boys supported but separated. The waistband is designed to stay flat and is tagless for the ultimate comfort.


11. Under Armor UA HeatGear Performance 6 Boxer Briefs

Under Armour Men's HeatGear 6'' Boxerjock 2 Pack (Small)


When the battle heats up, stay out the kitchen! Or get these briefs that are designed specifically to help cool you as it wicks away moisture. Superior stretch gives you better movement and antibacterial technology helps prevent odor causing bacteria from growing. Because in battle a true warrior doesn’t have time to stink.


12. Boss Hugo Cotton Strech Boxer Briefs

Hugo Boss Men's 3-Pack Cotton Boxer Brief, True Black, Medium


Not all tighty whities are created equal. These cotton boxer briefs give you the psychological comfort of your favorite whites while giving you the superior comfort only a boxer brief can offer. A soft waistband and shorter leg gives you the support you need but with less bulk. There’s a joke to be made there, but these briefs are to classy for it.


13. Calvin Klein Body Modal Trunk Boxer Briefs

Calvin Klein Men's Body Modal Trunks, Black, X-Large


What can I say? Calvin Klein makes a good brief! Considering Klein really was the brand that introduced designer underwear for men, it’s not a surprise this classic design is still going strong. Ultra lightweight material that allows your skin to breathe, coupled with a low rise waist and shorter inseam combine to be the perfect every day pair.


14. Diesel Sebastian Power Boxer Briefs

Diesel Men's Sebastian 3-Pack Essentials Boxer Brief, White, L


Get someones motor running with these classic style boxer briefs. Quality stretch cotton gives you room to move and the insightful seams in the front and rear ensure you won’t get bogged down no matter where you’re running. All that’s missing now is a Cummins joke. But I better not.


15. Lululemon No Boxer Boxer Briefs

What if you could wear boxers, without the boxer part? Then look no further friend. These boxers take the box right out of the equation. Lightweight, breathable fabric that wicks away moisture and an innovative shaped pouch for the family jewels make these one of the most comfortable pair of boxers ever. So comfortable, you’ll swear they’re not even boxers.


16. Mack Weldon Underwear Boxer Briefs

When you tend to fly by the seat of your pants, these briefs might come in handy. Featuring mesh cooling panels across the back waistband and down under, you will definitely notice a cooling effect throughout the day. Constructed from jersey that is allowed to relax for 18 hours before it’s cut means the brief holds its shape long after the first wear.


17. Mypackage Weekday Boxer Briefs

MyPakage Men's Weekday Boxer Brief (Black Black Red, XX-Large (38-40)) )


The name says it all. These briefs know exactly what your concern is, and they handle it expertly. KeyHole comfort technology provides you with cradling support and the unique design of the pucker panel has removed all seaming from key comfort areas to all but eliminate chafing. As far as packages go, these briefs deliver.


18. Obviously Naked 9 Inch Leg Boxer Briefs

Obviously, you would prefer to always be naked. Unfortunately, most of society rejects that dream. But it can live on. Featuring an oversized contour pouch that allows you to feel like you’re going commando, and bamboo rayon, which is soft, lightweight and antimicrobial, you can still be the naked jungle man you were born to be, even from your corner office.


19. Puma Volume Boxer Briefs

PUMA Men's 3 Pack Tech Boxer Brief Lt Pastel Red L


You can’t go wrong with a classic, and cotton is as classic as you get. The durable yet comfortable design has just the right amount of stretch so you can move, but your boxers stay put and the soft waistband won’t itch so you only scratch when you feel like it. The perfect everyday brief that won’t let you down.


20. Saxx Underwear Ultra Mens Boxer Briefs With Fly


Have you ever had a pair of briefs that fit like a cheaply made castle? You know, because there’s no ballroom? SAXX underwear has taken this into consideration and created a whole park! The BallPark pouch utilizes mesh panels that give you support and all the room you need while preventing chafing, making you feel like a king in your castle.


21. Spoarmour Breathable Quick Dry C Lex Mesh Boxer Briefs

The ultimate athletic underwear, these briefs are stretchable, breathable, antimicrobial, quick drying and most important, comfortable. With the comfort waistband that won’t pinch or bind, and flatlock seaming that doesn’t chafe, you will feel like Cpt. America himself once you slip these bad boys on. So go, save the world without even breaking a sweat!


22. Tommy John Cool Cotton Boxer Briefs

Tommy John Men's Cool Cotton Boxer Briefs - 3 Pack - No Ride-Up Comfortable Breathable Underwear for Men (White/TJ Blue/Iron Grey, X-Large)


Ah, nature. The call of the wild can be invigorating, and so can the call of nature if your briefs won’t cooperate. Cut horizontally, this quick draw fly is designed to give immediate access when it’s most necessary. Constructed in a spandex cotton blend for a comfortable stretch, these briefs may become your favorite piece of outdoor equipment.


23. Uniqlo Airism Boxer Briefs

Uniqlo AIRism Boxer Briefs (Large, Light Grey)BUY IT HERE

Let ’em breathe boys! Let ’em breathe. These briefs are the ultimate in breathability. Super fine, soft threads woven into a lightweight mesh fabric ensure a cooling effect all day. Thoughtful placement of seams mean no chafing or binding in the wrong places and antimicrobial, deodorizing technology makes that fresh feeling last and last.

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