Binoculars Tattoo For Men

20 Binoculars Tattoos For Men – Optical Design Ideas

Man was born to explore, to seek out those far reaches of the world previously unknown or untraveled, and capture life as he encounters it.

Binoculars aren’t just for Hitchcock characters and peeping toms, but for the man who longs to see all of life up close–birds, trees, mountains, or just beyond his backyard.

Binocular tattoos are more than just the mark of the outdoor sleuth, but the man who seeks more than what the naked eye acknowledges.

Unique to behold and equally on trend, a binocular tattoo stands apart from the traditional tattoo catalogue–appropriately so. After all, if you wish to study the strange and extraordinary from afar, you naturally want a tattoo that evokes the same sentiments in viewers. Worn above the shoulder, on the arm, or even where a real set of binoculars would hang against your chest, your binocular tattoo lets the world know what you’ve got your eye on it.

Every explorer and outdoorsman has his tools, and the binoculars are no exception. Life is divine, even in its minutiae, and all things deserve an up-close perspective. Binoculars remind us that there is so much we cannot see at first sight, that details and nuances don’t always reveal themselves without the assistance of an ingenious invention.

These binocular tattoo design ideas are a reminder to always look beyond surface perception, in the wild as well as among your fellow species.


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