Chain Tattoos For Men

40 Chain Tattoos For Men – Manly Designs Linked In Strength

For most, particular times in life can literally feel like we’re being dragged down by a ball and chain around the ankle. Perhaps there is something holding us back from achieving all that we could ever be.

Here’s where the meaning behind the chain tattoo gets so powerful.

When it comes to pulling apart metal chains by hand chances are you can’t. Unless you’re Superman of course. No matter the effort sometimes it seems virtually impossible to escape towards freedom or move just one inch closer to our goals.

Though, if there’s a will there’s usually a way. With all of our strength we tend to find ourselves overcoming obstacles and reaching new heights in life. No longer are we stuck to the past. If you think of the symbolism behind a chain breaking you’ll get the idea.

However, in another light the chain can represent something more positive. For instance, it is secure and can support a load. In other words, it could related to a parent who kept us grounded and took care of us despite life’s ups and downs. Some also see the links as connections or people we’ve bonded with and want to keep close.

Regardless of the meaning you take away from this design, you’re sure to appreciate these top 40 best chain tattoo for men. Even construction workers who haul heavy materials up into the air with the crane will find bits of inspiration in this guide too!

1. Forearm Chain Tattoos

Forearm Broken Chain Tattoo For Men

Dirt Bike Chain Tattoo On Man

Hand Chain Lock Tattoo On Males On Inner Forearm

Mens Chain Tattoo On Forearm


2. Bicep Chain Tattoos

Chain Bicep Tattoo For Males

Mens Chain Link Tattoo On Bicep

Tattoos Of Chains For Men On Bicep


2. Arm Chain Tattoos

Armor Chain Tattoo For Men Full Sleeve

Upper Arm Mens Chain Tattoo Designs

Creative Clock And Chain Tattoos For Men Arm

Manly Chain Armband Tattoo

Mens Chain Tattoos On Upper Arm With Hook

Patriotic American Flag Arm Chain Tattoo On Man

Upper Arm Cool Chain Tattoo For Men


3. Sleeve Chain Tattoos

Chain Tattoos Designs For Men Full Sleeve

Sleeve Tattoos With Chains For Gentlemen

Mens Chain Link Tattoos Full Body Art

Sleeve Chain Link Tattoo Designs For Men


4. Wrist Chain Tattoos

Broken Wrist Chain Tattoo For Guys


5. Side Chain Tattoos

Tiger Chain Tattoo On Man On Rib Cage Side

Skeleton Hands Praying Guys Chain Tattoos On Arm


6. Leg Chain Tattoos

Leg Cross Chain Tattoo For Men

Mens Ball And Chain Tattoo On Legs

Tattoo Of Chains On Man On Legs


7. Shoulder Chain Tattoos

Shoulder Wings Chain Tattoos On Man

Upper Shoulder Male Tattoo Chain Designs


8. Stomach Chain Tattoos

Bike Chain Tattoos On Men Stomach


9. Foot Chain Tattoos

Bicycle Chain Tattoo For Males On Foot


10. Hand Chain Tattoos

Man With Tattoos Chains Of Skull And Hand


11. Elbow Chain Tattoos

Chains Tattoos On Men Elbow


12. Skull Chain Tattoos

Guys Skull Chain Tattoo In Black Ink

Skull Male With Chain And Cross Tattoo


13. Celtic Chain Tattoos

Small Simple Masculine Celtic Chain Tattoo


14. More Chain Tattoo Ideas

Anchor And Chain Tattoo For Men

Blue Dna Motorcycle Chain Tattoos For Men

Key Chain Tattoos On Males

Mens Motorcycle Chain Tattoo

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