Boxing Tattoos For Men

40 Boxing Tattoos For Men – A Gloved Punch Of Manly Ideas

Hop in this boxing ring and you’ll get a glove to the face full of inspiration. Jab, hook, uppercut! From the ancient Greek matches to modern day Las Vegas fight nights, discover the art of the skilled boxer, aka Pugilism.

Since the beginning of time, hand-to-hand combat reigned king until boxing took over the spotlight in BC 688.

The ancient Greeks adopted the spectator sport, turning it into an Olympic game in Ancient Rome.

At first, leather was wrapped around the hand, however as the leather got harder so did the punches. It’s been said, The Romans later added metal studs or myrmex (limb piercer) for more sinister matches.

Within time the sport spread everywhere, including Great Britain in the 16th and 18th century. The prizefights would eventually shape modern day martial art and combat sport.

If you face off in the roped square ring, chances are you’ll appreciate these top 40 best boxing tattoos for men. From fisticuffs to padded gloves, discover the inked world of boxer themed artwork.

1. Forearm Boxing Tattoos

Red Gloves Boxing Men's Tattoo On Forearm

Tattoo Men's Boxing


2. Bicep Boxing Tattoos

Man With Boxing Match Tattoo


3. Arm Boxing Tattoos

Boxing Arm Tattoo For Men

Guy's Boxing Champion Tattoos

Small Many Boxing Tattoo Designs For Males

Boxing Sport Tattoos For Men On Arm

Boxing Gloves Tattoo For Men On Bicep

Cool Men's Boxing Tattoo Inpsiration

Small Bicep Boxing Tattoos For Guys

Boxing Glove Tattoos For Men Inner Arm

Man With Boxing Ring Tattoo On Arm

Men's Boxing Tattoo On Arm


4. Sleeve Boxing Tattoos

Flower Male Tattoo Boxing Gloves Sleeve


5. Chest Boxing Tattoos

Guy's Boxing Tattoo Designs On Chest

Men's Boxing Chest Kick Tattoo

Male Chest Boxing Tattoos Designs


6. Back Boxing Tattoos

Boxing Glove Tattoo For Men On Back

Knockout Boxing Punch Tattoos On Back


7. Side Boxing Tattoos

Kick Boxing Tattoo For Men On Side Rib Cage


8. Leg Boxing Tattoos

Boxing Glove Tattoo Designs For Males On Leg Calf

Boxing Tattoo Ideas For Guys On Lower Leg


9. Shoulder Boxing Tattoos

Boxing First Tattoo For Men On Shoulder


10. Hand Boxing Tattoos

Hand Tattoos Of Boxing Gloves For Men

Masculine Men's Boxing Tattoo Ideas On Hands


11. More Boxing Tattoo Ideas

Black Boxing Ring Tattoos For Men

Boxing Fight Tattoos For Males

Boxing Gloves Tattoos For Men

Boxing Glove Tattoo Designs For Guys Above Knee

Cool Boxing Tattoo For Men

Creative Male Boxing Tattoo Design Ideas

Man With Tattoos Boxing Gloves

Masculine Boxing Tattoos For Men

Masculine Men's Boxing Tattoo Artwork

Men's Boxing Swing Tattoo

Professional Boxer Tattoo For Men

Small Boxing Tattoo Designs For Men

Thai Boxing Tattoos On Man


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