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17 Best Shadow Fade Haircuts for Men in 2020

Fade haircuts are some of the most prevalent haircuts for men, and one of the most sought-after fade haircut variation this year is shadow fade cut.

This fade haircut variation remained popular throughout 2019, and this year its popularity is spreading like Australian bush fires.

And like other modish fades, the shadow fade haircut offers a myriad of variations. Men can opt for a high, medium, or low shadow fade.

However, the defining aspect of shadow fade is the blending of tresses on the sides of the head directly into the hair on the top (the hairstyling doesn’t feature high-contrast cut).

Rather, the shadow fade provides a dark, mid, and subtle fade shift from the hair on the sides to the top. And to maintain the concept of “extended top, short sides” trend, it is recommended that the tresses on top be kept at any length provided the hair remains longer than that on the sides.

The amazing aspect of shadow fade is that you can rock it with different hairstyles. Two primary haircuts are shadow temp fade and shadow taper fade. If you are ready to spot shadow fade haircut, you want to make sure that you get it from an expert barber.

This haircut needs a lot of precision and skill. Let’s plunge in and check some of the best and trendiest shadow fade haircuts for men in 2020.

1. Shadow Pompadour Fade

A pompadour fade with a clean line and faded sides

You can never go wrong with this haircut. It incorporates lines on the sides, giving you a sharp and edgy look. The shadow fade is styled low on the sides, which gives you a clean appearance.

It is suitable for oval, rectangular, triangular, and oval faces. The secret to keeping this cut neat is the use of wax or pomade that is oil-based for daily maintenance.

2. Curly Shadow Fade

Curly hair with clean hairline and low skin fade

Are you still wondering how you can style your curly hair? This is the cut you should definitely want to have in 2020. It is an excellent men’s haircut with short and curly hair. Once your hair grows out and reaches a reasonable short length, visit your barber to give you a fade on the sides.

It is ideal for square, diamond, oval, and triangular face shapes. You can always use a hair mousse to style your hair once it starts growing on the sides.

3. Comb Over Shadow Fade

Medium hair comb-over and a clean line cut on one side

The legendary comb-over fade gets its distinctive characteristic from the type of comb used after cutting the fade. Thus, you would want to invest in a good comb. The hair at the top of the head is kept medium length, and the fade is done to blend with it evenly.

A fine comb will offer you an elegant surface, giving you that perfect look you have been looking for. The haircut looks great on men with the square, triangular, round or oval face shape.

4. High Bald Shadow Fade

Medium length top hair and bald fade with a clean hairline

If you love flossing by showing some skin on your head, then this should be your preferred style. The shadow fade starts high, and hair is given a clean bald shave down. Then, from the hairline to the back of your neck, a straight line is cut.

The haircut is ideal for men with rectangular, oval, and square face shape.

5. Shadow Fade with Waves

Wavy haircut with barely visible fade and a clean cut hairline

Many shadow fade haircuts can be achieved through a DIY. However, this is not one of them. It is a haircut that is difficult to DIY. The barber has to employ a lot of precision to create this look. To begin with, the hair on top is trimmed, and then waves created manually. Afterward, the barber comes up with a clean bald shave on the sides and the back of the head.

The fade is barely visible, and the hairline is given sharp edges. It is suitable for guys with diamond and triangular face shape.

6. Shadow Fade Step

Hair styled into two proportional hair lengths and a low fade

It is one of the must-have haircuts in 2020. If you are the guy who is always sought for when it comes to stylistic grooming, have this style for your next hairdo.

This is not an obvious hairstyle, as it requires a lot of time and mastery of hairstyling skills. The hair on the top and that on the ‘step’ need to be trimmed into specific and proportional lengths. Once the length is achieved, the barber comes up with a low fade and then styles your hair, giving it some shape.

Oval, diamond, and round face shapes can wear this look comfortably.

7. Back Shadow Fade

Medium forward-combed haircut with a fade

This is another shadow fade variation that requires a lot of skills and time to create. The shadow fade is expressed at your neck nape at a medium cut.

The hair on the top is then brushed towards the front of your head to give you that chic appearance. It is hard to manage this hairstyle, so if you are not a patient person, it might not work for you.

8. Bearded High Shadow Fade

High shadow haircut with long beard

Men with thick hair and bushy beards should consider this haircut for a stylish look. The beards are given sharp edges and the hair on the top trimmed short.

The sides and the back are given a shave in different sizes, and the fade is made high. The hairline is then given a sharp edge to match with that of the beard.

9. Patchy Low Shadow Fade

Graduated fade with mid-length hair on the top

It is called patchy because it characterizes a fade that looks like patches. The fade is cut in different lengths to give it a patchy look.

The haircut is ideal for guys with oval and rectangular face shapes.

10. Classic Shadow Fade

Back-combed hair with a medium fade

Do you love rocking in trendy suits and formal outfits? Well, this hairstyle should help you complement that look. It has a medium fade on the side and part created on the side, which is medium deep.

The hair on the top is then combed backward to create a quaff. A fine comb is essential when setting this hairdo. Men with oval and rectangular face shapes can rock this haircut comfortably.

11. Temp Shadow Fade with Afro

Medium faded hair with an afro style on top

This hair fade focuses on the temples. It is low, and the top hair is best styled if cut at medium length.

The fades gracefully run down to the beard as the hairstyle is ideal for men with beards.

12. Artsy Shadow Fade

Curly top hair with faded sides and artistic lines on the sides

Are you bored with the same traditional haircuts? Well, this is the right time to consider some change. This haircut is not meant for the faint-in-heart, but the boldest men out there. Create clean lines on the two sides or one; any choice will do. Create the curls on top, and you will have a show-stopper haircut.

It is ideal for guys with a rectangle and triangle-shaped faces.

13. Spiked Shadow Fade

Faded hair with spiked manes on top

If you are a detail-oriented person, this is the haircut you should opt for. It requires perfection to bring out the best look. It is ideal for men with spiky hair.

It requires you to trim the hair tips and get a medium fade on the sides. Ideal for guys with diamond, oval, round, and triangular face shapes.

14. Blowout Shadow Fade

Long blowout hair on top and faded sides with clean hairline

The fade in this haircut is done along the temple. Lots of hair is left on the top, which gives you the flexibility to create a fade with your tresses.

It is a great look for men with medium-length and dense hair.

15. Low Shadow Fade and a Shaggy Top

Long messy hair on top and merely faded skin fade

Messy hair on the top and a low shadow fade give you a winning combination. However, to come up with this classic look, you will need to commit some time in styling. But what you get is worth the time spent.

To create this look, blow-dry the hair forward when it is still damp. Utilize saltwater to come up with natural waves. For final touches of the haircut, some wax will come in handy. Subtle scrunching of the hair on top will make it messy. So don’t worry about that since the only tool you need to achieve the messiness is your fingers.

It is a suitable haircut for gents with triangle, square, and oblong face shape.

16. Low Back Shadow Fade

Hardly noticeable fade with medium length hair on top

The hairstyle has a distinct shadow fades at the back and the sides. Hair is cut in different lengths that are continuous and hard to notice their transitional points.

The top hair is kept at medium length and is neatly brushed to the back to give you a stylish look.

17. Cortes Shadow Fade

Long styled hair and medium fade on the back and sides

It fits men with a thin beard quite well. In this look, hair starts from the cortex, where it gets its name from.

To wear this style, ensure that the hair on the top is maintained long. You will have a medium fade on the sides and brush your hair backward. It is suitable for men with heart, square, and round face shapes.

To rock the elegance that the shadow fade haircuts come with, ensure that you get them from a professional barber, and invest in right hair products from reputable brands. Hair products are essential to give your hair a healthy look. We hope you have found a shadow fade haircut that will match with your theme for 2020.

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