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The Best Men’s Luxury Watches Brands Guide

At some point in life, you might find yourself headed in a new direction as things like marriage, children, and your age change your perception. Perhaps what you might notice is how many times you’ve glanced at the watch gifted to you back in high school or college. It’s not a luxury timepiece by any means, but it served its purpose over the years and has never let you down. And while it may be the workhorse you’ve come to love over the years, at some point you’ll find yourself wanting to transition into something new.

Perhaps you’re simply interested in being able to glance down at your wrist to see something new. However the most common reason men find themselves in this dilemma, is because their current watch doesn’t fit their sharply dressed style. These older watches we were might have seemed quite fashionable at the time, but nowadays we soon realize that the sporty and casual look doesn’t suit out true age. And for that matter it doesn’t match our success or achievements either, because the details of a watch can really define a man’s character.


Why Buy Men's Watches

1/ What Motivated Me Into Buying Luxury Watch Brands

I remember speaking with a business man over a conversation at his desk. On his shirt pocket was perhaps one of the fanciest luxury pens I had ever seen. When he reached for his pen it was clear the value had exceeded thousands of dollars. Which is a big comparison considering most men often find themselves reaching for those 5 cent Bic pens, or whatever happens to be within reach. However it wasn’t the price tag that intrigued me nor gained my trust, instead it was the way he signed the paperwork.

By instinct I could tell that the man in front of me had put in the passion, the hours, and the grueling labor to reach that point. The way he signed his name with the pen and how he held it in his hand, told me the story of each paper he had gruelingly signed over the years. Without him having to speak a word about it, I could see this man’s commitment, dedication, and character.

Now you might be wondering why I’ve shared this story, or perhaps even how it relates to buying your first luxury timepiece. But consider this, it’s not the price tag that should compel any man to splurge on watch, but the true reason behind it. Just like the man with the expensive pen, it’s not about the value of an item; instead it’s about how it represents your character. The moment you’re out shopping for a luxury timepiece, you’ll realize the same dedication and commitment that you have, also went into making those watches.


Buying Luxury Watches

2/ Why Spend More On The Best Men’s Luxury Watches

If watches all do the same thing, what’s the difference between a cheap men’s watch and an expensive luxury one? Isn’t the purpose of a watch to do the basic functions of time, such as tell time itself, the date, or have perhaps a few other things such as a stop watch?

In essence you could argue that very reason as to why you shouldn’t spend more, however there’s more to it than just price and its core function. In fact there are four solid reasons to splurge, and we’ll cover exactly why a buying a men’s luxury watch is worth your investment.


Luxury Watch Craftsmanship

3/ The Art Of Quality Craftsmanship And Construction

The art of quality craftsmanship and construction doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a dedication and commitment. In fact you may be surprised to know that watchmakers actually attend four years of schooling to become a horologist, and that’s just the start. What you may not realize is that watch making is a lifelong experience that you never stop building upon. Not to mention becoming a master in crafting watches isn’t exactly a straightforward process, it’s far from it.

Aside from simply the education, experience and diligence to learn, consider how many hours go into making a men’s luxury watch itself. We’re talking about painstaking precision, and working with parts no thicker than the size of a human hair. Every single piece you find is individually hand-adjusted, hand-decorated and hand finished.

If that doesn’t seem like a lot of work, consider the average watch has roughly 130 components. When you’re building a complex luxury watch, there are literally hundreds of parts involved. In fact the Calibre 89 by Patek Philippe has over 1,728 parts, and is arguably agreed to be the most complex watch ever created.


Timepeice Complications

4/ Innovations And Complications Of Luxury Watches For Men

That Casino watch you pass by in the store was delegated a month to finish the design before heading out to production. Men’s Fashion changes fast, and when you’re constantly producing for the market’s demands the opposite effect happens, meaning it also goes out of style just as fast. While Casino does make some rather interesting watches for casual occasions, they hold no advantage over luxury brands. Consider the fact that brands such as Hublot, Bell & Ross, Panerai, IWC and others are prestigious watchmakers for a reason.

They know their product isn’t going to be mass produced in a factory for the hungry buying cycle of impulsive shoppers. Instead they place a considerable amount of time where it counts, into things like innovation, complications, and breaking the mold. However this type of persistent work requires human power, creativity, and inspiration, and it doesn’t come cheap nor easily. Their designers, manufactures and testers all carry the same level of dedication when it comes to delivering magnificent artwork in the form of a timepiece.

These prestigious watchmakers and luxury watch brands shift their focus into expanding complications that enhance an already complex watch. And if you’re not familiar with the term complications in the watch world, they are extra features. These can commonly be found in the display date window, a stop watch utility, or even as chime sounds just to name a few. More advanced complications in men’s luxury watches would be those of Patek Philippe’s Calibre 89 watch.

It displays the phases of the moon, the times of sunrise and sunset, a star chart, and much more. Yet many timepieces have been left unfinished simply due to their watchmaker’s obsession to create a complex commission. As time passes away, so do the watchmakers themselves; however they leave behind a lifetime of dedication and work for the next generation to pick up.


Luxury Watch Limited Production

5/ The Number Of Timepieces Produced Is Limited

Stop and consider how unique you are, and ask yourself if you’d ever want someone else to replicate your own individual spirit and uniqueness? Chances are you don’t, because while we’re in a world full of billions of people, you stand out as being a one of a kind man. In a similar manner with luxury watches, there is no incentive to ruin the pursuit of being a rarity and a treasure.

Aside from stripping away the admiration of hard work, it’s simply just not practical to mass produce them. Watch crafting really is a labor of love, and it deserves the appreciation the world has come to give it, even if that means it comes with a higher price tag. Consider that luxury watch brands like Mercier and Jaeger LeCoultre will end up delivering nearly a few thousand watches this year. However in order for them to recoup the costs of business with a limited supply of treasured timepieces, these luxury watches have to reflect their real value of time in the form of money.


Standing Out Wearing A Watch

6/ The Pursuit Of Passion And Standing Out

In the men’s luxury watch world, you’re often never recognized, unless you have centuries of watching making history supporting you. Reputations aren’t built overnight, their developed when trust becomes established in the form of a brand. Take for example Patek Phillipe, their rich history of iconic watches warrants the prestigious admiration of watch enthusiasts worldwide. However that’s not to say an emerging brand can’t make into the leagues of the elite.

Bell & Ross started out with only twenty years behind them, and through advertising efforts and well crafted timepieces, they were able to accomplish their transition fairly well. Just as these companies have competed for the rights of standing out a world of common and competitive, men have also done the same.

By making the initial investment into a luxury watch the men who wear them make a statement. A timepiece speaks for the owner of the watch and displays his character as being a man of power. And if you haven’t taken a second to get familiar with the art of being a powerful man, please do so. Because a small part of being a powerful man might come from the ego boost you’ll have with a luxury watch strapped on your wrist. Regardless of how you feel or even perceive yourself, one thing for sure is no matter where you are in the world, you’ll stand out even more so than before.


1/ The Best Luxury Watch Brands For Men: Upper Echelon

Franck Muller Reggie Jackson Watch

Upper Echelon Luxury Watches


Luxury Watches Styles Brands: The brands for the upper echelon range include: Vacheron Constantin, Ulysse Nardin, Patek Philippe, Alain Silberstein, Franck Muller, Hublot, Jaeger LeCoultre, Audemars Piguet, Blancpain, Parmigiani, Breguet, and A. Lange & Sohne. 
Luxury Watches Prices Price: In terms of pricing, there are no holds for these brands of watches. Limited productions and hand-built craftsmanship demand the appreciation of timekeeping collectors. Buyers who wish to own such rarities and treasures more than often will pay well over a million dollars to take ownership of these timepieces. Should you wish to purchase on at retail, the starting prices typically begin at $5,000. However at that price point you can expect a steel watch. Verses if you were looking to buy a gold watch you’ll need to double that to $10,000, plus tack on another 10 grand if you want the bracelet to match. 
Luxury Watches Design Style And Design: These luxury watches are hard to recognize by the common man due to their rarity, but they do have one thing in common: Exquisite design. You will know the craftsmanship the moment you examine one closer. Upon first glance you’ll find that everything has been hand-finished. These designs will include either a highly remarkable characteristic that’s memorable, or a toned down design that has a marvelous refined manner.On the inside you’ll find hand-crafted movements produced either by the brand or forged from other prestigious horologists. You will often be able to see the watches features in the dial, however on the inside there will be a vast number of incredible complications.


Luxury Watches Market Market: If you’re looking to purchase one of these timepieces they will be hard to locate, as their only sold through a limited number of jewelry dealers. You may be able to venture out further into the market and perhaps negotiate a better deal, but when the price tag is at this level, it’s simply not worth it to purchase something that may not be authentic. On the other hand if you’re looking to resell one of these watches at a future point in time, they hold their prices like glue. Constant demand will always dictate the price, and the demand is remarkable highly. 


2/ The Best Luxury Watch Brands For Men: Elite

 Breitling Montbrillant Datora Watch

Elite Men's Watch Brands


Luxury Watches Styles Brands: The brands for the elite range include: Tag Heuer, Breitling, Rolex, Bvlgari, Panerai, Ebel, Omega and Cartier. 
Luxury Watches Prices Price: Chances are you are familiar with these brands. We’ve named them with the elite status since they are the king to being well known. Prices are more attainable in the $1,000 to $20,000 and upwards range. Steel watches produced by these watchmakers will cost you anywhere from a thousand to a few thousand dollars. If you want gold expect to pay $2,500 to $8,000, however you’ll need to double those numbers if you want to band to match. 
Luxury Watches Design Style And Design: Well crafted and often recognizable by each brand’s own style. These watches are similar to the upper echelon watches above have two distinctive styles of their own. They can either be conservative and refined in appearance or perhaps slightly trend setting and make bold statements. On the outside you can elect for surgical grade steel quality or 14 to 18 karat gold.Parts of these watches are regarded as being mass produced such as the case and bracelet, but don’t let that deter you. Sapphire crystals that are incredibly scratch resistance, and a comfortable fit make them excellent choices. On the inside, again you’re looking at mass produced movements, but these movements are top notch quality. Usually, if not always the case, you’ll find stellar grades of quartz and chronometer-grade mechanical among these brands.


Luxury Watches Market Market: These luxury men’s watches can be purchases at dealers of fine jewelry and a few select unauthorized retailers. The demand is definitely there as well as many men seek the pre-owned route to buy them at better discounts. However don’t let the new higher price tag sway you, because if kept in well cared condition these watches are durable, and snatched up quickly when being resold. 


3/ The Best Luxury Watch Brands For Men: Luxury

Baume And Mercier Capeland Luxury Watch

Luxury Watch Brands


Luxury Watches Styles Brands: The brands for the luxury range include: Baume & Mercier and Raymond Weil. 
Luxury Watches Prices Price: Priced more conservatively these two brands can be purchased in the $500 – $4,000 range. If you’re interested in steel watches the price points are reasonable for most men at $500 to $2,000. On the other hand the gold versions of these luxury watches are also quite affordable. Expect to spend anywhere from $800 to $4,000 for this type of watch with gold. 
Luxury Watches Design Style And Design: While not always the most impressive, these watches still pack style and luxury attributes. They commonly don’t set trends and can be found more or less following the leaders of the market. However that’s not to say they aren’t luxury watches, because you’ll find they are quite refined and sophisticated. All in all these watches tend to focus rather on what you see verses the quality of the components inside and out.Both the inside and outside of these watches is produced on a mass scale, arriving with a wide range of materials and characteristics. These include steel, partially or complete gold, acrylic, mineral glass or sapphire that’s synthetic. On the inside the materials follow the same suite, as it’s typically analog quartz and non-chronometer grade mechanical.


Luxury Watches Market Market: These luxury watches can be obtained at department stores, usually in the higher end, plus selectively available in fine watch retailers. After purchase don’t expect them to hold their value consistently as the market doesn’t quite have the high demand. Your best bet would be to purchase with the intent of keeping them for yourself. They don’t carry the same durability as more expensive brands so it’s more or less of a double loss if you’re looking for resale. The real treasure you should take away from these watches is your own experience wearing them. 


4/ The Best Luxury Watch Brands For Men: Sophisticated

Movado Men's Watch Series 800 Chronograph

Sophisticated Luxury Men's Watch Brands


Luxury Watches Styles Brands: The brands for the luxury range include: Movado, Fortis and Epos 
Luxury Watches Prices Price: $1000 for steel to $2000 for gold is the common selling price for these luxury watches. However you can often search for discounts to get these down to a lower price point. 
Luxury Watches Design Style And Design: These are the step up grade for when you’re looking for something that’s well above average. They aren’t in the ranks of the best of the best, but some do carry their own unique style which is a treasure in itself. Brands that don’t take on their own style will either work alongside the trends or simplify their design into classic properties.On the inside and outside it’s what you’d expect, mass production components. To match you’ll find steel, filled or plates gold, mineral glass or acrylic. Yet this can be a good thing, because if you wear these watches everyday repairing scratches with new components is reasonable affordable to do so. This range of men’s watches will often feature analog quartz and non-chronometer grade mechanical as well.


Luxury Watches Market Market: As entry level watches it may be difficult to resell them, but buying them is quite an easy task. You’ll find them commonly available at department stores. Yet keep in mind that some of these brands do end up in fine jewelry stores due to their creative appeal and style. All in all, there are quite a handful of other choices on the market to pick from. You can find what fits you the best at a price point that doesn’t demand you to break the bank. Some actually have solid craftsmanship that places the main focus on the watches build itself. Others with more effort into the fashionable style side of things, so it’s really your call on what you buy. 


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