Burrito Tattoo Designs For Men

20 Burrito Tattoo Designs For Men – Food Ink Ideas

The burrito: a symbol of sustenance, a go-to food for when you need more than a tiny little taco, the perfect breakfast after a night out… and a hilarious, unusual tattoo?

Right on trend, burritos are quickly becoming one of the newest, most in-vogue body art styles.

They are quirky, cartoonish, and meant for the playful, light-hearted type of guy who has a hard time taking life seriously.

Burrito body art is most often found on the arm with simple, clean lines and fresh colors. It is the perfect accompaniment for the vintage, sailor style because of it is unfussy, cheerful nature. It can also pair well with burrito-loving cartoon characters, like Jake the Dog from Adventure Time.

You might also choose to personify the burrito, giving it an adoring expression. To add to the feeling that the adoration goes both ways, you can also put your personified Mr. Burrito in a heart to show your love for him. Better yet, why not pair Mr. Burrito might appear with his friend The Taco?

Or, maybe your love for food goes even deeper. You might want truly honor your favorite food with realistic-looking body art. Maybe you’ll want to even pair it with all your other favorites: pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs. While this style is uncommon, it may be the exact kind of unusual, tongue-in-cheek body art you’re looking for.

Above all, a burrito tattoo should be spirited and entertaining, no matter how serious your love for this delicious food is.


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