Chainsaw Tattoo Designs For Men

40 Chainsaw Tattoo Designs For Men – Mechanical Saw Ink Ideas

Chainsaws have inspired quite of bit of ink out there. There is something hardcore about a machine that extends our arms into powerful sawing machines.

Whether cooked up in the minds of a horror author or something from our own nightmares, chainsaws have been associated with loss of limb–so chainsaw tattoos tend to take on the element of blood incorporated into the design, but there are of course those of the lumberjack sort as well.

Tribal designs are popular and modifying that idea with the blade from a chainsaw is growing in popularity. The sharp teeth wrap around arms and legs for a dynamic showing.

No matter if the tattoo depicts tree or gore…chainsaw tattoos are pretty badass. Potent machines that can rip through objects at will. What those objects being torn apart depict varies depending on the subject.

There can be positive and negative connotations of a chainsaw. To show off the power of the chainsaw, one might demonstrate the destructiveness of a chainsaw–opening up old or new wounds on a person’s skin. Some display the chainsaw cutting open their chest to a broken or beating heart.

The chainsaw is a persuasive tool. One look at it and its capabilities are highly evident. It’s no wonder many individuals choose it as art they want on their body for a lifetime.


Amazing Mens Chainsaw Tattoo Designs

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Chainsaw Mens Tattoo Designs

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