Top Best Shave Gel For Men

Top 20 Best Shave Gel For Men – Smoother Slicker Shaving

When it comes to a freshly shaved face, women aren’t the only ones who notice. In reality you’re the one stuck dealing with the dreaded razor burn, irritation, itchiness and discomfort all day long.

Let’s face it, if you want a smooth and soft feel without the sandpaper sensation afterwards, you need a top notch shave gel.

Luckily gentlemen, your search is over.

While I prefer a fine shaving cream myself (call me a lather king when I’m not growing a beard), gels can be quite a luxury to have; often working out better for gentlemen with really sensitive skin. Their lubrication is second to none. Not to mention, a good majority of the gels are fragrance free to cut back on unwanted skin interactions.

Of course, there are other benefits like being able to get a super precise shave thanks to their lesser lather. Plus, convenience when you consider a bowl and brush like with cream isn’t required.

With that said, I’ve put together a list of my favorite top 20 best shaving gel for men. You’ll find a handful of different varieties ranging from intoxicating aromas like sandalwood to the no-thrills, get the job done flawlessly, fragrance-free brands. Each has its own unique advantages and benefits when it comes to shaving off those whiskers and nourishing the skin beneath them.

I’m sure you’ll find something you like. Perhaps you’ll recognize a few of the brands alongside a few you’ve never even heard of until today. If you’re ready to surprise yourself and your lady to a little luxury, simply add one of these gels into your grooming game.

Best Shave Gel For Men

1. Gillette Fusion Proglide

Gillette Fusion Proglide Clear Shave Gel 5.9 oz


Some men simply aren’t fond of those foaming gels, so here is one that is transparent, goes on silky smooth and provides a close, crisp shave right to the very edges of your facial hair. True to its name, Gillette Fusion ProGlide makes shaving a breeze because of its formulation with advanced lubricants that literally float the razor over your skin, leaving as smooth a finish as you’ll ever want.

2. Aveeno Active Naturals Men’s Shave Gel

Aveeno Active Naturals Men's Shave Gel, 7 Ounce


Is your skin ultra sensitive to fragrances? The Aveeno Active Naturals Men’s Shave Gel is just for you. This gel was developed to help reduce bumps and nicks with the ultimate goal of providing the maximum in shaving comfort. No matter how sensitive your skin is to antiseptics and fragrances, this is one gel that will never leave your face red and irritated but smooth and clean each and every shave.

3. Elemis Ice Cool Foaming Men’s Shave Gel

ELEMIS Ice Cool Foaming Shave Gel, Close-shave Foaming Gel for Men, 6.7 Fl Oz


After placing just a small amount in the palm of your hand and rubbing it to a rich foam, lather this amazingly smooth shave gel onto your face for one of the closest and cleanest shaves imaginable. Elemis Ice Cool Shave Gel does just what it says – offers an ice cool shave free from burn and irritation. This is a ‘must try’ shave gel for those looking for comfort as well as results.

4. Dove Men + Care Sensitive Plus

Dove Men+Care Shave Gel, Sensitive Plus 7 oz


Looking for a rich, foaming lather that offers a shave that is clean, smooth and free from red, irritated skin? That would be just what you’d get with Dove Men+Care Shave Gel that was developed especially for use by men who have sensitive skin. Being fragrance neutral with ingredients included to guard against razor burn, you’ll always get a shave that goes beyond pain free – it’s downright comfortable!

5. Bump Patrol Cool With Menthol For Sensitive Skin

Bump Patrol Cool Shave Gel 4oz Tube (Sensitive)


Shaving can be a painful experience but never with Bump Patrol Cool Shave Gel that provides a shave that is pain free, especially with the addition of cool and refreshing Menthol. Recommended by leading dermatologists, this is one shave gel that can be used anywhere on the body, making it especially ideal for men who shave their arms and chest as well – and all without those telltale scrapes and nicks.

6. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shave Gel

Tea Tree Shave Gel, 7 oz.


Are you getting ready for that all-important job interview or that first date with the lady of your dreams? Don’t let your shaving gel let you down now! Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shave Gel has the perfect combination of skin moisturizers and conditioners that provide a smooth finish and the gentle fragrances of Tea Tree oil, Lavender and Peppermint. Who knows what men need better than Paul Mitchell?

7. Taylor Of Old Bond Street Jermyn Street Pre Shave Gel

Pre-Shave Gel - Scent: Jermyn Street Collection


While there are a million and one new men’s skin care products on the market, nothing is quite as reassuring as a pre-shave gel formulated for the gentleman’s gentleman by a company dating way back to the reign of Queen Victoria. Taylor of Bond Street have even outdone themselves with Jermyn Street Pre-Shave Gel that literally exudes quality unsurpassed for preparing the skin and beard for a clean, smooth shave.

8. Anthony For Men Shave Gel

Anthony Shave Gel, 6 Fl Oz


Are you looking for a shave gel that not only offers a smooth, clean shave but also antiseptic properties that keep your skin from blemishing? That would be Anthony Shave Gel formulated with two of nature’s finest natural antiseptics Rosemary and Eucalyptus extracts. Also formulated with Aloe and Carrageenan, this gel offers natural healing properties not found in any other product on the market, at any price.

9. Lab Series Maximum Comfort

Lab Series Maximum Comfort Shave Gel, 6.7 Ounce


For the man who is seeking maximum comfort, free of friction when shaving, Lab Series Maximum Comfort Shave Gel is exactly what you are looking for. This spray gel provides a lather that cushions your face due to its amazing softening and lubricating agents that soften the beard, prepping it for a smooth shave. You will walk away with a soft, clean look and skin that has been hydrated to stay just as smooth throughout the day.

10. Nivea For Men Sensitive Skin

Nivea For Men Shaving Gel, Sensitive, 7 oz


Some men do have sensitive skin that is prone to that harsh red ‘rash’ left behind from razor burn but never with Nivea for Men Shaving Gel, Sensitive. With Nivea you get what you’re promised and that is a close shave, free from burn and with all the amazing properties you’ll always find in any of this amazing company’s skin care products famed for excellence worldwide.

11. Acqua Di Parma Collezione Barbiere

If you are looking for a lightweight shave gel that works into a rich lather and is absolutely perfect even for sensitive skin, Aqua di Parma has what you need. Formulated to continue protecting your skin even after shaving and developed for normal to oily skin, you’ll feel just as fresh and clean as the light fragrance of Lemon Balm and as smooth as another of its key ingredients, Aloe Leaf Extract.

12. American Crew Precision Shave

Precision Shave Gel Shave Gel


Any gentleman looking for that pacifying smooth glide of the blades as they shave stubble cleanly from his face will absolutely love Precision Shave Gel by American Crew. Products inspired by men for men, their shave gel is sure to please and leave your face free from harsh burns, nicks and scratches. Precision is what you get in this aptly named shave gel for men.

13. Bold For Men Dry Shave Gel

Now then, onto a remarkably innovative product that provides a clear, crisp shave even in the absence of water. That’s right, a waterless shave gel created by Bold for Men. Designed as a ‘3 in 1’ shave experience from pre-shave to shave to after-shave, this is one men’s shave gel that lives up to its name. Formulated with natural essential oils while being paraben and fragrance free, it is remarkably Bold.

14. Clinique Skin Supplies For Men M Aloe Shave Gel

CLINIQUE by Clinique Skin Supplies for Men:M-Shave Aloe Gel-/4.2OZ for Men


Formulated to offer a clean shave that leaves the skin soft, moist and free from that all-too-noticeable razor burn, Clinique’s M Shave Aloe Gel is quickly becoming a global favorite among men who know quality when they see it. With the natural lubricating properties of Aloe, you’ll find your razor effortlessly gliding across your face leaving behind no stubble or redness. Enjoy the soothing, healing power of Aloe.

15. Dermalogica Invigorating Shave Gel

For some men there is nothing worse than stumbling their way into the bathroom in the morning only to go through the oftentimes painful experience of shaving. That’s because they haven’t found the combined power of Tea Tree Oil and Clove Flower found only in Dermalogica Invigorating Shave Gel. Wake up to a cool, clean shave that is pain-free and totally invigorating. What a way to start your day!

16. Duke Cannon Beardsmans Clear Shaving Gel

Proudly made in the USA, products from the Duke Cannon Supply Company offer the ultimate in quality and that is totally true of their Beardsman’s Clear Shave Gel. Based on Aloe, Ginseng and Allantoin, you’ll get a smooth finish that is free from cuts and nicks while offering the conditioning maintenance you’ve always wanted in a shave gel formulated with the man’s man in mind.

17. Every Man Jack Sandalwood Shave Gel

Few things make a man feel manlier than a clean shave and a hint of Sandalwood floating through the air around him. Every Man Jack Shave Gel with the subtle hint of Sandalwood gives every man that something special that sets him apart. Women love a clean shaven face but when matched with that alluringly exotic fragrance, nothing can keep her away. See for yourself!

18. King Of Shaves Alpha Sensitive Super Cooling

Many shave gels are formulated with Aloe, Tea Tree Oil, Menthol and other essential oils but when combined into one shave gel, there is nothing that can beat that winning combination. Although it is fragrance-free, King of Shaves Alpha Gel carries with it the subtle overtones of Menthol and Tea Tree oil which give it just the right amount of natural fragrance without causing issues for men with sensitive skin.

19. Nivea For Men Moisturizing

Nivea for Men Shaving Gel, Moisturizing 7 oz (198 g)


Few men’s skin care products can offer almost instant moisturizing and smoothing properties but Nivea can and why the name is renowned around the globe. Nivea for Men Shaving Gel is one of their finest skin care products ever formulated especially for men who are looking for a clean and fresh shave with skin that is soft when free of stubble.

20. Zirh Ultra Performance Infused Shave Gel

Any man looking for that something extra in a shave gel will definitely be impressed with Zirh Shave Gel that performs. With anti-aging properties that keep the skin smooth and supple while providing a clean glide over stubble and overgrowth, men of all ages will revel in this gel’s ability to protect against environmental damage to the skin. Overall, a great product for the outdoorsman and sports enthusiast.

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