Haircuts for Men with Round Faces

21 Best Haircuts for Men with Round Faces In 2020

Guys with round faces have specific features such as rounded jaw and full cheeks that make it a daunting task to choose the right hairstyles. However, if you understand some critical stylistic points, choosing the right hairstyle for your round face will be like taking a walk in the park.

The following haircuts for men with round faces will inspire you to change your current hairstyle and transform your looks completely. Peek yours here. Good luck!

1. Pompadour

This is one of the coolest haircuts for men with rounds faces in 2020. The style enhances volume to your hair, giving your face a slimmer effect, especially when paired with an undercut or a bald fade.

If you want to create a pompadour, you would want to use a good pomade to give your style shape and create height.

2. Standard Swept Back-Quiff

Whenever people are talking about men’s hairstyles for round faces, this timeless hairstyle is never left out. The hairstyle has an effect of balancing your facial features and giving your hair more definition.

As the name suggests, to rock this men’s haircut, you will need to start by creating a quiff style and then sweeping your hair backward.

3. Faux Hawk

This is another trendy haircut for men with round faces. The haircut features a taper fade on the sides and extended hair at the center of the head. Styling a faux hawk is the easiest way to enhance height and add dimension to your style.

This pointed faux hawk style is edgy and fashionable, and it is an ideal look for guys with round faces who need to try something different. However, when you choose this haircut, also get some quality styling hair products to maintain its look.

4. Side Part

The side part, without a doubt, is one of the best round face haircuts men. The look created by this haircut is timeless and matches all outfits and styles virtually. Specifically, it looks great when paired with a pompadour. It is quite versatile, and as such, you can wear it to your liking.
Styling this haircut is quite effortless. To create it, leave two to four inches of hair on top to make parting the hair easier. Buzz the hair on the sides and apply pomade to give it shape and make it shine.

5. Spiky Hair

One of the straightforward ways to add volume to your manes is by choosing spiky styles. The spikes create height that balances the width of your round face and gives you an edgy style. To get the best from this haircut, make sure to complement it with a fade.
Creating spiky hair is not as hard as many guys think. To rock this look, trim your short hair on top to two inches long, and you are good to go. Though short hair ideal for spiky style, if you have long hair, you can opt for spikes for a more exciting look.

6. Vertical Cut

This haircut is defined by edginess, and it is an excellent way to add lots of volume to your hair. To achieve this, you will want to use high-quality wax or pomade, but all that is worth considering the look you will get.

The vertical haircut is a timeless style, and you can pair it with a myriad of other haircuts. Experiment with one of your preferred cut and see how it comes out.

To rock a standard look without combining it with another hairstyle, we recommend that you leave the hair on top long and shave the hair on the sides. For a more conventional look, you can pair it with a side part or an undercut.

7. High Volume Flat Top with a Fade

This conventional fifties haircut is an excellent round face haircuts men since it incorporates sharp angles to your hair, which creates an impression of slim face shape.

However, before you make this hairstyle your statement look, you need to experiment with the flat top and see whether it looks great on your head since it doesn’t look great with all round-shaped faces.

If it impresses you, well, you can go ahead and pair it with a low fade. It is an easy style to style and to maintain.

8. Long French Crop

This is a more modern take of French crop, which features long hair. The cropped haircut features lots of layers and a lot of texture and looks great when styled on the extended fringe.

9. Fringe

Before you throw through the window the idea of rocking a man fringe, try this fringe since it could be the hairstyle you have been looking for to define your round-shaped face. However, note that not all fringes will look great on your round face. We recommend that you opt for a choppy and angular fringe.

10. Angular Fringe

If rocking a fringe is what makes you happy, then you will be sure to remain cheerful if you choose an angular fringe. This hair creates angles to your hair that adds dimension to your hairstyle and reduce the roundness of your face.

It is an ideal style for gents with a long and round face. Adding a fringe is a sure-fire way of making your face look shorter and slimmer.

To create this look, cut the hair at the back and sides to the length you desire. If you are not sure of the right length, start with a 4-inch clipper and cut your hair down from this length.

11. Side Swept Bangs

Undeniably, one of the best round face haircuts men in 2020. This haircut borrows so much from the angular fringe and side part cuts to give you an additional option. The side-swept bangs bring out symmetry in your face offering you a flexible style.

To create this look, clip both the back and the sides short. However, it is up to you to select the right length for your hair. You may also choose to add a fringe if you wish to.

And for the bangs, it is recommended to cut it into varying lengths, and if you like a choppy fringe, you can as well opt for it since it complements side-swept styles well. The best aspect about this haircut is that you don’t need any styling pomade to create it. Just tousle your choppy fringe to either side and add a little wax to hold into place.

12. Curls And Bangs

Do you have naturally curly hair? Well, embrace what your mama gave you and style those curls into an extended fringe.

The long and textured bangs help your haircut draw attention to your facial features, especially eyes, creating an impression of more angular face shape.

13. Undercut

One aspect that has made an undercut one of the best haircuts for men is that it looks great with virtually all face shapes, round or not. For guys with a round face, you may want to buzz the sides for an enhanced kick.

14. Choppy Top

If you are looking for a relaxed haircut for men with a round face, then the choppy top got you covered. A hairstyle doesn’t have to make people think you spend the entire morning hours styling it.

This haircut appears loose and messy. It is a great look for guys with a round face.

15. Slicked Undercut

This hairstyle offers what the best haircut can offer. It appears particularly great with grey hair since the low fade creates an edgy dimension. The slicked undercut is all about business, and it incorporates sufficient volume on top to make it appear very fashionable.

16. Short Sides

Haircuts for guys with a round-shaped face is all about enhancing volume. However, if you like to maintain your style clean and well-groomed, this is an ideal look for you!

Tell your barber to maintain the tresses on the sides short and well-trimmed, while making sure that the hair on top is maintained longer so that there is room to sweep it to one side. Though the volume is not much needed, adding a little of it will create height and make your style stand out.

17. Smooth Buzz with Beard

While men with a round-shaped face think that a buzz haircut will not make their round face slim, there is a trick to make this modern haircut work for you. The trick is simple-simply pair with a beard, and it will be all yours.

If you have a thicker beard, the better since they give you an impression of an elongated face, and make it look defined and less rounded.

18. Man Bun And Beard

If you have long hair that you can tie on top, why not opt for this ever-trend round face haircut men? You may also want to match it with a full beard to create an impression of an elongated face-after all, that is what you want to achieve.

19. Wispy Fringe

If your hair type doesn’t allow you to add volume to it, this would be the best haircut to choose to reduce the roundness of your face without necessarily adding volume. While the other round face haircuts men don’t allow the addition of straight across bangs, there is an exception for a wispy fringe.

Besides, fringe haircuts for men are the talk of the town right now. Try wispy style to one side or both, and you will have a masculine look.

20. Textured Crop

Short and straightforward cuts also look great on men with round-shaped faces. However, you have to look for a barber who knows how to style them in the right way.
Whether paired with curls or waves, a textured crop frames the face perfectly, drawing out your eyes, balancing the cheekbones, and eliminating the circular effect of your round face.

21. Brow Flow

One of the best techniques you can use to give an illusion of a long and balanced look to your round face is through adding length to your hair.

As opposed to tall haircuts that have an impact of drawing eyes upwards, long hair pulls the eyes down to achieve the same lengthening outcome. One of the best ways to wear extended length is opting for a brow flow haircut.

This masculine haircut looks great with mid-length hair, and it is a great way to reduce the roundness of your hair while rocking your long hair.

What Men’s Hairstyle Suits a Round Face?

If you have a round-shaped face, there are some stylistic aspects you would want to avoid and rather embrace others selectively. Your ultimate goal is to enhance volume and prevent bulkiness. The rationale of adding volume is to improve the dimension of your hairstyle and get more angles to style your desired look.

Some of the things you would want to avoid include center parting of your hair and tresses that reach the temples. These elements will be counterproductive of what you want to achieve; a slimmer face. Besides, don’t embrace buzz haircuts since they make your head appear more rounded. Finally, if you want to rock long hair, don’t make it more than five inches, since any length past five inches will add width.

Your goal is to get a haircut with short sides and extended tresses on top. The top hair should be combed upward and given enough volume. To make your undercut unique, you can cut an undercut since undercut also works perfectly with round faces.

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