Cannon Tattoo Designs For Men

40 Cannon Tattoo Designs For Men – Explosive Ink Ideas

Invented in medieval China and one of the earliest mechanisms of gunpowder artillery, the cannon changed the shape of the world on both land and sea, and thus the way of warfare forever after.

Since its earliest arrival the cannon has made its way into numerous symbolic forms, featured in personal, political, and creative art; including the world of ink.

Two crossed cannons have long signified naval military service, while the single cannon was adapted by soldiers, lawmen, and familial protectors as a symbol of both public warning and pride for one’s land and people. More than just an antiquated weapon of destruction, in dream analysis the cannon represents a violent awakening and shift in circumstances (think of being shot out of a cannon).

Once a cannon is fired, there’s no going back; after the deafening explosion there will be permanent aftermath. The question is, will the damage give way for something far greater, or bring you down as well?

Traditionally inked in matte black and worn on the side of subtlety–scaled to the forearm or shoulder–the cannon is a simple but bold testament of your own service as a man. You are not one to be taken down willingly or with ease, nor will you stand by while the innocent are attacked. Harmless enough when unlit, you know very well what a careless spark will ignite.


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