Top 50 Best Minimalist Wallets For Men

Top 50 Best Minimalist Wallets For Men – Slim Front Pocket Carriers

Every man’s best friend is money, and money’s best friend is a minimalist wallet! Discover how to manage your financial affairs in style.

Today’s accessorized aficionados overwhelmingly opt for slimmer wallets for the front pocket.

These urbane choices are much harder to lose, far less bulky, and they simultaneously flaunt your wealth. As a bonus, the vessel cunningly attracts attention to your package as if you’re trying to show it off.
Speaking of which, women also pay close attention to a guy’s carrying cases, and you don’t want to spoil your chances with a hot date just because your wallet is insufficiently sexy. To avoid this conundrum, just consult this collection of slickly grandiloquent money holders. All 50 of them are specifically designed to pique interest by exuding brilliant layers of high-class thinking alongside benevolently ostentatious craftsmanship.
Keep in mind a top consideration to make during wallet shopping should be the materials used in its construction. Leather is the old-fashioned favorite, but the younger generations are experimenting with all sorts of alternate fabrics and plastics. At the end of the day, a man’s wallet should be formidably functional and fashionably fancy. Your riches only deserve the best!
Of course, a dashing pick will also reveal savvy economic inclinations, which is auspiciously alluring. Go ahead and explore this collection of the top 50 best minimalist wallet for men below, perhaps you’ll find one that suits your front pocket well.

Best Minimalist Wallets For Men

1. The Ridge Black Cas Strap Slim Aluminium

The Ridge Wallet Authentic | Minimalist Metal RFID Blocking Wallet with Cash Strap | Wallet for Men | RFID Minimalist Wallet, Slim Wallet (Navy)
The Ridge’s wallets have it all. Brilliant exterior looks, a remarkably slim profile, RFID blocking and so much more. Who knew you could fit 12 cards in such a small package without even having to stretch it out? To make things even better each features a money clip and cash strap to carry more than imaginable.
If stunning good looks weren’t enough, you’ll like how the smart minimal design has taken the classic bulky bi-fold on a diet without sacrificing functionality or traditional features.


2. Basics Slim

NOMATIC Black Slim Minimalist Wallet- Everyday Carry Card Holder- Keys, Cash, Coin …
In the conventional wallet world, this slim piece by Basics seems almost alien upon first glance. In exchange for departing from the norm, you gain ergonomics for a more sensible approach. For instance, it’s hard to believe this slim wallet can hold up to 15 cards at time, yet it does effortlessly. Not to mention, it’ll hold your cash too alongside things like your keys and coins thanks to a handy pocket.
Though, like most futuristic designs it does have some shortcomings which may or may not bother you. The biggest being you lose privacy as it’s hard to be discreet about what your carrying. Or in other words, paying with cash means you have to pull it all out at once and shift through your bills to find the right one. On the plus side, at least credit cards are a breeze to pull out, so if you tend to pay with plastic more often, you’ll enjoy the added convenience.


3. Trayvax Summit

Trayvax Armored Summit Wallet (OD Green)

The Trayvax Summit Wallet looks like something out of the military, yet, when you go over the features, it might as well be. Aside from being made right in the USA it features a 3D progressive stamped steel frame. Each is also paired with mil-spec 17337 nylon webbing and coated in a corrosion-resistant electro paint. Needless to say, it’s near bulletproof in terms of durability and reliably.
Aside from a brilliant exterior, the Trayvax Summit Wallet also features room to store up to 7 cards at a time plus folded cash. And while the frame may be universally coated in black, you can however, still choose from six color options for the nylon webbing.


4. Infinity Wallet

Infinity Wallet- Men's Minimalist Wallet (Blue)
To Infinity and beyond; this minimalist wallet by Infinity is truly futuristic. It features a durable nylon elastic construction that snugs bills and credit cards tightly in place. Each holds up to ten cards or more if you can fit them, in addition to cash thanks to a neat thru pocket. However, considering the slim design you’ll have to fold bills first.
On the plus side, the super soft exterior comes in four different colors for a little eye catching personalization.


5. Alpine Swiss Super Thin Leather

Alpine Swiss Genuine Leather Super Thin Slim Cash Strap Front Pocket Wallet Black
At only a quarter inch thickness, this Alpine Swiss men’s wallet is surprisingly spacious. It arrives with three separate card lots which can be maxed out to carry upwards of four to six cards at a time. Not to mention, there’s also a super handy and innovative cash strap on the exterior.
Speaking of the exterior, Alpine Swiss offers three fine choices: Black in lambskin leather or brown and gray in full grain cowhide. If you’re looking for a minimalist wallet with RFID blocking you’ll be happy to know its available exclusively with the black version.


6. Hammer Anvil Rfid Safe Genuine Leather

Hammer Anvil RFID Blocking Minimalist Genuine Leather Slim Front Pocket Wallet Gray
The thin Hammer Anvil men’s wallet comes in three classic genuine leather colors, grey, brown and black. All of which arrive with RFID blocking technology, or as Hammer Anvil calls it “Anti-Breach Technology”. A nice feature indeed, however, where this front pocket wallet really excels is in its ample storage space.
On the face you’ll find two handy credit card slots plus a larger pocket that can fit one card easily, or two if you stretch it. Sandwiched in the middle of everything is the main compartment pocket for storing cash, coins or even more credit cards. Needless to say, with so many pockets you’re going to be hard-pressed to fill them all.


7. Bellroy Leather Card Sleeve

Bellroy Card Sleeve, slim leather wallet (Max. 8 cards and bills) - Racing Green
When you really want to conserve front pocket space, it’s hard to beat Bellroy’s slimmest wallet. Needless to say, it takes things to a whole new level of extreme. It features genuine leather that looks as good as it smells, though it’s a tight fit at first until the leather loosens up. In terms of room, it’s spacious enough to hold your cash and five cards yet, about half the thickness of an iPhone in comparison.
On the downside, the tanning stain is a slightly iffy, with dark black not being exactly pure dark black, and minor wear showing on the cocoa and blue steel finishes after some time. Given the super slim size and the fact that you’ll want to carry this daily, it’s worth the investment regardless. Craftsmanship is brilliant with tight professional stitches that give you the impression this wallet will last for an exceptionally long time.


8. Raw Credit Card Holder Slim

Minimalist Wallet & Credit Card Holder Men with Slim Design by Raw (Black)
To trade in your bulging back pocket for an ultra slim front pocket wallet by Raw. With a minimalist design in five different color options, each features room for six credit cards plus cash. Though, thanks to its stretchy yet, snug material you can push it to seven should you should like.


9. Bellroy Leather Note Sleeve

Bellroy Note Sleeve, slim leather wallet, RFID editions available (Max. 11 cards and cash)
Bellroy’s latest Note Sleeve Wallet arrives with eight unique colors, all of which, come standard in premium vegetable tanned cow leather. Each wall features a bi-fold design true to the classic with the exception of a major reduction in terms of thickness.
If you’re a bit trivial about the thickness, sure, there are other minimalist wallets out there that can save you a few millimeters. However, as slim as it is you’re going to be shocked by what actually fits inside. There’s plenty of room to securely store up to 11 credit cards in addition to cash and coins. Speaking of coins, there’s even a dedicated coin pocket. Of course, there’s also a large and super convenient cash pocket for storing bills the traditional, old-fashioned way.
What you’ll perhaps enjoy the best is the 3 quick access slots and the slick pull tab for lesser used plastic. If that wasn’t enough to please, Bellroy stands firmly behind their craftsmanship with an impressive 3 year warranty.


10. Andar Rfid Blocking Front Pocket Full Grain Leather

Andar Mens Leather Money Clip, Front Pocket Minimalist Card Holder RFID Blocking Wallet Made from Full Grain Leather, with Back Saving Bi-Fold Cash Clip - The Baron (Tan)
Andar’s RFID minimalist wallet comes in your choice of dark brown and light brown full grain leather. However, regardless of which you choose, each still comes standard with a secure rotating end for tucking away your bills. You’ll also find a unique V-shaped exterior pocket for sliding in your credit cards and ID.
In a sense you could say this wallet is as simplistic as it gets with all the functionality you’d ever really need. Yet, that doesn’t mean it’s boring in terms of style. In reality, the exterior is strikingly sharp with excellent stitching and a supple leather feel to the touch.


11. Dash Co Premium Slim

Premium Mens Slim Wallet By DASH - Vegan Card Wallet, Small, Compact Front Pocket Design
Say goodbye to the leg and butt bump. Dash Co has reinvented the idea of a premium slim wallet remarkably well. Aside from being as slim as the latest iPhone, lightweight and sharp on style, it’s packed with plenty of functionality. For instance, an outer pocket makes grabbing your ID or credit cards quick and easy, all while a spacious cash pocket keeps your bills neatly concealed.
In terms of storage, you can effortlessly fit 7 credit cards inside along with numerous bills effortlessly. With 10 cards and cash inside things get a bit snug, however, even then it’s not overly too tight.


12. Crabby Wallet Thin Minimalist

Crabby Gear - Front Pocket Wallet - Minimalist Wallet - Elastic - Red
When it comes to the Crabby Wallet, the name is quite fitting. Your front pocket won’t put up a fuss thanks to its super thin design and comfortable elastic construction. Each holds 10 credit cards in place with a secure rubber grip. Yet, where this minimal wallet really shines is its ability to hold everything from your phone to house keys.
The stretchable elastic will form to just about anything you can manage to fit inside. Of course, there’s also a cool functional lobster strap to ensure keys won’t slide around in your pocket or worse, fall out.


13. Radix One Slim

Radix One Slim Wallet (Black/Black) - Minimalist Ultralight Thin Polycarbonate Money Clip
Meet the Radix One Slim Wallet by Radix Products. Each arrives with a super slim profile that easily fits 10 credit cards inside and a handful of folded bills on the back. It’s made of durable polycarbonate and arrives your choice of three colors including back, white and smoke.


14. Coach Lexington Saffiano Slim

If there was one word to describe Coach’s Lexington Saffiano slim card case it would be “classy”. The exterior is as beautiful as the high level of craftsmanship. Sure, it’s technically a simple card case, however it does pack serious punch of style with a sharp tan line contrasting the black finish.
For room things are tight, however, you’ll still be able to fit up to four credit cards at a time in this wallet. Not to mention, it’s deep and long enough to tuck away cash and coins in place of the plastic.


15. Distil Union Wally Bifold Slim Leather

Distil Union’s Wally wallet has taken the traditional bifold design into the modern world. Eye catching Argentine leather surrounds the exterior while a 12 card plus cash (50 bills) interior impresses with size. If that wasn’t enough, Distil Union went a step above by adding a secret pull tab to keep things discreetly functional. With one pull you’ll reveal your cards while keeping your cash hidden from prying eyes.
To make things personal, the Wally wallet comes in your choice of three cool colors: Black, brown and astronaut gray.


16. Ezgo Wallet Lightweight Slim

When it comes to innovation, the EZGO wallet stands a notch above the rest. Unlike the traditional leather men’s wallets of the past, EZGO has skipped the leather construction for a lightweight, 100% recyclable plastic. Surprisingly, it’s firm enough not to break or shatter plus soft enough to feel comfortable inside your pocket.
However, where this seriously minimalist wallet really shines is in its remarkable functionality. First, it’s waterproof which means all that pocket lint and grime can be washed out easily. Not to mention, it’s buoyant in water and floats though, you’ll have to add a foam piece to get it to work as advertised. For space there’s plenty of room to store 8 credit cards and 15 bills. Plus, EZGO has also added a really neat slot to store your micro SD memory card while on the go. On the downside, foreign currency doesn’t play to well with the design.
For an added touch of personal style, the EZGO comes in six different colors to choose from. There’s even a really cool glow in the dark version available. No matter which color you go with, you’ll be glad to know each is 100% made right here in the USA.


17. Ben Sherman Embossed Leather Gingham

Good looks come easy on this Ben Sherman Gingham wallet thanks to 100% embossed leather in your choice of chocolate, black port or natural. To up the stylish appeal Ben Sherman has added contrasting colors like blue, burgundy and yellow to the top and back.
For functionality and convenience this thin wallet packs two slots on the back and front, plus one slip pocket. Sure, it’s minimalistic in terms of storage, however, if you want to travel lightweight and look good while doing it, this two-tone wallet will do it.


18. Elephant Minimalist

Shrink your wallet in half without sacrificing any space. You’ll be surprised by just how much the Elephant Wallet holds despite it’s slim and modest looks. The rubber material makes for one snug fit with plenty of grip to hold cards, coins and cash in place while digging around in the other pockets.
For a unique touch true to your style, choose from 9 different colors like black, red, azure and more.


19. Jack Spade Mitchell Leather

The Mitchell leather credit card holder by Jack Spade arrives with a sharp two-tone 100% leather finish. Not to mention, two color choices including saddle with navy or black with saddle. Each features a neatly debossed logo on the bottom right of the wallet plus two card slots and a middle pocket for cash.
In terms of size, it’s extremely slim however, the width is quite similar to that of a standard sized wallet at 4 inches. Needless, to say it looks smaller than it is, yet, it’s really just right. Speaking of small, the price is higher than most but in exchange the construction and quality makes every penny spent absolutely worth it.


20. Herschel Supply Co Charlie Leather Card Holder

It’s time to leave the junk in your bulky wallet behind in exchange for lightweight travels. With the Charlie Leather Card Holder carrying the essentials is easy, doing it with style is even easier. With over seven different options available, Herschel Supply Co. has taken personalization to an entirely new height. Choose from black snake, brown nubuck, or go with a mixed design with black and white or nubuck and cobalt. If that wasn’t enough, there’s even more options available to compliment your wardrobe.
Each arrives with a slick, slim design and features multiple card slots for plastic or cash. Not to mention, on the bottom right side of every men’s wallet you’ll find the signature woven label with cool red and white stripes.


21. Meku Handmade Slim Leather

Put your front pocket on a diet without sacrificing the classic look and feel of vegetable tanned leather. MEKU’s handmade men’s wallet features everything you love about the traditional leather wallet only slimmed down in size. It’s compact, practical and spacious with numerous pockets to hold all your cards and cash.
In terms of exact space, you can generally fit around 16 cards alongside cash inside. To back up the fine craftsmanship and rugged looking stitching, each comes with a twenty-year warranty. For personalization, four color options are available including tan, dark brown, black and wine red. All feature a beautiful patina that varies in color and texture with every wallet crafted.


22. Obstructures Hardcoat Anodized Aluminum Plate

Obstructure’s latest plate wallet as they call it, arrives with a futuristic design and aluminum build. To hold things together, they’ve taken a bungee-like approach by using two flexible rubber o-rings that snap in place. When trying them out, you’ll notice these o-rings are tight but loose enough to be super convenient when you’re in a hurry.
For carrying cargo, you’ll be happy to know this minimalistic wallet comfortably stores five to ten cards plus cash. Though, if you want to push it, you could fit 20 or more inside thanks to the o-ring design.


23. Jack Spade Mitchell Leather File

Not ready to ditch the traditional wallet just yet, but need to cut back on the thickness? Don’t worry, Jack Spade has a great solution that mixes both minimal and organized design in one. Their new leather file wallet comes in at an impressive 0.2 inches yet, you’ll still get to enjoy the benefits of a deep cash pocket alongside three credit card holders.
What really makes this wallet stand out other than its super slim profile is the beautiful vegetable-dyed Italian cowhide leather exterior. The navy and chocolate brown play great together giving off a stylish, professional looking contrast.


24. Von Routte Skinny Magic Flip Leather

Von-Routte’s latest skinny magic flip wallet arrives with a 100% genuine leather construction and room to fit more than six credit cards alongside cash and documents. How it works is simple: Each side has 3 slots of plastic while a stretchy elastic band offers more storage for fast access.


25. Clover Aluminum Minimalist Wallet

Here’s something unique for all you gentlemen that carry key upon key. The Clover men’s aluminum wallet features machined aircraft grade 6061 aluminum hardware with Military MIL-A-8625 type II anodizing. Eye appeal and craftsmanship aside, it features room to house 8 keys at the time. In addition to six credit cards and a little over 25 bills too.
As an added plus this minimalistic wallet also features RFID protection.


26. Cole Haan Pebbled Leather

Cole Haan Men's Wayland Card Holder with Money Clip, Black, One Size
For a strikingly professional sense of style, just consult the beautiful pebble leather found in this Cole Hann leather card case. It arrives in three classic colors including black, chocolate and tan. On each you’ll find 2 pockets for credit cards and IDs, plus a handy money clip on the back. It’s about as simple as it get, yet, the style is quite grandiose.


27. Dash Co Rfid Blocking Slim Travel

Dash Co. RFID Slim Wallet 4.0 for Men (RFID Horizontal Black)
At under just one ounce, the Dash Co. RFID Blocking Slim Travel Wallet arrives with a size slimmer than that of an iPhone 6. To put things in perspective, this men’s wallet is only 5.5mm vs a 6.9mm iPhone 6; impressive right? However, even with the trimmed down thickness, you’ll still find plenty of room with 3 compartments. Two store plastic, while one sandwiched in the middle works great for bills.


28. Distil Union Wally Sleeve Slim

Distil Union Wally Junior - Slim, Secret Leather Wallet and Card Holder for Smartphones, The Only Leather Stick-On Wallet with Pull-Tab
If charming good looks weren’t enough, this fine Argentine leather wallet also comes with a super slick hidden pull-tab. Just give it a tug for fast front pocket access to your cash and cards. Yet, while the sneaky functionality is a great touch that doesn’t mean Dash Co. skipped the spaciousness. In fact, you’re able to easily fit six cards inside alongside cash, though, given its really minimalist size you’re limited to carrying only a small number of bills at a time.


29. Elephant N Carbon Fiber

Finally, a slick minimalistic carbon fiber wallet that looks as cool as it functions. The Elephant N features more room than you’d think with the ability to easily fit 16 cards at a time. Of course, it holds cash too with a really sharp fabric strap on the exterior. In terms of the finish, the carbon fiber is exceptionally well done with smooth rounded corners for pure front pocket comfort.


30. Fossil Truman Card Case

Rich leather meets a classic look on this Truman Card Case by Fossil. Each arrives with multiple credit card slots and a spacious middle pocket to store all your bills. In terms of quality, it meets high marks and is backed with a nice 1 year warranty by Fossil.


31. Herschel Supply Co Charlie Card Holder

If you’re big on personalization but picky about your wallets size, you’ll enjoy the Carlie Card Holder by Herschel Supply Co. For starters there’s numerous colors and designs to choose from like classic black to black snake, woodland camo and more. Regardless of which you go with, each arrives with a 100% polyester construction and Herschel Supply Co.’s classic red and white bottom ribbon.
For functionally, this wallet may be slim but it’s spacious. You’ll find five card slots to store all your plastic plus a nicely sized middle pocket for storing cash securely. For more room to carry cash you can get a little creative and snip the middle tags off.


32. Humn Slim Rifd Shielding Carbon Fiber Aluminum

Made in the USA out of aircraft grade aluminum plate, meet HuMn’s take on the minimalist men’s wallet. Each features RFID blocking protection, plus a shock cord strap to ensure everything you carry is secured down. Though, while the concept is simple, using it is not; to be fair it takes some time to figure out. Of course, you’ll also need to figure out what color you want first. HuMn offers 12 unique powder coat finishes to choose from.


33. Huskk Card Sleeve Italian Leather

Huskk’s latest card sleeve wallet combines the best of both worlds: Slim and spacious. Not to mention, strikingly handsome Italian vegetable-tanned leather available in eight colors like orange and dark brown. For ease of use, each features 3 pockets to effortlessly carry upwards of 12 credit cards at a time. Of course, you can always use the middle pocket for bills too. To finish things off Huskk has also added a neat mechanism to reach your cards fast with a cool pull tab.


34. J Fold Torrent Flat Card Carrier

Discover Italian top grain leather that looks as exceptional as it feels with J.Fold’s torrent flat card carrier for men. This minimalist wallet arrives available in three different stains including (dark) red, olive and blue. Not to mention, a sharp bamboo gift box. Each features a single back pocket plus three slots on the front for credit cards.


Tumi Monaco Slim Card Case

TUMI - Monaco Slim Card Case Wallet for Men - Black
Good looks and a great size can be found on Tumi’s Monaco Slim card case for men. Each arrives with a textured full-grain leather construction exterior and Tumi’s unique ID lock protective lining on the inside. For carrying space, this slim wallet has four slots (two on each side) that hug your precious cargo tightly.


35. John Varvatos Embossed Leather Card Case

Make life simple and eliminate front pocket pains with John Varvatos’ embossed leather card case. With a slim design it still manages to hold up to six cards and cash in the middle compartment quite comfortably. Though, the main interior slip pocket is somewhat tight allowing for only a few bills at time.


36. John Varvatos Star USA Perforated Leather

Classy night out? John Varatos’ Star USA perforated leather card case will match any formal occasion. Sure, it’s stunning to the eye however, it’s also quite spacious at the same time with 6 card slots and 1 interior slip. Overall, it’s the perfect combination of slim and sophisticated.


37. Lacoste Credit Card Holder

Lacoste’s minimalist Edward Credit Card Holder with Money Clip arrives with a striking leather finish and well-polished hardware accents. It’s stylishly smart with two slots for credit cards and a wide money clip on the rear. For any well-dressed gentleman on the go needing to travel light, it makes the perfect front pocket addition.


38. Obtainium Minimalist Wallet

Pricey yet, packed with plenty of perks. The Obatainium wallet starts its journey from a solid block of aircraft aluminum before being machined down to size. Each is treated with a scratch-resistance hard anodize coating for long lasting durability. Of course, you also get the benefits of owning a wallet that won’t degrade, stain or fall apart over time.
On the inside you’ll find room to easily fit 8 cards plus cash or 10 cards in total. To ensure you cargo stays safe, there’s also RFID blocking protection.


39. Machine Era Black Slim

Function and to the point, the solid 6061 aluminum slim wallet by Machine Era Co. is as minimalistic as it gets. Each arrives with a durable mil-spec black anodized coating and RFID protection. To make life easy when ditching the traditional leather billfold, Machine Era Co. has added a handy elastic strap for the utmost convenience.
For storage this slim wallet fits up to six credit cards at a time with the option to securely strap cash on either the front or backside.


40. Pragres Carbon Fiber

Pragres’ latest carbon fiber wallet arrives with two features in one slim design. You’ll find a money clip in addition to a slick bottle opener located at the top. To make things personal Pragres also includes three different color straps including red, light grey and classic black.
While it may be super lightweight, it’s still considerable spacious with room to fit 7 cards easily and up to 10 with a little bit of stretching.


41. Mstrmnd Collective Simplistic

Carry up to seven cards plus cash with Mstrmnd’s Collective Simplistic Wallet for men. Each arrives with a stylish aircraft-grade billet aluminum body and knitted elastic band. Not to mention, there’s also three anodizing finishes to choose from including gold, black and silver alongside your choice of vertical or horizontal designs.
For ease of use, the easy-slide thumb slot found in the middle makes drawing out your cards and cash a total breeze.


42. Tumi Monaco Money Clip Card Case

While the Tumi Monaco Money Clip Card Case might feature classic full-grain leather, its texture is far from ordinary. Needless to say, this men’s wallet stands out with a unique sense of style to it. In terms of workmanship you’ll find quality stitching and well-finished seams for long lasting durability.
On the inside there’s room to fit up to 9 credit cards, though, you’ll have to stretch it out a tad over time before they’ll all fit. At first, you’ll notice it’s a bit snug, which shouldn’t be problematic considering a tight fit means nothing will fall out of your front pocket.


43. Pragres Wooden Front Pocket

You’ll find classic materials mixed with modern touches on Pragres’ latest minimalist front pocket wallet. Each wood wallet arrives with a beautifully grained exterior that’s paired with an elastic strap in three different colors. With the ecstatic strap you can fit 6 credit cards inside, though, it maxes out around 8 cards alongside 5 bills.
As an added plus aside from smooth corners for front pocket comfort and an ultra-light weight, this wooden wallet also floats, making days at the beach or lake worry-free.


44. Tumi Cambers Slim Card Case

Tumi’s latest men’s minimalist wallet, the Chambers, arrives with an attractive pebbled textured finish exterior. For a touch of personality, it comes four different color options including navy, crimson, teal and teak. Aside from charming good leather looks, you’ll also find an interior with five card slots and a transparent ID window.
To keep what you carry safe, there’s also Tumi’s proprietary ID lock technology.


45. Ted Baker Contrast Corner Card

Regardless if you go with chocolate, tan or black, each of these Ted Baker wallets all arrive with a sharp contrasting color scheme. Not to mention, rich leather and a slick corner cut bottom pocket. For space you’ll find three credit card slots on the front plus one larger, deep cash pocket in the rear.


46. Slim Timber Wooden Card

Slim Timber’s Wooden Card Wallet takes minimal to a whole new meaning. Each features remarkably well-crafted wood paired with leather sides and a stretchy elastic strap. Both walnut and rosewood wood variations also feature room to store up to 8 credit cards securely.


47. Tommy Hilfiger Herbert Ships

Tommy Hilfiger’s Herbert Ships Card Case for men arrives in three genuine leather colors including chocolate, navy and grey. Each features a fine-looking two-tone exterior with an embossed schooner pattern for a more nautical sense of style. To make things even better, Tommy Hilfiger also elected to go with a solid double stitching to ensure superior durability.


48. Tribe Carbon Fiber Rfid Blocking

With a minimalistic design this Carbon Fiber card wallet by Tribe makes a stunning first impression. Yet, aside from the exquisite exterior, you’ll find plenty of functional and space to store 8 credit cards plus cash. Of course, should you like, 10 credit cards can fit at once though, it does get a bit tight.


49. Tumi Bowery Slim

Sophisticated yet, sporty. The men’s Tumi Bowery Slim Card Case combines both styles in one. Each arrives with a stunning leather exterior featuring a classy perforated pattern and subtle stitching. Upon first glance you’ll find an ID window on the rear with one slot, a center pocket, and two pockets on the front.


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