Best Work Gloves For Men

Top 27 Best Work Gloves For Men – Cool Protective Hand Armor

Gone are the days when you “couldn’t get a grip” with work gloves on. In the modern world, there’s a material suitable for just about any job site, from bamboo to grain leather, spandex, goatskin and beyond.

Regardless if you’re into gardening or welding, every man deserves a quality pair of work gloves.

Let’s face it, back-breaking work is tough enough, why add cuts, punctures, abrasion, dermatitis, vibration nerve damage, and chemical burns in the mix if you don’t have to?

A little skin protection is all it takes.

Now, while you might not be a fan of OSHA, their past study speaks for itself. When it comes to industrial work, nearly sixty-percent of hand injuries are reduced when gentlemen wear gloves. It’s simple, it’s common-sense, and you should do it.

Of course, remembering to put on a pair for safety is easy, but let’s cut to the real challenge here. I’m talking about finding a pair that actually lasts. All gloves regardless of the material or brand, wear out overtime, it’s just a fact of life. However, if you’re like me, you’d rather buy a pair that lasts a few years rather than a few weeks.

To help point you in the right direction, I’ve put together a list of the top 27 best work gloves for men below. You’ll find a wide range of materials, including my own personal favorite, leather. If you need a little extra coverage, I’ve got you covered. From construction job sites to casual weekender DIY projects, I’m sure you’ll find a pair that fits the task at hand just right.

Best Work Gloves For Men

1. Maxiflex Ultimate Nitrile Grip

Maxiflex 34-874 Ultimate Nitrile Grip Work Gloves, Medium, 3 Piece


Designed specifically for comfort and dexterity, these nitrile coated gloves are excellent for a sturdy grip in the warehouse. The breathable and strong micro foam fits the form of your hand preventing fatigue, which is a handy feature if you work in assembly, stocking, or general materials handling.


2. Bamboo Work And Gardening Protective Second Skin

Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Working Gloves for Women and Men. Ultimate Barehand Sensitivity Work Glove for Gardening, Fishing, Clamming, Restoration Work & More. S, M, L, XL, XXL (1 Pack M)…


Meet the rather unique bamboo work and gardening gloves by Pine Tree Tools. Touted as a second skin, you’ll know why the name fits so well once you try them on. Each features a very breathable design which means sweaty hands are simply a thing of the past. Best of all, they have a grip strength like that of a gator jaw.


3. US Forge 400 Welding Lined Leather

US Forge 400 Welding Gloves Lined Leather, Blue - 14"


Cotton lined for comfort, these premium leather welding gloves are designed to protect you from boiling molten metal and fiery sparks in the workplace. While they’re built to last, you can still be comfortable and flexible thanks to the cotton lining and reinforced frictional areas.


4. Ironclad Ranchworx

Ironclad Ranchworx Work Gloves RWG2, Premier Leather Work Glove, Performance Fit, Durable, Machine Washable, (1 Pair), Large - RWG2-04-L


These gloves reach ultimate dexterity and durability thanks to their Exo-Guard protection and Kevlar reinforcements. For those extra tough days of work, the terry cloth thumb will come in handy, not to mention the bullwhip leather won’t dry or shrink when it’s time to wash the dirty hours off.


5. Steiner 21923L Welding

Steiner 21923-L Welding Gloves, Burnt orange Y-Series 23-Inch Length Shoulder Split Cowhide, Foam Lined, Large


If you prefer protection all the way up to your forearms, these Steiner welding gloves with shoulder split cowhide will resist against extreme temperatures while welding or metal working. They’re also comfortable, abrasion resistant, and durable, which is perfect for increasing productivity in the workplace.


6. John Tillman And Co Top Grain Leather Mig Work

John Tillman and Co 50L Top Grain Leather MIG Gloves with Split Leather Palm Reinforcements, Split Leather Back, Fleece Lining, Seamless Forefinger and Elastic Back (Carded), Large


You can sport a duo-color design that is made of both flame retardant cotton and side split leather for comfort and protection. The gloves won’t turn into an oven since they’re not made of all leather, which many would appreciate. The fleece-lined inside is also great for battling the cold.


7. US Forge 403 18 Inch Extra Length Welding

US Forge 403 18-Inch Extra Length Welding Gloves


With some extra inches that go past the hand, you can weld with ease with the soft top-grain leather on these gloves by US Forge. You can count on these gloves lasting you a while with their deluxe lining and fortified frictional areas, great for the perilous heat you’ll encounter during welding.


8. Miller 263343 Arc Armor Mig Stick Welding

Miller 263343 Arc Armor MIG/Stick Welding Glove Large


Supposing you’re a metal worker or welder, these gloves by Miller Electric have double-layered insulated palms and premium cow split leather for extreme durability, especially for high temperatures. The flame resistant Kevlar thread gives maximum strength to protect your hands from hot sparks and scorching steam.


9. Wells Lamont Grain Deerskin

Deerskin Leather Palm Hybrid Work Gloves, Medium (Wells Lamont 3210M)


Whether you’re chopping wood, operating tools, or working on carpentry, these gloves protect your hands from moderate abrasion while providing comfort with the deerskin palm. You can keep out dirt with the adjustable wrist strap and have ultimate dexterity all while doing non-heavy duty tasks.


10. American Made Buffalo Leather

American Made Buffalo Leather Work Gloves , 650, Size: Large


If your great grandfather ever owned a pair of work gloves, make no mistake, this pair would probably be in his barn. Made by Midwest Gloves, a company that’s been around since the 60’s, you’ll find nothing short of American made craftsmanship. Their 100% Buffalo leather work gloves feature a sheared elastic wrist and hemmed cuff for that classic, old-fashioned fit. With no lining, the buffalo hide feels exceptionally soft to touch, while also offering ample agility to move the fingers around freely.


11. Carhartt Insulated Grain Leather With Safety Cuff

Insulated System 5 Work Glove with Safety Cuff, XL, Brown


You can stay cozy and comfortable with these insulated gloves made of durable cotton duck with grain cowhide palm and suede cowhide patches. While working with tough materials like wood or metal, the 100% genuine leather will protect your knuckles so your hands won’t look like you’ve been punching walls.


12. Carhartt All Around

Carhartt Men's All Around, Brown Barley, Small


When it comes to Carhartt Men’s All Around Work Gloves, you’ll find a solid 100% cotton, polyester and genuine leather outer construction alongside a brushed poly inner lining. To ensure durability these work gloves arrive with ruggedly reinforced thumbs and palms.


13. 5.11 Tac A2

5.11 Tactical Men's TAC A2 Glove, TacticalTouch Precision, Reinforced Pull Tab, Style 59340


Tactical gloves really? Absolutely. These 5.11 Tac A2 gloves are comfortably lightweight and ultra fast drying. The neoprene and Velcro wrist closure make putting them on as painless as possible. Precision fit fingertips make everything from squeezing the trigger to squeezing a nail straight as simple as it should be. While the look is more rugged, in reality, you get the best of both worlds when it comes to light yet, protective.


14. Carhartt The Fixer Spandex With Water Repellent Palm

If you absolutely hate getting water in your gloves, this breathable spandex work glove features a nifty elastic cuff with a hook and loop closure to lock out moisture and keep your hands nice and dry. The gloves are flexible enough for you to do all types of activities around the workshop.


15. Custom Leathercraft 124L Workright Flex Grip

CLC Custom Leathercraft 124M Workright Flex Grip Work Gloves, Shrink Resistant, Improved Dexterity, Tough, Stretchable, Excellent Grip


With its Lycra side panels for dexterity, these synthetic leather gloves are tough yet comfy to wear. You can make sure your gloves stay on with the elastic cuff, and while you’re hacking away at logs for your campfire, snagging is the least of your problems with the inside stitching.


16. Custom Leathercraft 125M Handyman Flex Grip

CLC Custom Leathercraft 125M Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves, Shrink Resistant, Improved Dexterity, Tough, Stretchable, Excellent Grip


Work smarter and not harder with Custom Leathercraft’s flexible and comfortable synthetic leather gloves. They boast style, function, and quality, and if you occasionally use your phone during the job, the three touch screen finger tips provide easy access. These gloves will last you a while and you can use them pretty much anywhere.


17. Custom Leathercraft 2060l Top Grain Goatskin

CLC Custom Leathercraft 2060L Top Grain Goatskin Work Gloves, Large


Tough yet gorgeous describe these gloves perfectly with their premium top grain goatskin and shirred wrist with leather binding. They prove their worth with durability and strong material, but they’re still comfortable enough to work with whether you’re a heavy duty construction worker or a calm and steady carpenter.


18. Dewalt DPG20m All Purpose Synthetic Leather Palm With Spandex Back And Velcro Wrist

Dewalt DPG20M All Purpose Synthetic Leather Palm Spandex Back Velcro Wrist Work Glove, Medium


If toughness and comfort is your game, then these gloves fit the name with their reinforced padded palms and a terry cloth backhand for wiping away sweat during those hours of strenuous work. The breathable neoprene helps for flexible grabbing, with extra protection from the reinforced ToughGrip thumb saddle.


19. Dewalt DPG737l Thermal Insulated Grip 2 In 1

Dewalt DPG737L Thermal Insulated Grip Glove 2 In 1 Design, Large


Get two functions in one glove with Dewalt’s weather system and thermal work gloves. These are ideal for those who work with drywall and heavy machinery and they provide a firm grip so you won’t drop any heavy materials. Moisture and the cold won’t be a problem with these beauties.


20. Ironclad Heavy Utility

Ironclad Heavy Utility Work Gloves HUG, High Abrasion Resistance, Performance Fit, Durable, Machine Washable, Sized S, M, L, XL, XXL (1 Pair)


If you want gloves that last as long as your projects, these synthetic leather gloves protect your hands better than most others, designed to withstand the rigorous challenges of construction sites. Being that they’re dexterous, you can perform even the smallest tasks like picking up nails even with the tough Duraclad reinforcement areas.


21. Ironclad Modern Water Resistant

Ironclad EXO2-MWR-04-L EXO Modern Water Resistant Gloves


Water is one tough element, making construction work uncomfortable and complicated. Keep your hands dry with these water-resistant gloves from Ironclad with EXO embossed palms that are given DuPont Teflon treatment. The suede cuff puller seals the deal to keep water in its rightful place, outside of your gloves.


22. Ironclad Tactical Operator Grip

Ironclad EXOT-GODG-04-L Tactical Operator Grip Glove, OD Green, Large


If you fancy a more tactical style in your gloves, then these pair from Ironclad provide such a design with their silicon fused palm and index finger and neoprene knuckles for impact protection. These are ideal for general uses and can serve additionally as great backup gloves.


23. Kinco International 2035 Unlined Foreman Synthetic Leather With Rubber Knuckle Protectors

Protect yourself from the potential dangers of construction with these double-layered synthetic leather gloves. Cuts and abrasions often happen during dangerous work, so the rubber knuckle protectors offer you peace of mind as you wipe off sweat with the terrycloth swatch on the thumb.


24. Kinco Pig Skin

KINCO 901 Men's Pigskin Leather Ski Glove, HeatKeep Thermal Lining, Draylon Thread, X-Large, Golden


If you often work in chilly conditions or like to go skiing, these unlined grain pigskin gloves by Kinco provide much needed warmth and protection. Being that they’re waterproof, you can push through brisk winter days not having to worry about snow or water entering your gloves.


25. Mechanix Wear Tactical M Pact Coyote

Mechanix Wear - M-Pact Coyote Tactical Gloves (Large, Brown)


Built to protect desert based military and special forces, these gloves offer coyote tan hand protection for versatility and durability. While you don the tactical design, the thermal plastic rubber prevents impact injuries and abrasions so you can be fully engaged during demanding work tasks or strenuous hobbies.


26. Stonebreaker Gloves Demo

StoneBreaker Gloves Demo Extra Large Work Glove, X-Large, Gray


These men’s work gloves are made for those who need industrial grade safety without leaving out a comfortable fit and dexterity. You want gloves that are fit to work, so with their split cowhide shell and seamless shock-absorbers, these gloves are ready for the tough day ahead when you are.


27. Wells Lamont Leather Fencer Suede Cowhide

Men's Heavy Duty Genuine Leather Work Gloves, Water-Resistant HydraHyde, Large (Wells Lamont 1019L)


With the HydraHyde leather making sure the gloves are both water resistant and breathable, you can stay dry and feel comfortable and protected while you’re working. The keystone thumb design makes for a flexible and conforming fit so your hands won’t tire out from cutting wood or picking up tree rounds.

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