Top Best Mens Combs

Top 17 Best Men’s Combs – Cool Beard And Hair Grooming Goods

If there’s one thing every guy needs in his arsenal of grooming products, it’s a high-quality comb. Having a comb on hand will tame that mane and beard as you go about your day.

Whether you’re at the office or heading out for a night of fun, keeping your hair in pristine condition is a must.
Gone are the days of not having to put effort into your appearance. Modern men are held to high standards, so it takes much more than just taking a shower and calling it day.
You need to be just as stylish and put together as the next guy. Regardless of what your signature style is, these top 17 best mens combs will keep your hair on point.

Best Men’s Combs

1. Striking Viking Wooden Beard Comb

STRIKING VIKING Wooden Beard Comb for Men - Heavy Duty, Pocket Sized Beard and Mustache Comb with Fine and Coarse Teeth- Use Dry or with Balms and Oils - Includes Gift Box and Brown Carry Case
Capable of combing the beard of a Viking, this comb is seriously tough. It’s made from sandalwood and has the scent to match. It’s double sided with wide and fine teeth on separate sides. A synthetic carrying case keeps this work of art free from damage on the go.


2. Kent The Handmade Comb 188 Extra Large Coarse Comb

Kent 16T Handmade Coarse and Fine Toothed Dressing, Grooming, and Styling Comb for Men and Women (7"/185mm) - Wet or Dry Hair, Pocket, Travel, and Daily Use
Made for men that care about their looks, this comb is large and in charge. It measures 7 inches in length and has long teeth for flowing hair. The combination of fine and thick teeth makes it suitable for virtually all hair types. Like other Kent combs, this option is made by the hands of a skilled craftsman.


3. Kent NU22 Handmade Fine Mens Comb With Leather Case

Kent NU22 Saw-Cut Handmade Fine Comb With Tab and Leather Case (5" / 112mm) - Perfect for Pocket and Travel
This comb from Kent exudes masculinity and sophistication. Each comb is handcrafted with fine teeth, making it suitable for any type of hair. Whether you’re using it to slick back your locks or tidy up a beard, pulling the comb out of its sleek leather case is an experience all on its own.


4. Go Comb Stainless Steel Wallet Comb

Go-Comb - Wallet Comb - Sleek, Durable Stainless Steel Hair and Beard Comb - Black
A comb fit for the man that moves, the Go-Comb slips into a standard wallet pocket. Despite its small size, this miniature comb performs well. It’s made from durable stainless steel that’s coated in a soft black to improve comfort and it’s ability to detangle.


5. Kent Hand Made 8 Inch Wet Thick Coarse Hair Rake

Kent 10T (8") Handmade Large Handle Wide Tooth Rake Comb - Saw Cut for Wet, Thick, or Course Hair, for Men and Women, Every Day Detangling
This classic design and shape of this comb is perfect for guys rocking thick or coarse hair. The wide teeth glide through hair smoothly without pulling. It’s also ideal for getting rid of tangles in wet hair. The comb is hand-crafted and has a bold faux tortoise shell finish.


6. Kent The Handmade Gentlemen’s Folding Pocket Comb

Kent 82T Handmade Fine Tooth Saw-Cut Folding Pocket Comb for Men - Travel Styling, Grooming, and Detangling for Hair, Beard, and Mustache
Also from Kent, this comb is designed for busy guys that are constantly moving. The retro design folds up to protect the fine teeth and cuts the length in half for easy transport. When extended, it measures roughly 4 inches. A unique wood-grain look completes the vintage feel while giving it a rugged vibe.


7. Baxter Of California Comb

Baxter of California Large Comb | 7.75"
Carefully crafted in Switzerland, this comb gives you versatility and control. Measuring roughly 7.75-inches in length, it features both wide and fine teeth with a tapered design and rounded tips to keep your noggin protected. The comb goes through a 12-step process to ensure that the comb is a piece of hand-crafted perfection.


8. Big Red Beard Combs Handcrafted Number 7

Big Red Beard Combs - Handcrafted No. 7 Beard Comb (Available in Cherry or Walnut) (Cherry)
If you have a beard that’s out of control, this laminate beard comb is perfect for you. It has wide teeth to get through coarse hair and a long handle for comfort. It’s made from 4 layers of wood laminate for rigidity and strength. It comes in masculine cherry or walnut wood finishes.


9. Big Red Handcrafted No 99w Wide Beard Comb

This wooden beard comb is something you’ll want to show off. The wide teeth are perfect for thick and long bears. It’s made from 5-ply laminate wood. To improve grip and add strength, a piece of walnut is bonded to the laminate. Overall, the comb is tough and resistant to bending.


10. Byrd The Pocket Comb

BYRD Pocket Comb - Durable, Flexible, Tangle Free, Styling Comb, For All Hair Types, Back Pocket Friendly
Clad in eye-popping yellow, this pocket comb has a cool and modern look. It’s made from a durable composite material that resists bending and snaps. It measures just over 5 inches in length and has both fine and coarse teeth. As the name implies, it’s small enough to fit in your pocket for on-the-go style.


11. Chicago Comb Co Men’s Comb

Chicago Comb Model 1 Stainless Steel + Horween Tan Leather Sheath, Made in USA, Ultra-Smooth, Durable, Anti-Static, 5.5 in. (14 cm) Long, Medium Tines, Ultimate Daily Use & Pocket Comb, Gift Set
This sleek comb is laser cut from stainless steel. It’s polished to have a brushed satin finish and has medium teeth to accommodate any hair style. To keep it protected, the comb comes with an English tan leather sheath. With its relatively small size, you can carry it around for touch-ups.


12. Kent Handmade 158mm Coarse Fine General Grooming Comb

Kent 2T Hand-Made, Saw-Cut, Coarse or Fine Toothed General Grooming and Pocket Comb (6" / 153mm)
Standard in design, this hand-crafted comb from Kent is cut with half of the teeth designed for coarse hair and the other cut for fine hair. It’s only 6 inches in length and is saw cut for a unique look. Intense hand polishing makes it smooth and safe for your scalp.


13. Percy Nobleman Hair Comb

Percy Nobleman Acetate Hair Comb - Tortoiseshell Design


The classic design of this Percy Nobleman comb is reminiscent of old-school barber shops. It’s an all-around great comb that works well with any type of hair thanks to its dual teeth styles. The accessory is easy on your head and is presented in a swanky black box.


14. Rocky Mountain Barber Co Anti Static And No Snag Fine Men’s Comb

Hair Comb - Wood with Anti-Static & No Snag with Fine and Medium Tooth for Head Hair, Beard, Mustache with Premium Carrying Pouch in Design in Gift Box by Rocky Mountain

This manly comb is hefty and ready to create any hairstyle. It’s made from durable wood that weighs up to 4 times more than a standard plastic option. It’s also anti-static to preserve your precious hair. With its awesome carrying case, you can stay groomed anywhere you go.


15. Swissco Tortoise Dressing Comb

Swissco Tortoise Dressing Comb Wide Tooth


This retro-looking comb from Swissco is made in India and undergoes a thorough manufacturing process to perform well while looking great. It’s cut from a single sheet and shaped to provide you with wide and thin teeth. It’s then polished with pumice to really let that masculine tortoise finish come through.


16. Ti EDC Handmade Titanium Comb

TI-EDC Titanium Hair Beared Comb Handmade Premium Eco-friendly Durable Pocket Wallet Comb
When you need the strength of titanium to control your hair, the TI-EDC pocket comb is perfect for you. It’s handmade from a titanium alloy and designed to accommodate the curves of your head. Smooth numbs on the tip of the teeth will massage your head and prevent scratching.


17. Uppercut Deluxe Tortoise Mens Comb

Uppercut Deluxe CT5 Tortoise Shell Pocket Comb


This plastic comb has a simplistic design, but it’s perfect for creating a signature quiff. A double edge design with fine and thick teeth can help you master your styling routine while the 8-inch length makes it comfortable to hold. The signature brown finish rounds out the vintage rockabilly look.


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