Top Best Thermal Underwear For Men

Top 17 Best Thermal Underwear For Men – Cool Warm Winter Clothing

When old man Winter comes around, it’s time for men to take out their warm wardrobe and prepare for the onslaught of cold weather. Thermal underwear is one of the best ways to stay toasty in the frigid temps.

It insulates your lower body and retains heat, preventing that all-too-familiar numb feeling you get in the snow.

If you’re worried about thermal underwear cramping your style, don’t fret. It’s made to be worn underneath your clothes, acting like a base foundation for layering.

The best thermal threads will keep you warm and dry without anyone ever knowing you have them on.

Whether you’re going out for a cool stroll in the park or speeding down a ski slope, keep warm and dry with the top 17 best thermal underwear for men below.

Best Thermal Underwear For Men

1. Minus33 Kancamagus Midweight Bottom Merino Wool

Minus33 100% Merino Wool Base Layer 706 MidWeight Bottoms Black Medium


Available in a range of colors, there’s an option to suit any man’s style. It’s made from 100% merino wool. Not only is the material very effective for insulation and warmth, but it’s also fire resistant, anti-microbial, and very breathable. The mid-weight underwear has you covered, no matter where your winter takes you.

2. Duofold Mid Weight Wicking

Duofold Men's Mid Weight Wicking Thermal Pant, Black, Medium


Basic in style, this option from Duofold packs a unique punch. It has two layers of fabric knit together to provide the best protection from the cold. Despite this, the combination of cotton and polyester make it comfortable to wear throughout the day. On top of that, the underwear keeps you dry and prevents chaffing on the band.

3. Carhartt Base Force Wicking Cotton Super Cold Weather

Carhartt Men's Force Midweight Classic Thermal Base Layer Pant, Black, Medium


Created for men on the go, this thermal underwear from Carhartt is built to last. It’s made from 100% cotton throughout to keep you warm and get rid of sweat. Reinforced stitching and rugged cuffs seal in body heat no matter what you’re doing. Take on even the harshest cold with no worries in this underwear.

4. Duofold Midweight Double Layer

Duofold Men's Mid Weight Double Layer Thermal Pant, Blue Jean, Large


Another great option from Duofold, this underwear is made for extreme cold. An inner layer of 100% cotton feels soft on the skin while the merino wool outer layer retains your natural body heat. Flatlock seams make it feel invisible and prevent chafing. To avoid that annoying itch, the elastic band is free of any tags.

5. Coldpruf Basic Dual Layer Base Layer Bottom

ColdPruf Men's Basic Dual LayerBottom, Black, Medium


Made for busy men that just need an extra layer of protection, this underwear from ColdPruf is sure to keep you comfortable. It’s expertly designed to trap air in between the two layers. This creates a cold-proof barrier. A combination of comb-spun cotton and polyester make the underwear soft and long-lasting.

6. Cabela’s E.C.W.C.S.

Cabelas Ecwcs Thermal Underwear For Men


Improve your layering game with this underwear from Cabela’s. It has a unique grid system to make the material more insulating than standard designs. Even with this system, the fabric is light and flexible. On top of that, the underwear has odor-fighting technology to keep you smelling fresh after a day in the mountains.

7. First Lite Allegheny Merino Wool

First Lite Allegheny Full Length Bottoms, Camo, XX-Large


Designed with hunters in mind, this underwear from First Lite will keep you warm and fresh out in the wilderness. It’s made from 100% merino wool, making it effective for keeping warm, preventing sweat, and fighting off odor. There’s minimal stitching in sensitive areas, leading to all-day comfort and less wear over time.

8. Hanes X Temp

Hanes Men's Big Red Label X-Temp Thermal Pant, Heather Grey, Medium


This underwear from Hanes has a classic stitch that’ll make you feel like an old-fashioned mountain man. The waffle-knit stitch has a rugged appeal that’s incredibly effective in keeping you warm. It adapts to your body temperature for constant comfort regardless of where you go. With a few different color options, there’s a pair for any man.

9. Indera Expedition Weight Cotton Raschel Knit

Indera Men's Expedition Weight Cotton Raschel Knit Thermal Underwear Pant, Natural, Small


Let this underwear keep you safe in any climate. It’s designed to keep active men warm wherever their expedition may take them. A raschel knit pattern with 100% cotton provides extreme insulation. When you get home from your trek, throw this underwear in any normal washer. It’s protected from shrinkage so it’s ready for your next adventure.

10. L.L. Bean Double Layer Thermal

Ll Bean Double Layer Thermal Underwear For Men


From L.L. Bean is this modern and masculine pair of underwear that’s a perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. The double-layer construction is versatile for indoor and outdoor wear. The inside is made from itch-free cotton while the outside has a blend of cotton and merino. Lycra in the cuffs and waistband provide a comfortable and secure fit.

11. Saxx Blacksheep Fly Performance

Saxx Blacksheep Fly Performance Boxers Mens Long John Thermal Underwear

Made from 95% merino wool, this rugged pair of thermal underwear will keep toasty wherever you go. It’s carefully designed to fit any type of man while providing great support where you need it most. If you’re out on the slopes, the mixture of spandex and wool will stretch to follow your every move and wick away moisture to keep you dry.

12. Smartdoo Compression Under Base Layer Sport

Smartdoo Compression Under Base Layer Sport Long Thermal Underwear For Men

When you want to want protection without piling on the layers, give these compression pants a try. They come in a variety of eye-popping designs that increase visibility in the winter while providing a cool look. The breathable material keeps you dry and regulates your body temperature. While they work year-round, they’re great for combating the cold.

13. Tasc Performance Level B Base Layer


Men can rock this underwear as a base layer in colder weather or alone in moderate climates. It has a unique blend of merino wool and bamboo, creating a mid-weight material that feels like a second skin. They have a great look that’s classic and masculine, making it perfect for lounging around on a cool day.

14. TLSA Blank Microfiber Fleece

TSLA Blank Men's Thermal Microfiber Soft Fleece Long Johns Top & Bottom Set, Thermal Fleece(mhs100) - Black, Large


This set is simple in design, but effective for battling the cold. Both the top and bottom are lined with fleece and made out 92% microfiber. In terms of flexibility, this set has 4-way stretch. It wears tight on the skin but moves naturally with your body’s movements. The set’s sleek look makes it great for wearing alone for a run.

15. Under Armour Coldgear Legging Bottoms

Under Armour Junior ColdGear Compression Tights - Small - Black


If you don’t want the cold weather to affect your workout, this underwear is a perfect choice. It’s made from a unique dual-layer fabric that hugs the skin. It’s thin and designed to feel seamless, moving and flexing with every motion. Despite this, the material wicks away moisture and keeps you warm.

16. Wolverine Heavy Weight

Wolverine Heavy Weight Mens Thermal Underwear Pants


Despite its simplicity, this underwear is capable of keeping you warm in virtually any environment. It’s made for rough and extreme conditions. The raschel knit pattern prevents your body heat from escaping while evaporating sweat. Strengthened seams, a comfortable elastic waistband, and tight cuffs around the ankles increase performance and longevity for men that brave the cold.

17. Wolverine Tech Grind Performance

Wolverine Men's Standard Tech Grid Performance Baselayer Pant, Acid Yellow, Large


From Wolverine, this underwear is available in a few cool colors that pop. The dual-layer construction does double duty to keep you comfortable and warm. A smooth layer reduces friction and chaffing as the additional suede grid inside locks in heat and keeps sweat at bay. Reinforced stitching adds durability for years of use.

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