Bulldog Tattoos For Men

60 Bulldog Tattoos For Men – Masculine Design Ideas

More than just a cool looking dog, the bulldog has been a symbol of stout defiance and mess-with-me-at-your-own-peril mascot for decades.

Often employed in correlation to the military, the bulldog made its first appearance as the United Kingdom’s “face” of Winston Churchill, marking the nation’s stance against Nazi Germany.

The US marine corps quickly adopted the bulldog symbol as well, with over 39 American sports teams following suit since then!

The bulldog is a breed famous for its stubborn, no-nonsense attitude and equally fierce loyalty to its loved ones. And while it may not be the fastest of its kind, its jaws are famously lethal; once they lock down on something there’s no getting it back without a fight. Sound familiar?

The bulldog carries many representations, from antiquated black and white ink portraiture to colorful cartoon scenarios, all of which have been committed to tattoo art. So much more than a cute pet or funny metaphor, the bulldog tattoo sends a message to the world that you will not back down, and what’s more will take your time getting to the finish line.

Like Churchill and the strongest of the marine corps, the bulldog is for the man who will not be swayed or thrown off his guard–and heaven help the fool who gets too close to his jowls.


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