Biker Tattoos For Men

Top 73 Biker Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Biker tattoos are ruggedly boisterous monstrosities that brazenly boast rebellious rates of machismo. These bombastically brash creations aren’t the anodyne illustrations of your parents’ generation!

The biker scene is finally equipped with rich tattoos that unabashedly accompany their raucous background.

These righteously jagged creations go for the jugular when it comes to style, and they can enrich your cultural affiliations with mighty firepower.

Naturally, motorcycles are often seen as a recurring centerpiece in biker tattoos, but the magnificent machinery is just the beginning. The roaring engines are frequently joined by legendary emblazonments that garner unprecedented depths of manliness. This imagery commonly includes masculine iconography like fiery skulls and cool carnage. Suggestive elements are also typical for this genre, and ribald logos are more than welcome here. Over-the-top manliness is merely part of the game in this subculture.

For the 21st century gearhead, nothing tops the timeless eminence of a biker tattoo. They are revered by insiders and feared by outsiders. Critical acclaim is immediately earned by these phenomenally renowned depictions of risky revving and doomsday delights.

For a badass burst of beastly braggadocio via biker ink, just check out this anthology of pugnacious powerhouses. These extraordinary symbols will exotically enhance your prospects in the luxurious underworld.


Abstract Biker Red Ink Guys Thigh Tattoo

This is a beautifully realized biker tattoo created with exquisite attention to detail and spacing. Using the red stripe down the left anchors the entire image, allowing the old school motorcycle and helmeted lady to work well against the stylized text. The artist has also cleverly etched the Route 66 logo onto the tattoo at a unique angle. 

Amazing Biker Mens Engine Arm Tattoo Design Inspiration

This tattoo is a new school engine design for the grease monkey that loves a revving motorcycle engine, just as much as a beautiful bike. Clearly defined and well shaded emphasis of the engine’s components makes this a standout black and gray style tattoo. 

Awesome Biker Tattoo On Mans Arm With Shaded Ink Design

Now, this is a bad ass old school biker tattoo. This is a beautiful example of realism; it feels like you could jump on and drive this bike off the subject’s arm and into the distance, especially the clearly executed precision shading of the wheel spokes, bike fuselage, and even the petrol tank shadow. No elements have been missed. Not only is the tattoo itself good, the artist has created it in a way to help it blend seamlessly with the other quality pieces. 

Awesome License Plate Biker Tattoos For Men On Leg

There is likely be an interesting story to put with this motorcycle license plate – they aren’t usually separated from the bike it belongs to. The inner forearm tattoo itself is a great replica of the plate right down to the bitten corners and color scheme. 

Awesome Mens Upper Arm Motorcycle Biker Tattoo Ideas

This old school tattoo of a front wheel is beautiful. The realism of this piece goes next level despite only showing a small portion of the entire motorcycle. The artist’s ability to add that sexy chrome shine into the black, silver, and gray color scheme is almost flawless. This is the type of biker tattoo that all different types of enthusiasts can admire. 

Biker Riding Into The Sunset Mens Half Sleeve Tattoos

This tattoo is a sweetly devised neo-classical piece mixing elements of realism with abstract use of color and shading in the imagery supporting the bike. The tattoo does a great job of showing bike and rider hammering along the open road that curls past the barn and into a flashing yellow future. The artist and subject have also smartly avoided both copyright and club issues by showcasing a rider without patches.

Biker Tribute Mens Arm Tattoo With Shaded Design

A premier piece of black and gray shading across all elements of this piece. The reason it stands out is the subtle creation of detail in bike and rider rather than the use of heavy black in line and angle. The tattoo looks just like an artist’s sketch drawn with muted pencil, and engenders a real old school sensibility.

Black Ink Biker Skull With Helmet Mens Arm Tattoo

This biker tattoo melds black and gray fundamentals into a decidedly American Traditional image. It’s like the subject has seen one of those old school patches or flash cards up in a window and has decided to crank it up another notch. Keeping it low key by using tremendous gray shading – peep the cracking on the helmet’s exterior – contrasts well against the stark black and white of the traditional skull, and polyurethane cushioning.

Black Ink Guys Biker Leg Tattoos

Another old school traditional work, this tattoo opts for darker shading across the piece. Contrast comes via the clever changes of direction in shadow, and occasional crisp black line work such as the zigzagging tire tread for example. 

Black Ink Shaded Biker Half Sleeve Male Tattoos

This amazing tattoo shows off the artist’s sublime skills in making a tattoo look almost like a watercolor painting. The black and gray shading really creates a beautiful flowing image – you can believe the rider is on the road racing his beloved bike against the elements. The artwork also does a nice job incorporating the numbers at the bottom into the whole image by replicating similar shading structures. 

Burning Rubber Biker Guy Arm Tattoo

ZZ Top cruising down Route 66 on a custom hog? Totally killer. This is a quintessential biker tattoo that any 1%er would point to as the ideal lifestyle. The artwork is quite simple; black and gray shading laid down in compact style and detail. Where the artwork stands out is in the scale and focus. By positioning the piece where it is, the artist allows the bad ass elongated front fork and wheel to be the focal point, rather than the rest of the bike or the dude riding it. It also smartly fills out the image by adding support shading behind the rider to give it better balance. 

Cool Biker Skull Tattoos For Guys On Upper Arm

American traditional tattooing at its finest. This is top quality ink which uses a muted palette of color and technically skilful detail to make a quality image. The artist has shown a good grasp of letting the skull be the fancy bit and filled it out with no frill images to contrast and use of clever black line work to give it crispness. The skull goatee is a unique touch. 

Cool Biker Tattoos For Men With Realistic Engine Design

Wow. This biker tattoo says it’s all about the engine baby! This peerless piece delivers an absolute masterpiece of black and gray technical perfection to display the engine block. The tattoo almost gives the impression that the artist took a photo then transferred it on to the subject’s arm. The artwork has no flaw – down to the epic, realistic yellow signage and ripped skin edges that show off a little bio mechanical flair. 

Cool Engine Hand Biker Tattoo Ideas On Men

This hand tattoo has deliberately gone crude in delivering a motorcycle engine image. It’s nicely balanced and uses some good line work show off the different parts then blacked up along the edges to finish it off. 

Ducati Symbol Biker Leg Calf Tattoos For Men

A nicely delivered replica of the Ducati logo. The piece looks simple, but is chock full of fundamental technique by using a single needle to create solid flat black, clear, crisp negative space in creating text, then topped off with white ink highlights to give it final polish. 

Eagle Biker Mens Full Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Nothing screams freedom like a bad ass tattoo of an American Eagle and outlaw slamming his Harley Davidson down the freeway in the middle of nowhere. 

Engine With Angel Wings Male Biker Chest Tattoo Designs

This is an epic black line chest tattoo. The wings and engine combo make a nice, crisply executed contrast of lines and styles to give the overall tattoo a new school vibe. It’s interesting, the artist has purposely left one of the wings untouched but it doesn’t give the tattoo an unfinished feel but more an individual style point that suits the total artwork.   

Flaming Biker Mens Arm Tattoo

Y’all don’t want to see Ghost Rider on the road, because it means the end. This biker tattoo is a cracking way to flip convention. Rather than rely on black and gray detail the artist has expertly weaved in a haunting yellow highlight amongst lashings of negative space – mainly as a smoke effect – throughout the piece. It’s outstanding work that makes the tattoo a lot more intimidating. 

Flaming Engine 3d Bikers Tattoos

Full Back Biker Motorcycle Riding Tattoo For Guys

The strength of this black and gray work lies in the artist’s ability to utilize different shapes to accentuate different depths in areas of a uniquely angled tattoo. There are Irezumi type fundamentals in this biker tattoo, such as the slightly larger than life image braced by different shaded shapes, such as the clouds and supporting background landscape. The piece also flashes geometric design flourishes to balance the cloud images at the top of the work. 

Full Back Realistic Engine Biker Tattoos Designs For Males

Full Throttle Biker Hand Tattoos For Guys

Not a bad little minimalist hand tattoo. It’s a simple piece, but quirky in its message. The full throttle message uses text in the traditional style, and the black ink would’ve been applied simple with a single needle. 

Gas Station With Motocycle Biker Chest Tattoos For Men

A nicely realized chest tattoo that has been linked to previous work on the subject’s upper arm. The scene is simple – a bike at the petrol bowser – but it’s nicely shaded in wisps of black and gray to give the image a dreamlike quality. The small color highlights given to the service station’s branding are a nice addition. 

Gear And Chain Biker Mens Leg Tattoo

This interesting abstract piece goes large on just the chain and metal piece of the inner wheel. It’s an excellent display of grayscale work while also deploying exceptional line work to contrast the linked metals.

Grim Reaper Biker Mens Forearm Tattoo

Guys Half Sleeve Biker Tattoo On Arm

Guys Small Biker Bars With Road Tattoo On Inner Elbow

Half Sleeve Male Biker Flaming Motorcycle Tattoo Ideas

Half Sleeve Open Road Biker Guys Tattoo Inspiration

Incredible Forearm Sleeve Motorcycle Rider Biker Mens Tattoos

Leg Calf Skull Wearing Motorcycle Helmet Old School Biker Tattoos

Male With Gear And Spark Plug Biker Tattoo On Forearm

Manly Rib Cage Skeleton Motorcycle Biker Male Tattoos

Man With Full Biker Sleeve Tattoos

Man With Route 66 Biker Leg Tattoo

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Mens Half Sleeve Biker Engine Tattoos Realistic Design

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Mens Realistic Bicep Inner Arm Tattooed Bikers

Motorcycle Gears Biker Foot Tattoos For Men

Motorcycle Riding Goggles Biker Male Tattoo On Forearm

New School Biker Mens Rib Cage Side Tattoo

Old School Motorcycle Mens Forearm Biker Tattoos

Old School Shaded Devil Biker Mens Arm Tattoo

Old School Skeleton Riding Motorcycle Mens Chest Biker Tattoos

Polished Chrome Engine Biker Mens Arm Tattoo

Racing Bikersmens Outer Forearm Tattoos

Racing Skull Biker Tattoo Designs For Guys

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Realistic Vintage Bike Guys Biker Arm Tattoo Designs

Shaded Biker Arm Tattoos For Male

Skull Mens Leg Biker Tattoo Idea Inspiration

Skull Tattooed Biker On Bicep Of Mans Arm

Skull Wearing Bandana Male Biker Tattoo On Arm

Skull Wearing Motorcycle Helmet And Goggles Male Biker Tattoos On Forearm

Skull With Chains Biker Guys Upper Arm Tattoos

Skull With Motorcycle Biker Tattoos For Guys

Small Traditional Biker Tattoos Handlebars With Sunset And Open Road On Man

Sons Of Anarchy Biker Mens Back Tattoos

Speedometer Mens Biker Upper Chest Tattoos

Speedometer Mens Half Sleeve Biker Tattoo Design Ideas

Street Bike Male Biker Bicep Tattoo Ideas

Traditional Angel Wings With Wheel Male Biker Tattoo On Forearm

Unique Rib Cage Side Mens Tattoo Of Skull Biker

Unique Shaded Black Ink Male Half Sleeve Biker Tatotos

Vintage Harley Davidson Biker Mens Leg Tattoo

Vroom And Kaboom Mens Hand Biker Tattoo Ideas

Wheel With Angel Wings Mens Biker Tattoos

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