Best Dressed Men Most Stylish 2013

The Best Dressed And Most Stylish Men Of 2013

When men dress sharp they rise above the everyday norm, and stand out from the typical jeans and t-shirt apparel often found in public. And as you know, dressing your best draws in positive attention plus boosts your confidence. It means being aware of your own individual and personal style, and understanding that the first impression often is the most important one. Yet it takes a powerful man to realize what’s fashionable in his age group and attempt to dress above it. And when men do this, they’ll often find that their grandfather’s generation of clothes are actually classics that have never gone out of style. Not to mention understand that fashion trends that reach the mainstream often don’t always work considering every man is unique. Things like your hair style, skin tone, environment and even your income can determine what suits you the best.

However at the end of the day it’s all about becoming a master of your own style, and to do so, you need to first become a master of awareness. So take a moment and see every man from our list of the best dressed and most stylish men of 2013, stands out from the crowd. And remember when it comes to fashion, men might not always be the first group of people to come to mind. Our minds usually jump to fashionistas, women for the most part. But in reality you can’t leave out the best-dressed and most stylish men of our time, because they put in the effort and commitment into their style, and look just as great as the next fashionable woman. Yet without further delay, here’s our list of the best dressed men of 2013. Although styles vary among each man, the men we chose all have charm and style making them the classiest group yet.

The Best Dressed And Most Stylish Men Of 2013

Bard Goreski

Bard Goreski Fashion

Formerly an intern at Vogue and W, Goreski has worked as an assistant at Vogue and as the Style Director for Rachel Zoe. After working with Zoe for quite sometime, Goreski decided to go solo. He is now the star of his own show, “It’s a Brad, Brad World” and is in the midst of writing his memoir. Look out for this guy this year.


Tom Ford Style
Tom Ford

Perhaps the most famous name in the men’s fashion industry, Tom Ford is an all around business man taking on the roles of being a designer, film director, and a creative director for both Gucci and YSL. As a graduate of architecture his focus soon shifted into a path of fashion success shortly after. And at the spark of his passion Tom Ford found himself reinventing style products and creating trends. This passion led him to take Gucci from a near bankruptcy and $4 billion dollar company, to an impressive business valued at over $10 billion dollars.

Zac Efron Style
Zac Efron

Zac Efron isn’t just well known from his part in the movie series High School Musical, but he’s also been touted as one of the best dressed men. You’ll find him in Diesel, Dior Homme, Marc Jacobs, American Apparel, and many more popular fashion brands. Yet which brand you happen to spot him in, you’ll never see him without his favorite Ray-Ban sunglasses, which are almost a fixture to his face.

Scott Disick
Scott Disick

The other half Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick is known for his low-buttoned shirts and his suit coats. He’s the man who loves to go shopping. Disick also has owned his own restaurant in NYC, is a busy father of two, Mason and Penelope, and was recently named “Lord” Disick after a rendezvous in England.

Sam Lambert
Sam Lambert

Stepping onto the fashion scene at the purest age of 5, Sam Lambert sure knows how to put a twist on a little classic style. He’s a “jack of all trades.” He is a tailor, designer and fashion icon worldwide. He calls his style of clothing “sophistipunk,” which is a mix between sophistication with a punk rock attitude.

Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling

Funny, charismatic and he knows how to make women swoon, Ryan Gosling is one fashionable guy. As a talented actor, Ryan has appeared in movies for all audiences and continues to be a crowd favorite. He can make anything look good, even footie pajamas.

Patrick Johnson
Patrick Johnson

Originally a student at the University of Adelaide, Patrick Johnson started off his career studying winemaking. When things went awry, Johnson quit that study and made his entrance into the world of fashion and studied fashion design. And boy, did it pay off. Johnson’s first line, P. Johnson, took flight in the industry and became a top seller in terms of men’s suits.

Patrick Grant
Patrick Grant

Known for his role as the director and owner of bespoke tailors Norton and Sons of Savile Row, and E. Tautz And Sons, Patrick Grant has always been in the fashion light. From ready to wear clothes to red carpet suits, this British fashion designer is a major trendsetter for men. Not to mention he’s almost always found among the best dressed and most stylish men lists for popular magazines. And considering he sold nearly everything in his name, including his car and home to fund his fashion venture, it’s no surprise seeing his commitment and relentlessness for success paid off.

Nick Wooster Fashion
Nick Wooster

Nick Wooster is an artful man of style that means business. And even though he’s among the older crowd of men, it doesn’t stop him from wearing things like a camouflage jacket. You’ll find him combining rugged and posh fashion as one, sporting a classy beard, and displaying some colorful tattoo pieces. Not to mention, has also has the backbone go to with his own vision, and dabble on the edge of being over the top. However Nick’s well-dressed style doesn’t stop there, he’s also is the men’s fashion director for J.C. Penny. Previously Nick worked at Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Barneys, and even Neiman Marcus.

Matt Boomer
Matt Boomer

You’ll find Matt playing the role of Neal Caffrey in the popular White Collar TV series. He’s known for being an incredibly sharper dresser, not to mention he also understands that suits are a form of self expression. And with pocket squares and tie clips he really tailors his fashion sense to the character he plays. Often he’ll mix things up, bringing his own wardrobe onto the set, and even wearing Neil’s wardrobe when he’s out for a public night on the town.

Luciano Barbera Style
Luciano Barbera

Barbera launched his first successful label in 1971, making him a world-renowned man of classic Italian style. He is known for his quality suits that make men around the world look and feel their best. His motto, “clothing for people who believe in individuality and intelligence,” is pure and simple.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

Otherwise known as Captain Jack Sparrow, you’ll find Johnny Depp is a man who makes his own rules when it comes to the sea and style. You’ll often find him in his favorite leather jackets, or wearing an abundant amount of jewelry on his wrist and arms. Not to mention for the most part his look is almost always casual, and seems to really display his free range when it comes to being fashionable.

John Daymond
John Daymond

Splashing right out of the shark tank, this American entrepreneur is an investor every business owner wants to come across. John is self made man who turned his first startup clothing company FUBU into a $6 Billion dollar enterprise worldwide. Starting from the bottom he originally sold wool hats at the New York Coliseum for $10 apiece, however soon enough he was putting the FUBU logo on nearly every article of clothing you can imagine. Today, his own professional fashion sense represents the immense success he’s accomplished.

Johannes Huebl
Johannes Huebl

German model Johannes Huebl is surrounded by good looks and an even greater fashion sense. Committed with Olivia Palermo, Huebl is serious in the fashion world. Appearing in Saks Fifth Avenue, Cole Haan and Ungaro, Huebl is seriously stunning on camera and off. Take a walk down the street and you’ll see him dressed equally as snazzy as if he were in front of the camera.

Jeremy Piven Ari Gold
Jeremy Piven

Jeremy is a fast talker in the Hollywood industry, famously found as the agent, Ari Gold in the popular TV HBO series Entourage. Plus if you remembered correctly he’s also played Don (the Goods) Ready, in the movie, The Goods Live Hard, Sell Hard. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it, take a second to do so, because it’s funny watching Jeremy turn into a used car salesman. Yet aside from the film career, he seems to always pull of a style that embraces his magnetic and likeable personality. You’ll find him wearing suits with things like five buttons on the cuff links, a four-in-hand tie knot, the top button of his shirts closed, and even some snazzy pocket squares to pull the look all together. Not to mention a wide-range of pin stripes; however regardless of what he wears, perhaps the most important aspect to it is that all of his clothing is fitted exactly to his body.

Jeffrey Donovan
Jeffery Donovan

Jeffery Donovan, or more famously known as Michael Westen on Burn Notice, always takes on the streets of Miami with style. As a twenty year veteran of martial arts, he definitely knows how to get his way out of any treacherous situation, all while staying fashionable. His personality of style matches the laid back atmosphere of Miami, all with cool toned, light suits with no tie. It’s a friendly reminder of the smooth Marimba music, cozy waterfront beach cafes, and the endless supply of fruit cocktail drinks. However, how do you dress like a secret agent, dodge bullets and still keep your cool in the humid climate? Grab some Oliver Peoples sunglasses, Kenneth Cole shirts, and an ultra rugged Chase-Durer Special Forces 1000 UDT watch.

Gabriel Macht Suits Style
Gabriel Macht

As the character Harvey Specter in the TV show Suits, his outfits always represent a strong and powerful emotion behind them. Without speaking a word, you instinctively know that Harvey knows how to be a powerful man. Yet how do you dress like New York City’s best closer? You’ll find him wearing well-fitting suits with thick pinstripe and wide peak lapels that communicate the language of success. Not to mention the 3-piece suit pairs incredible well with a spread shirt and Windsor knot tie. All in all, keep watching Gabriel as he continues to pull off the luxury look, and establish himself as the authority on class.

Eddie Redmayne 2013 Style
Eddie Redmayne

As a model for Burberry in 2008 and 2012, and featured on an international best dressed list, Eddie has across-the-board style. However he’s also performed in film work including My Week with Marilyn and on stage in Richard II at the Donmar Warehouse. For style, you’ll find him most often wearing his favorite suit brands, Burberry and McQueen. Plus he’s always wearing some sort of small item that really adds detail to his outfits, with things like watches, cufflinks, or even a gold monkey first stud on his shirt!

David Gandy Fashion
David Gandy

Don’t know who David Gandy is? You will. He’s an up-and-coming British model who has a huge say in the fashion market. In 2012 alone, he was a leader in fifteen different fashion shoots. He is now considered in the list of London’s most influential people.

David Beckham Style
David Beckham

This soccer superstar isn’t just known for his moves on the field, but also for his style off. Handsome and charming, Beckham is on this list because he’s up-to-date with the most current fashion trends for men. He continues to be apart of L.A. Galaxy, professional soccer team and a model for clothing giant, H&M.

Bradley Cooper Style
Bradley Cooper

If you could say one thing, it would be that Bradley’s style is limitless. In fact he’s been proclaimed the international man of the year and the sexiest man alive by popular magazines. So perhaps it’s fair to call him one of the world’s most stylish men. However what Bradley does right in terms of his fashion sense is that he wears simple styles, without going over the top. When he wears a black tuxedo or a grey fitted suit with a solid color shirt, he’s able to pull off the look flawlessly. Yet his outfits aren’t entirely responsible for the amount of praise he’s received, just take a moment to look at his hair. It’s an important feature that every guy should understand, because finding an excellent hair dresser or barber can really improve the look over cheaper trims and cuts. Not to mention, another bonus Bradley has going for him is his confidence. Because as men we know that wearing a well-fitted stylish suit will bring out the confidence inside of us, and make us feel like we own the city!





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